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y/n Addams is Wednesday half sister but when Wednesday get expelled from her school she and y/n attend to the school Nevermore Academy y/n falls for a certain brunette.

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A Magical Story... A Magical Love... A Magical Beginning... A Magical Ending... But will this magical story turn into a tragical one? I hope you like this ff!! Jungkook ff. Cover credits to one and only @btslove961πŸ’œ #COMPLETED Ranks: 10th in 3.05K books 1st in Magicalacademy. Many actually- Not me lazy to keep a track I know you ask for updates quickly so... The chapters are a little smaller. Excuse that! β€πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œβ€

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Camille did not know what blood was coursing through her veins. But she knew it wasn't human blood. My adoptive parents didn't know what they were in for when they picked me. They say foster kids come with heavy baggage. I came with terrifying dreams. Unable to handle me anymore, they sent me to a boarding school for troubled teens, like I needed help or something. Whatever. The moment I step into the school, I know something isn't right. Turns out, monsters are real, demons are real, and I'm not who I thought I was. Highest Ranking: #1 Occult Fiction Aug 25 #3 Sorcery Nov 25 #3 Occult #4 Spell #1 Cambion #2 Boarding school

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Leonora feels herself crumble for the first time in years, the last time being when she was abandoned by Rafal, and as a result is open to the new ideas suddenly being thrust upon her by this woman she is introduced to via unconventional means. (The school for good and evil Movieverse)

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Serena Autumn Quinn is a witch. The first and only witch to attend Durmstrang school of magic. Ever. This is her story. Finished book, A second book may be coming soon... #3 in magicschool #2 in durmstrang

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*Completed story* Samuel is a typical jock, used to moving and changing schools often, and fitting right in like nothing happened. At this new school, Sam makes an unexpected friend, Miles, who might just become his first genuine friend. But Miles is not an ordinary boy; he is a witch, gifted with the power of necromancy. Miles' magic fascinates Sam and he even tries to help his friend develop his powers. After all, the only other witch Miles knows is his mother who is too busy being intoxicated and abusive to be of any help. An unexpected tragedy at their school threatens to reveal Miles' secret and the world of the witches as a whole.

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Glass magic, the weakest of magic, the most fragile, the least effective... Or, it should be but what about a glass soldier that doesn't break? She's tired of being looked down on just because of her magic. She's tired of it being considered nothing more than a plaything. And she's tired of being told she can't do something just because of her standing. Lilith was the first second year to ever walk the halls in a black uniform, the first to see the battlefield, the first to understand to go to war and this is the story of just what that means, we'll be joining little Lilith on another journey, one more exciting than the last.

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[Complete] Lord Hawk Blake is the first mage-page in a generation, combining magical study with training to become a knight. Lady Sidony Roscoe has only just discovered her magic, but she already knows it will be strong. What neither of them know, as they travel together to the mage school of Royas Bay, is that something in the woods is both stronger and far more dangerous than they will ever be. Azarien was born in a land far away from Wrystan and its famous mage school. All he wants is to find somewhere safe where he can study his magic. The problem for Arien is that there are plenty of others who refuse to let him try. These three young mages are about to collide in a way that will change all of their lives forever. Because finding your magic is only the first step on the journey to becoming Mages of Wrystan.

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Erin is a normal kid going to boarding school. Its been 6 years since he last saw his father, 6 years since he was last given his mysterious ruby ring, he's sick of being bullied and teased. But one night everything changes... Cover by: @ARandomLL3048

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Cover by : @Guinealove2005 After students from the Academy for the Gifted prank The Magic School for the Utterly Hopeless, Mikey and his classmates seek revenge. But the very night they plan on getting it, their home, their city gets taken over by vicious creatures led by the evilest warlock in all the land, the Great Destroyer. It's up to them to save the day. Lower Middle Grade. Approx. 20, 000 words

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When Kim Sunoo finds himself in an alternate dimension, He wanders around for help. After wandering for many hours, he finally finds a school of magic.

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Violet Potter is the sister of Harry Potter, and they don't know that they are siblings. Violet is a year older. Then when Violet get to Hogwarts, things start to change. DISCLAMER: I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER

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❛❛ I AM SO CLOSE TO BURNING THIS SCHOOL TO THE GROUND. ❜❜ ━━━━ Whereas a new transfer from a magic academy seems to attract every problem into his life.

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[EDITING] One day on the farm, Ciara climbs her favourite tree, only to find a magical creature lives there. A white dragonfly transforms to a baby dragon when she reaches to touch it. She lands in a world of magic, where she finds the mysterious Skye-voice from her dreams has decided she is the one who will speak to the Council of Magi and prove she's the 'sign of courage' they need. She must approach the Dragons of Aulde and reunite the humans at last with the Heart of All Lands. [ONC 2020 - Children's Fiction - 20K goal - Prompt #2] Heartfelt thanks to Hafsah @GeminiGraphics for the beautiful cover.

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6 teens. 5 abilities. 4 shared classes. 3 reasons to hate each other. 2 groups. 1 unlikely romance. Logan is 15. He's a total nerd, and he possesses the ability to manipulate energy. When he arrives at Sanders School of Magic, he meets two people. Roman Royal and Patton Snow. They quickly become friends, and they warn him of another group in the school. One that dabbles in the darker energies. One that must be stopped. But what happens when Logan meets one of them, and they're not as bad as he thought? Started: August 8, 2020 Finished: March 12, 2021