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Cho Kyuhyun's life can't be described as anything but amazing. He has a supportive family, friends that are more like brothers, and a secure job in of South Korea's most respected and famous Kpop groups. Life couldn't be any greater, right? That's what Kyuhyun thought until he met Audrey Holmes, a hired translator. With a lifetime opportunity of a 4 month trip to America, it proves itself to be more interesting than anyone predicted. As Kyuhyun and Audrey become closer due to an unspoken bond, things change, but are they for the better or for the worse? {warning: unedited-minor grammar mistakes}

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Kyuhyun didn't know he was a warlock until a vampire approached him and said he needed his help. How will things progress between the vampire and the warlock?

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When two destined people crossed paths, love hit them and changed their ignorant hearts. Surprising things happened, but all good things must come to an end. Their first chance ended up badly. five years later, they meet again. Will the same love they felt five years ago is still there? Or their second chance given by destiny to them will end up just like five years ago? © copyright, Kerizzamelliza 2012 - All Rights Reserved © A Super Junior fanfiction~

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Gadis itu punya sebutan paling aneh untuknya ; Kyucumber. Tapi Kyu Hyun tidak mampu untuk murka, sebaliknya, hidupnya terasa lebih indah sejak wanita tersebut datang dan merecoki hidupnya. Ditulis tahun 2013 #1-chokyuhyun (6 Februari 2020) #1-koreanfiction (9 April 2020)

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Reika was supposed to have a peaceful vacation in Seoul. She was supposed to just grab a cup of coffee from a bakeshop that was bursting with teenage girls. She was not supposed to meet national K-Pop dorks who turned her world upside down. She was not supposed to meet He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned again. And most importantly, she was not supposed to fall in love with someone annoying. But then, she did.

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We're just friend, not lovers. It hurts.. Love of a friend by U-kiss Inspired from wookandi's youtube video of Kyuwook MV : https://youtu.be/0pQqEA51k2s English is not my first language.

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Adult world had drain him too much. Feeling exhausted day by day as he survive his daily routine all by himself. Was it too much of him to ask for a daddy and a mommy who can cares about him?

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Having a guy bestfriend might be cool, but for Kim Haneul, it's always so frustrating since he doesn't even acknowledge her as one and is so freaking cold towards her. But for some reason, she sticks with him anyway. However, things change when someone from the past comes back and made her ask, "Should I take a chance?"

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Bagaimana rasanya jika kau bisa melihat apa yang tidak bisa dilihat oleh orang lain pada umumnya?

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In which the "Kings of the Hallyu Wave" Super Junior have a female member, the "Queen of the Hallyu Wave." Meet Skylar! * Scenarios * Group Chats * Instagram/Twitter Posts * Ships in Group/Outside of Group

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Lee Hiuhwi, yeoja pendek tapi manis yang mengenyampingkan rasa malu dan egonya demi mendapatkan lelaki idamannya, Cho Kyuhyun. Sosok yang membuat Hiuhwi menangis dibalik senyum manisnya.

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Happy Ending Story

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Just enjoy this fiction

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Cerita ini pernah di share di FB dan Wordpress pribadi atas nama author KyuLelGan . Keangkuhanmu akan membunuhmu. - Cho Kyuhyun -

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Can't describe the story content, read if you wanna read. ☺