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it all started with a shrek meme. ENHYPEN JAKE 엔하이픈 재이크

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(Y/N) Tachibana has come to stay with her cousin, Hinata for the next few years. Moving to Japan was a major change for her, but the more prominent change of her life comes around when she meets Ken Ryuguji. [SLOW BURN] Very cringe⚠️ cringe is being edited out as I look over each chapters Please don't repost my work [WILL CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS FOR THE ANIME THOUGH EACH CHAPTER WILL HAVE SPOILERS AND TWS AT THE TOP] Started on: June 27, 2021 (Officially) Ended on: November 19, 2022 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, STORYLINE, OR ART. ALL RIGHTS OVER THOSE THREE THINGS GO TO KEN WAKUI (creator of TR). I DONT PROFIT FROM MAKING THIS. ITS ONLY FOR FUN FOR ME (writing it) AND READERS. I'm so scared of copyright. BEST #'s: #1 in tokyorevengers (July 1, 2021) #1 in drakenxreader (July 2, 2021) #1 in draken (July 3, 2021) #1 in animefanficion (July 19, 2021) #2 in ynstories (July 19, 2021) #1 in ken (August 1, 2021) #1 in tokyorevengersfanfic (August 13, 2021) #2 in kenryuguji (November 27, 2021) #2 in ryuguji (November 27, 2021) #5 in baji (November 27, 2021) #1 in sanomanjiro (December 9, 2021) #38 in anime (December 19th 2021) The cover and name might be changed at some point. Thank you for reading <3

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"Would you mind if I asked for your assistance?" She looked up from the ground to meet his eyes that were already on her, " Not at all, what can I help you with?" "Candy." "Candy?" He squinted his eyes, "Yes, Candy," She couldn't help but giggle at his actions, "What do you recommend?" Y/n's eyes drift to all the sweets, "Have you tried Pocky?" "I have not." "I'm pretty sure you'll love it." she reassured "How sure are you?" the detective was just playing with her, not expecting an answer. "Like 89%" she nodded. So different but yet so similar L thought. ================ Y/n Kitamura has a messy past and present which prevents her from being happy but what if she were to find something else that'd make her smile...like the world's greatest detective?

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Genevieve Hart is beyond ecstatic to hear she got the lead role as an infamous book heroine; Elowen Adair, in a Hayes Ford film series, and she's determined to stop at nothing to make sure her acting debut goes perfectly. That is, until she meets her misanthropic co-star-slash-love interest; Eden Thatcher- who is naturally famous by nepotism- and she has to learn to manage professionalism when their director coerces the two actor's into a platonic relationship to enhance their on-screen chemistry. Key word: platonic. Because of past...setbacks, that include Eden's old love interests leaving the show to avenge their unrequited love for him, Hayes Ford adds a specific rule in the fine print of their acting contract: Genevieve and Eden are not allowed to date off-set. All and any chemistry must be preformed behind a camera, and failure to follow orders will end up in a re-casting. Genevieve and Eden initially think it's a piece a cake- a blessing, even- but that's before their on-screen chemistry starts interfering with their regular life, and the two can't help but mistake on-screen and off-screen behavior once they're alone with each other. Plus, there's always a common ground between two people who dislike one another, right?

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You're a psychologist. Human emotions were always so fascinating to you and you always failed to understand and feel them, so you decided to study them and make an effort to understand everything. As you were working, you notice that everybody disappeared during the day and the population was completely wiped out. What could have possibly happened?

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In this world there are many big company but hide a deep secret.. Xiao Zhan a young man who needs money, and lucky for him he got a work and the one who will own him was named Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo has a child and this child don't know who is the mother but when Xiao Zhan came to him he see him as a mother and this child don't want to let go Xiao Zhan Started: April 29, 2021 Ended: May 14, 2021

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☆first few chapters are unedited at the moment☆ 【in which a skater girl meets a skater boy one night and they slowly fall in love】 "you're the best love interest." "you're my favorite love interest." !this is a kojiro nanjo/joe fanfic from SK8 The Infinity! #2 in: #joe 5/20/21 #1 in: #joe 5/21/21

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What was worse than being reincarnated as a villain of a story? Being reincarnated as the mother to the main love interest in an otome game. Not only did she became a mother right after she reincarnate, but she was also married to the most powerful man in the country who was famous for his tyrant ways of conquering other countries in only just two years of his ruling and by then he was only fifteen years old. "Hey! Hey! Why are you acting so different than the rumours? And why are you clinging to me? I'm not in love with you, okay? Heck, I don't even know your name! Go back to your one hundred concubines!" "But, wife, I don't need those ugly women. I only need you. Wife, how about having a daughter this time around?" Wife: ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ HIATUS Cover made by Madame_Pocky Editor: signora_mezzanotte

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My name is Mina Amin. Pakistani. Aged 23. Artist. Foodie. Cat freak. About to marry my best friend. Yep, the usual. I am the girl you wish you could be. Life for me is pretty much perfect; Until it no longer is. ........... This story is about the pain of unrequited love. This story will make you think about stuff you'd rather not think about. This story is about friendship, love, and forgiveness... But it is also about Infidelity, hurt, and Godlessness. Read & Enjoy! (The author loves to read comments) WARNING: Might cause females to fall in love with the characters. Might also cause them to have delusional, bloated expectations from males. Don't proceed with caution, because deep inside you're a masochist. Cheers. DISCLAIMER: This book has Muslim characters, but it is not an accurate representation of "Islam". It is not meant to preach, or depict perfect Muslims.

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(Yandere male x reader) Maybe making small talk with strangers isn't the best idea. (Cover is a stock photo) This is an original story with original characters by Microwaveness (2020)

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Hiro Shizuki a student at Union Academy he was decent in every thing he did but it never seem to live up to the expectations of others bullies would pick on him but he'd just ignore them the crushes he had rejected him because he wasn't good enough for them one day on a mission to rescue trap civilians Hiro was injured greatly it wasn't until after he passed out due to his wounds next thing he knows he woke up in an unfamiliar world he constantly training killing everyone who got in his way becoming so strong no one could beat him not even all in his old world after he was done the world he was in was at peace when Hiro suddenly work up in the nurses office his body the same as it was in the other world all his powers and abilities were there it won't be long before everyone takes and interest in the new Hiro.

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Years later, they met again due to an accident that will change their lives forever.Seven years after, can they fix their broken relationship?

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...Love Interest as a Life Partner will Last Forever... A super short story about your favourite two people (you know who haha). Read at your own risk because this is not my best writing so far but I still want to publish it because I can't keep my ideas in my mind forever. Need a space for my ongoing stories so here it is, a little stress reliever kind of story. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

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Attention to a subject depends on our interest on it. In which Albedo wonder for how long will his interest last when it comes to you.

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When Magnussen is not able to get out of his Chip Ganassi Racing Contract, Steiner turns his eyes to another- more bold- possibility. And, for better or for worse, you- a promising young NASCAR Stewart Haas driver- are offered the Formula 1 seat. Under pressure from Haas management, you reluctantly sign a one season contract with low expectations. Things take a turn when you meet a certain Dutch driver, and the season quickly heats up. (Max Verstappen x male!reader~ set in a semi-fictional 2022 season) **UNDER HEAVY EDITING**