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When AC moves to Korea for her new job, she didn't expect to be working with Kwon JiYong. She didn't really know much about him at first, just that he's a member of BigBang, but as they get to know each other better, she starts having uncontrolable feelings towards him. But what can AC do? She's just a backup dancer. As JiYong and AC grow closer, someone else grows angrier and angrier.

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stories of you and your one and only, kwon jiyong aka gdragon.

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-; They Broke Up. He replayed the memories.

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As a little girl you have always wanted to move to another country. You never knew what country until your 18th birthday. Your whole life you have been taught that 'America was the best'. But you knew that wasn't true because the love of your life wasn't there. How you could tell?? Really it was a gut feeling. But until that special day, you have never knew how lucky you were. ~2015-2016 Highest Accomplishments (Thanks to you amazing people💕) #5 in g-dragon

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Will you fall again for your ex boyfriend who is an idol or will you find a new love and fall for your fanboy? Disclaimer: I do not own any character portrayed in this fanfiction. This is purely a work of fiction. This story line has nothing to do with the real lives of any of the character in this fanfiction. Story line and plot are the property of the author of this story.Do not copy. No copyright infringement is intended.

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BOOK 1 COMPLETED. Warning there is a Smut scene They call me G.O.D Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) Fanfiction HEADING. Worldwide Fashion Show. Dear Ms A Ru (아루) You are cordially invited to our Open House & Reception to view the new WWFS. It would be a great honour to have you here. Monday. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Theme: Formal RSVP: (.....) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Cell: 0000..... Sincerely: CEO Of WWFS. Address:....... Ididn't even continue reading, I was just staring at this invitation. A Black card fell out at the back. When I picked it up it said. A VIP Pass? Whaaattt?? With that it had a list of all the famous Fashion Icons and designers thats going to be in the VIP Booth. I wentthrough the names. I came across the letter K. names, names I froze. Layla looked at me and asked " What is it A Ru? " My face went completely pale. Name: list "K" •Kwon Jiyong. I started to stutter "L, lll.. Layla." Layla quickly answered "Yes? A Ru, whats wrong. " I looked up with my jaw dropped and replied "I think G-Dragon is going to be there."

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Everyone see's G Dragon as so glamorous, rich, famous, happy. What people don't know is what he's like behind closed doors. No one knows that when the G Dragon is alone that's all he is, alone with only his thoughts. By himself he is no longer G Dragon, but Kwon Jiyong. When being alone is just to much for him, Jiyong finds comfort in partying, drinking, and drugs. His mind no longer sane. He's just craving for someone. The loneliness taking over. What happens if young Vanna gets pulled in will she be able to get out? Disclaimer-- This is a fictional story.

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Internet model Celia Roselia was a secret admirer of a certain celebrity. When she went to a Big Bang concert in disguise to see her idol, G-Dragon, the worst case scenario happened causing the two superstars to meet. [Kwon Ji Yong/Jiyong First Person Fanfiction] May Contain: All of a sudden swearing, nail-biting hair-pulling misunderstandings, eyes-rolling typical frustrating dramas, and unexpected weirdly realistic adult situations... #7 Bigbang

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I fell in love last summer... Not just with a simple girl. I fell in love last summer with a girl who has cancer. Her smile, her finger tips and her cute toes made me feel things I shouldn't have felt. This is our story.

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Description Love, fate, life and death will bind them together. In the world where everything you have is just borrowed, where everything has its own end. Will you have enough courage to tell someone... “Please, be mine” Be Mine mbie07

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G-Dragon is the most popular kpop idol and AhYoung is assigned as his manager. AhYoung finds out that G-Dragon is a total player and a pervert! What will happen between them if they fall in love? (Yup I suck at writing descriptions xD but please read it I promise I'll try my best to make it amazing!!)

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[Season 1] "Will you fight for your relationship or just give up on your relationship in order to save his dream?" Let's find out... please don't put any hopes on this book :( P.s/ warning: this book is cringe af and beware of strong languages ❁ Pure fiction, based on my imaginations by MYSELF and nothing to do with a real life ❁ Don't copy or take my works but tell me if you want to use or give me a credit ❁ ©️ syagoojiyong ❁ Written : August, 7th 2018 Published : Nov, 19th 2018 Completed : Dec, 18th 2019

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Kwon Ji Yong & Jennie Kim A young idol apprentice knows who would be from the first moment the great love and role model of her life. While, the great star that one day believed had everything, realizes it when he looks at those sed eyes that what he needed the most was still far from having. "What you feel for me and what I feel for you, There will never be another love like ours, Nobody knows, we always know" • Author's note: This story written by a VIPBLINK recounts from fiction the relationship of these two kpop stars • I don't admit any copy or adaptations on this story. Enjoy it!! And if you like vote!! _No adaptations_ -2021- 🥇g-dragon 🥇vip -2023- 🥇bigbang 🥇jiyong 🥈gdragon

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What is it like to have 3 famous idols/good-looking brothers? Jisoo can tell you about that. Idols family members are dug up by fans. It seems that their family members became famous as well and be part of the public interests. Well, there is something that the KPOP world doesn't know about Jisoo. In the midst of fans' good skills in researching--Jisoo's brothers managed to hide the fact that they are siblings and--- ....hide her in the public attentions. Highest rank: #1: kwonjiyong, gdragon #1: bangyedam #2: bigbang #2: vsoo

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"Stop calling me babygirl old man." "You know you like it babe~" - A story where a 27 year old man named JiYong interacts with his 19 year old neighbor through texts.