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Astrid has never stepped out her house. She didn't know that her parents hitting her wasn't right. She always thought that's how it works. So what happens when her mother dies and step father runs away.

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Ximena. A girl who had been through a lot as soon as she was born. She had known pain and only pain at the age of one. She is the daughter of Esmeralda and Fernando Alonso-Garza. After about three years of her being missing she was finally found but they knew when they found her she wasn't going to be a happy little girl they soo desperately wanted her to be. Follow the Alonso-Garza family as they try to protect little Ximena. Started: April 8, 2021. Completed: - January 8 2022

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Worthless, slut, ugly, unloved, that's what Kiera Ricci is told everyday. Her own family hates her. The family that should have loved her. Her birth family. Blood couldn't protect her from her own dad. So when they die and she's sent to live with her cousins after her parents die what will she do. Will she be abused again? Will she just run away? Or will she open up to them? Top Ranks #1 cousin #1 Mafia boyfriend #3 Mafia family #17 abused #76 mafia #171 betrayal

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Leah Stevenson is her name. She lives a happy life unbeknownst of the things that had happened at the time of her birth. 16 years later, she is still unaware of a lot of things. What happens when these things unexpectedly pop up out of nowhere? Will she be able to handle it? ********* The Kingston family has gone through a lot. More than anyone can imagine. They have lost a lot of things, some they are aware of, some they aren't. Rowan Kingston has made it his life's mission to restore his family's peace and get back what's lost even if it means they have to kick and kill some ass. So..will he and his family get back everything? Even something they didn't know they lost? And if they do, will they be able to handle it? _____________________________ Give it a read guys! I promise you'll like it :) Despite what the description portrays the book is filled with humour and fun! *This is a mafia family/ older brothers story*

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Athena is trying to adjust in her newfound freedom but she is forcefully ripped away from it. But sometimes everything happens for better! Cover made by @anne0tm0

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Angel Herrera is a sweet, innocent, naive boy. What happens when his father shows up 12 years later after his grandfather took him into custody to shed him from the mafia world? Keep reading to find out. Note: I never see overprotective brother stories with a little brother so I thought to make one myself

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Ayla Ariti, a nineteen year old girl and the sister of the Greek don. She lives a nice life with her four older brothers and a boyfriend whom she loves with her whole heart- twenty year old Emilio Hernandez, the youngest member of the Spanish mafia. The high school sweethearts have been together since sophomore year but have known each other since brith, as their family's mafias have been allies since long before they were born- their dads being best friends growing up. The college year is coming to an end for the girl and summer is just beginning, but what's summer without a bit of drama, right? What happens when Ayla finds out she's pregnant with Emilio's child on the first week of being home with her brothers. Watch what will happen to the young couple as they enjoy their last summer childless, as well as juggling their own responsibilities in their respective mafias.

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Alexia and Rosalie were twins but polar aparts. Rosalie was a lot like her mother while Alexia was a carbon copy of her father. Rosie was always demanding and stubborn while Alexia was always a independent person. Their mother Lily faked the twins death and ran away with them. After years of abuse by her mother and twin sister, Alexia started standing up for herself. She made herself strong enough to fight her mother back. Rosie was always finding chance to harm Alexia. Rosie hatred was a lot deeper for her sister cuz her mother hated her. Rosie was always a follower of her mother so it was no surprise when Rosie didn't stop her emotional abuse on Alexia. What will happen when Lily dies living the twins alone. What will happen when their father and half brother comes into picture? How will Alexia react when they would want to take the twins with them? How will he cope up with all this when she knows nothing about how a family works? They have their secrets. Alexia has her secrets. With they trust each other with their secrets... Read the journey of Alexia with her newly discovered family.. Peep in to find out more..

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Catanya Celestia Romano is her name, or is it? Catanya was kidnapped by her mother, Audrey, at a very young age. Audrey took Catanya away from her father and brothers because she though that she was taking away all the attention that she used to have. Years after years, Catanya gree up abused by her mother and stepfather. Now, what will happen when her mother and stepfather suddenly dies in a car crash ? Will Catanya be able to reunite with her father and brothers? Will she trust them? Read to find out...

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After their mother gave birth to the very first girl in the whole Mafia family, there is a traggic accident in which her mother and father die. Its now up for the 9 big Brothers and in total 12 cousins to raise the girl, and keep the the most feared and dangerous Mafia running. How will they raise the only girl, and cope with school and keep the Mafia running? how will everything go? and will they be able to keep their babygirl safe? follow the Luciano brothers and cousins on their journey of raising: The Italian Mafia Princess

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~ SLOW UPDATES ~ *MENTION OF RAPE/ABUSE,SWEARING* The Lopez household was once filled with laughter and happiness, but that changed one unfortunate night. There princesa was kidnapped by one of their most trusted men. Now 14 years later she is not the same innocent 3 year old ,she's now one of the most feared assassin's .What happens when her adoptive father dies of an overdose and has to live with the family she thought forgot about her. (This is my first book so it might not be to good. I also don't have any credit for the photos in this book.) Previously known as The Unforgotten Lopez.

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This story revolves around two 15 year old twins called Astrid Delaney Romano and Elio Miracolo Romano. They live in Canmore, Alberta, Canada with their mother Maria Pearson who has been fighting against cancer for more than 5 years. However due to her illness she was unable to make it and passed away leaving her children behind. After one month of their mothers passing the twins are discovered by their biological father who has taken custody of them. How will the twins react on learning that they have more than one sibling? Will they discover their new families secret? There's only one way to find out...

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A Korean actress and singer// TaKeN// 20

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Lilliana Romano is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Her four brothers and father have sheltered and protected her for her entire life ever since her mother died while giving birth, and go to extreme measures to discipline her so that she doesn't turn out a brat because of their riches and opportunities. Follow Lilliana as she tries to be perfect for her family.

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Hi! This is my first time writing anything, so I hope you enjoy! ---- The Lombardi family is the most notorious group in the crime world. They rule both the American and Italian mafias and have many others bowing at their feet. Lombardis show no mercy to anyone who gets in their way. Alina is just shy of 4 years old, but her short life has been a living nightmare, full of pain and suffering. She's the unwanted daughter of the Russian mafia, the Ivanovs. Alina was sent to the States shortly after birth to be "raised" by her older brothers. She's nothing more than a burden to them, right? Though seemingly impossible, one day, Alina escapes and unknowingly falls right into the hands of her enemy, the Lombardi family. Little did they know who exactly had just changed their lives forever. For the better? Or for the worse... ---- "Brothers," I point to the boys. "Mommy," I grab her hand. "Daddy," I reach for his, but I'm lifted off the ground instead and pulled into his warm embrace. "And our little Allie." This is my family. ---- [WARNING] Contains - mature content, bad language, abuse, and other violent behaviors ---- Recommended 15+