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I do not own the picture or the story, i got them off the internet. credit goes to the original creators. I give credit to Lochness nessie, the original author of this fan-fiction. Ichigo ends up in Hueco Mundo at the wrong time... its mating season for the hollows and arrancars! Warning: yaoi, profanity, sexual themes/scenes, MPreg

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A collection of Bleach one-shots I wrote between 2010-2018. I am no longer open to requests for one-shots as my interest has switched over to longer stories, but I wished to share some old work that fueled my passion when I was in high school and college. Please excuse the spelling and grammar in areas as most of these are old when I was still trying to find my writing style. Also, please note that not all names in the tags match all the one-shots I wrote for. I wrote for so many characters I couldn't fit it all into that section. ©2010-2018, 2021 Madness Publishing

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pics of my fav ships in amine ⚠a little yaoi⚠

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Ichigo is what his classmates call the quiet bad boy. He always gets into trouble in school, and he is the reason their old teacher quit. When he comes back to school from the Weekend he goes into his homeroom to see a different teacher. At first he was amused that his old teacher quit, but then saw his new teachers face. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the new teacher instantly feels attracted to Ichigo, and because of it he tries to hide his affection by being mean and hard on Ichigo.When Ichigo is told to stay after class, Grimmjow acts. Will Ichigo accept Grimmjow's feelings?

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Ichigo is one of the top students in his school, but he wants to strive to become the best. The hard part of that is that the top student hasn't been to school in over a few years. Ichigo knows his subconsciousness won't allow him to not go beyond this student, so, he sets out to find the top student. What he finds is the complete opposite of what he thought he was looking for

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Three orphaned friends with very similar yet slightly different quirks find themselves taken in by Pro Hero and eventually wish to become a Hero just like their adopted father. I do not own My Hero Academia as it belongs to Kohei Horikoshi. I do not own Bleach as it belongs to Tite Kubo. Also any art that I use in this story is not mine and all the credit goes to the artists that made them

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This is a continuation of "Training partners" and involves Ichigo getting jealous because one of the other male characters comes along. This story has choices, so you can choose who gets Ichigo jealous depending on which character you want to read. Requests are welcome too.

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While walking home one night, Ichigo finds a sick blue cat in an ally. What will happen after he takes said cat home and nurses him back to health? Warning: mpreg, 3some, slight nekko Pairings: grimmjowxichigo Chadxuryuu NnoitraxGranz

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You loved the blue head , but he didnt return your feeling . Thinking , crying that why he didnt love you back? .After a year he appears again as your gym teacher . But the question is do you still love him or you have MOVED ON . ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ Its raining , people say that rain can wash away ones sorrow ,so why it isn't washing away yours ? Why your heart still aches ? Why can't you forget him ? You are here standing in the rain waiting for its magic to happen .......but why ? Why it isn't washing away your pain? Your legs gave up , you fell on your knees ,thinking about HIM, thinking about the day HE left you ....... "Grimmjow " You cried. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ To know more, read! (^_^)

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It's senior year and Izumi moves back to her hometown, Karakura Town. She sees familiar faces, meets new people, and realizes things have changed drastically since the last time she was there. *Modern Fanfiction, slight GrimmjowxOC

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Hermitcraft Oneshots. There will be shipping! But do not ship the cc's, I ship personas. Please leave suggestions in the comments!

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Senshi Jaegerjaquez's father, Grimmjow, has been dead for two years. When she finds out that he and Sosuke Aizen have been resurrected by their fellow Espada, things go to ultimate hell.

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During when the Bounts are attacking the Soul Society, Ichigo meets someone. At first sight he knows that she is special and needs to protect her over everything else. Over time they grow closer. Ichigo begins to train her for the evils of this world, so she can protect herself when he is away. Eventually they fall in love. Becoming inseparable. An Ichigo Kurosaki x reader fic. Somethings might not line up exactly with the story but thats okay. I'm trying to make this differentiate from other x reader fics. Trying to make if unique. The beginning of the story starts during the bount arc and unfolds from there. Some lemon parts will he included so maybe an older audience (I can't help myself). The definition of the title is, if you were wondering what it means: Opia - The ambiguous intensity of Looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

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[You can pick your path] In a parallel world where you,the reader, can travel to the anime/manga world and it's where you're the main heroine in bleach. Not ichigo, fuck him. Well anyways you're placed in as a character as the hogyoku. After waking up drenched or something else that made you wake up, you realized you're in an unknown setting after finishing reading the manga bleach(or watched bleach). And you're found by ________. [viewers remember that the path you choose can also lead you to be hated,killed,raped,tortured, or even friend zoned, and etc] What path will you choose? By the way, I'm super lazy and not really motivated enough so I don't update these stories, sorry.

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You knew Ichigo since you were both 5 but 2 years after his mother died your mother chose to move away, but little did you know that you were moving back. On this journey you learn not just new things of yourself but of your friends too. From learning of your abilities to to making Ulquiorra have human emotions! Come along with me, Reader and we will unfold the secrets of this book together! DISCLAIMER: I do not own bleach or any of these characters the whole right goes to Kubo~san! aka Tite kubo! also, this has NO lemon in it, its for all audiences! enjoooiii! [Jk not discontinued xP]