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They fell in love in the most unexpected way and in a most inappropriate time. Can they? Everybody, including themselves, thinks that they shouldn't. Note/ Warning: This story may be slight disturbing and some chapters have mature contents. If you are not comfortable with pseudoincest relationship, then please by all means don't read this.

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Jisoo finally found someone she can trust her whole heart to.

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Setting: Year 2022 Blackpink has disbanded a year before. Now they are living their own lives away from limelight and away from each other. Would their love be given a second chance? Can they make it right this time? A/N: Some chapters contain mature contents. Mature contents include strong words, love scenes, but not smut, as it is only necessary to convey strong emotions. Please be guided properly. Thank you. 😊

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Where Jisoo and Lisa can or can't be together. This is my 2nd account. Enchanted, My Bloodsucker, Make it Easy, Crossroads and Lisoo Short Stories are my works too! 😊

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When 1st year student meet her senior who is older than her , there's a love between them . They loved but they split due to the disagreement of the Junior's dad. But they finally met each other after years. Will the love appear again???

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You jump, I jump

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A collection of Lisoo shorts.

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Lisa and Jisoo flew to LA, living and fulfilling their dreams together. but what happens when things start to fall apart, dreams gone in the dark, and LA doesn't feel like home? will they find their way back or will they choose to never return? Personal (My Personal Secretary) Book 2

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Wherein Lisa is engaged to Joohyun, Jisoo's sister. Three years ago, Jisoo left Lisa without any explanation. Now, Lisa is back, and she and Joohyun are about to get married. However, when Lisa and Jisoo meet again, all of the old feelings between them come rushing back. Will Lisa finally find out why Jisoo disappeared when they were supposed to be getting married? [Completed]

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"There's that big beach party in two weeks right? In between then and now, I will give you ten reasons you should go on a date with me. If I convince you that I'm worth it and you've learnt enough about me, you go to the party with me." Jisoo doesn't date. Lisa is determined to change her mind. Things don't quite go according to plan. - highest rank: #1 under lisoo

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My Personal Secretary AU Kim jisoo, daughter of Korea's 3rd most successful businessman, comes back home from the states for a quick vacation. Her only request is for secretary, Lisa Manoban, to assist and take care of her closely during her stay.

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oneshot collection | kim jisoo x lisa manoban highest ranking: #3 in lisoo

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social classes will not make me stop loving you, even if the world comes against me- LISA I feel that I do not deserve to be with her, because we are so different and she is a high class person, her way of being is so impressive even though I love her, I am afraid that she will change me--- JISOO -- 05-08-22

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where Lisa has been using Jisoo as the point of comparison to gauge all the girls she's ever been with or Lisa is in love with her best friend, but she doesn't know it yet {COMPLETED}