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"Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you." A story in which Lara Hendrick breaks free from a toxic relationship and can't help falling in love with the one person she shouldn't. {Labeled as a Ryan Blaney fic but it heavily features Chase Elliott too}

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4th in werewolf series. Laney is now twenty-six years old and she finally meets her mate. There's just one problem; he's half vampire and convinced he's evil

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Corey Riffin, lead singer and guitarist of Grojband, thought the bassist, Laney Penn, was a guy for so many years, he recently found out that Laney was a girl! He slowly realizes his friendly feelings for her have developed into something more serious.. ⚠️mild swearing and underage drinking⚠️ Started on: October 2nd 2022 Completed: October 4th 2022 #5 out of 38 in coreyxlaney! 🏆 #4 out of 517 in kin! 🏆 #4 out of 1.83k in corey! 🏆 #1 out of 107 in corney! 🏆 #1 out of 210 in laney! 🏆

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Hey it's Laney and Larry, we're here to answer your questions and we also accept dares. P.S don't tell our bands.

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Tweek Tweak Fell For The Most Popular Guy At School / Neighbor. Would Tweek Get Craig's Attention Without All These Girls Hitting On Him? Or Would Craig Look At Tweek Like Everyone Else Looked At Him? A Spaz Freak. Find Out. 😉 Story About Tweek Tweak. Warning : Smut , Bullying . ( All the main characters are teenagers. )

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My mom is dying and my life is already falling apart.. Or is it? Story about Tweek Tweak. Smut Warning. ( Both Boys Are Teenagers. ) Warning : First time doing this , please don't judge. 😂💜

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Courtney Lane was a bright twenty seven year old with a great job that supported her well. She had everything going for her until one meeting cause everything to change. Ryan Blaney was just a simple twenty seven year old NASCAR driver. Doing well in his career and loving the people around him. That is until one meeting changed his life forever. When you're not allowed to be with the one person who makes your heart beat a million miles a minute, your life turns upside down. Now add in a fake girlfriend, some horrible lies, and a bump in the road and you've got the lives of Courtney Lane and Ryan Blaney. She was just supposed to be his PR, and he knew that co-workers were off limits. Now they have to face the consequences of their actions. (Book Cover made by the amazing @Stop_Greenburg! Go check out some of her books and give her a follow!)

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Some Corey x Laney (Corney) one shots! Leave requests if you want a specific one :D (only fluff) Started: October 17th 2022 Completed: - 🏆 #4 out of #521 in kin! 🏆 #1 out of #40 in coreyxlaney! 🏆 #1 out of #59 in coreyriffin! 🏆 #2 out of #108 in corney! 🏆 #6 out of #372 in grojband!

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We need a little Stutters in our Wattpad life. 😍🖤 Smut Warning. Sorry Bunny & Style Shippers. 😩 (Both Boys Are Teenagers.)

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Cadence LeRoy had met him. Mr. Right, Romeo, the absolute love of her life that stole her breath with a single glance. She had him, a ring on her finger to prove it. Until she lost him, at least. She was convinced that she had all that life had to offer. She'd been apart of the small percentage of the world that found true, pure love. She was content with that and had no further plans to look elsewhere to fill the void of her late fiance. However, Ryan Michael Blaney had a different plan for Cadence.

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When Jax's son is born, his life gets flipped in all sorts of crazy new directions. His favorite though, his reconnection with one of his best friends from high school, Alexandra Delaney. Alexandra Delaney, or Alex, as most people know her, is the daughter of Luann and Otto Delaney. She left Charming for a few years to get a college degree, but was forced to return and help her mom run Caracara while her father was incarcerated. She isn't too mad about her return as her path crosses that of Jax Teller once again.

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"It's not safe for you to be around us. You could get hurt. Or worse, killed." "I don't care. I'm not leaving now."

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"beware the devil delaney, for all who approach become nothing but sinners." - in which james 'the devil' delaney returns and finds his angel waiting for him [taboo] [james delaney x oc] [book one of one]

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You bump into your celebrity crush John Mulaney on the streets of New York. John and Anna are no longer together. And your crush on John has never been bigger. Could you be something more? Find out after reading Bad idea.