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Kate and Leo are back again! They're shooting their new movie, Sarastro, in Paris! They soon see they're not just lovers on set.

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There are for best friends that have boyfriends. Also somewhere at the end they might get married. read more to find out if theres drama of not

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This story is about 4 girls who fall hopelessly in love with bad boys but after the boys find out about the girls past they didn't know the girls would happen to act and do the same things the boys do behind their backs READ MORE TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS SHOCKING STORY

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This is the squeal to when you meet love 3 girls meet 1 bitch 1 bitch turns into bestfriend and 4 boys turn to players meet new boys turns to love circle filled with lies honesty and love what happens when they all fall in love with the new boys

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a fanfic about a girl named Madison that gets abused but meets someone that she end up dating and later on getting married and having kids with Lil pump

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Man, fuck What's wrong Kyle? Man, these kids, man, talkin' shit, makin' me feel bad Man, fuck them kids, bro! Look around, bro, look at life Man, you're right Mmm, you see? You see these fine bitches over here? Yeah, woah... You see these trees man? You see this water? I guess it is okay Come on, man, you got so much more to appreciate, man Man you know what, y-you're right...

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A lil pump/ Gazzy Garcia's story

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Just a little Instagram story. For those of you who don't know his liberty high acc is like scott__reed I'm pretty sure it's actually him

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random imagines of most new age rappers ⚡️

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What's better than having a child with the one and only xxxtentacion....