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Warnings and summaries will be at the beginning of each chapter/fic. All stories have been previously posted on my Tumblr accounts: @/mandochlorian and @/octavia-marie-blake

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A Collection of Kylo Ren Imagines.

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After the First Order invades and destroys your home planet, Neveah, you find yourself in a rather intriguing situation: a student to Commaner Kylo Ren. As your tutor guides you to develop your powers, you learn a lot about him-and yourself-in the process, and the dark side isn't be the only thing you'll be embracing. (I'm not sure where I'm going to to take the plot, but I'm always a slut for fluff, so there will probs be a lot of that, and probs some smut, bc why not) Thanks for reading xx

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Just your regular Ninjago Oneshot book. Cringe, fluff, angst, you name it, but NO SMUT. This book will be discontinued if there are a lack of requests. This was my first ever book and I can't be bothered to edit it. So, the first 3 or so chapters suck. They're terrible. I'm quite proud of my other chapters though, so please, recommend my book to as many people as you can! Slow updates because of school :(. But requests are still open. (This warning was made ages ago, so it's cringe) WARNING: I LOVE ANGST, AND I'M (I WAS) OBSESSED WITH WU, GARMADON, AND LLOYD. Hi People! I have never written a fic in my life but just reading them inspired me to. So here I am. Requests are open; You can ask for ships, random stupid stories and anything ninjago really. I get busy so sometimes I can be slow with updates. Pls don't hate me. And if u request something, don't be afraid. I will start off with writing angsty chapters. Gotta love that. I have issiues against WuSaako and Lloykita, so if your gonna request, please don't chose these ships. Sorry about any stupid anime references. Lastly, sorry about any typos. Now Enjoy and get requesting and reading!