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Started: 1/31/20 Finished: 8/26/21 Had 100k reads but thanks to wattpad now I don't 🙄🙄🙄

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Merlin waited for almost a thousand years for Arthur. One day, he sees two old faces from the past. But when will Arthur return? Completely compliant. Eventual Mergana.

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the year was summer, 1962, and me, my mom, and my step-dad, Bill, had just moved to San Fernando Valley. i had always had a very passionate love for sports, specifically baseball, although no one had ever tought me how to play. until i met eight more boys my age, who changed my life forever. (y/n's pronouns - she/her/girl) (sorry if u identify as something else:( ) disclaimer - i do not own any of the sandlot characters or things besides y/n. (also - this is basically just the sandlot movie, but in book form. i might add some little scenes and lines here-and-there, but it's practically just the entire movie, but written down, and as a girl pov:) )

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A collection of my favorite Lord of the Rings memes! Hope you enjoy! 🤩

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When she returns after a year , what will happen when Eleanor revisits the paddock? Start- 10 April 2023 Finish- Uploading 1-2 parts a week! I'm changing the results of the races aswell! Achievements: #1 in 16

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a lot can happen when your locked in a room with someone you don't get along with. many roads to take. things were discovered, said and done just not how everyone that wasn't in the room would expected it. now what will these two do with what had happened, grow further apart or come closer together at first there wasn't gonna be a plot to this but the more i wrote the more ideas i had so this turned into a full blown story. it will sometimes have slow updates WARNING: will have smut in it (i'm not a very good smut writer in my own eyes) COMPLETE no pictures belong to me unless i say they do

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────────────────── 𝘐𝘕 𝘞𝘏𝘐𝘊𝘏 millie will make you laugh with some lotr memes. ────────────────── [LOTR memes] [LOTR fan art] [TH memes] [TH fan art] [complete]

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Y/N is a simple girl who is in her second year at U.A.Her life changes when she meets a charming,humorous villain. What will happen when a hero-in-training falls in love with a murderous villain? ⚠️Unedited⚠️

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Just before World War Two in Europe, young Marion Ludwig, a German girl, finds a crashed U.S. plane in Germany and an intriguing American pilot with it. Suspicions arise between Marion and the pilot, but nevertheless, Marion swears to get him out of Germany and back to the U.S. safely. Marion questions whether she is doing this to be a good samaritan or because she cares for the pilot. James Lawernce's plane crashed in German territory. He flees his plane and is rescued by a beautiful German girl. He refuses to trust her and focuses his attention on getting back to the U.S. but soon he begins to fall for the girl. Will this young girl bring him to his end, or will she be the sole reason he survives? Currently being edited #1 in worldwar2 #1 in action-adventure #1 in holocaust #1 in historical romance All Rights Reserved

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Charlotte Evans, a naive but very intelligent ten year old girl. She has 4 amazing older brothers that would do anything for her. They all have their own battles, but they fight them together. **You may laugh at some parts or be annoyed at some of the character, but I urge you to read this book. It may put a smile on your face and that is all I'm hoping to accomplish.

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Eric's twin sister Y/n has always been a bit different from the rest of the Formans, her music taste was different, her clothing style was different, but it didn't bother her family. (Well the clothing bothered Laurie). Read to learn about Y/n's time living in point place

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After a steamy night of passion with a stranger, Lesra is finally ready to throw away her old carefree habits to become a surrogate to a couple who cannot conceive. But what happens when the same stranger she slept with is the father of the surrogate baby she will be carrying? Tensions will run high in this story of lust, lost and the true meaning of a mothers love.

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❝it's gonna take a lotta love to let you go...❞ the twilight saga / paul lahote new moon ― eclipse @-windwillows © 2020 book one of five

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❝There's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.❞ - Samwise Gamgee After Erebor was reclaimed Athena reunited with her brother and spent the following years returning to her family and being recuperated into the Ranger that she once was. For the next sixty years she spent her life fighting back Sauron's growing forces and aiding Gandalf in his hunt for Gollum to find the answers to his many questions--and confirming his fears. Once again her life is tipped upside down when the truth of the Ring is revealed and she's sent forth to guide a group of Hobbits to Rivendell, meeting old and new friends alike as she embarks on a new adventure; the fate of Middle-earth resting on their shoulders. Each step that she takes she is haunted by the demons of her past, but will she heal from them or will she succumb to the grief that plagues her? This is a story of growth, healing, love, companionship, and most of all: hope. Started: January 29th 2021 Finished: February 16th 2021 [Book 2] Highest Rankings #1 in Legolas #1 in Frodo #1 in Hobbits #1 in Gollum #1 in Nazgul #1 in Ring #2 in Eomer #2 in Eowyn #2 in Faramir #2 in Samwise #2 in Saruman #2 in Gondor #3 in Gimli

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In Mr. Fool's dream, the members of the Tarot Club see Mr. Fool's memories.