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"The whole 'right person wrong time type deal. Nothing was perfect about their relationship but somewhere deep down inside, despite them being young.. they both knew they were each other person."

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Four girls with distinctly different personalities are in their freshman year of college at Florida A&M university. They experience the highs and lows of going to a hbcu. But they also experience their wild sides more than they ever have. Can these friends survive their first year of college? Or will they fail under pressure

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Tiara and Keenan were as close as anyone could be, they've been best friends since freshmen year of high school and now they're heading to college, attending The illustrious Howard University in Washington D.C. they promised one another that they would let nothing separate them .. but classes , meeting new people and these college parties can definitely get in the way of that promise. Will Tiara and Keenan stay best friends and maybe become something more? Or will they just eventually go their separate ways? Find out in BestFriends

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In all of his 19 years, Isaiah Walker has never pictured himself in a threesome, let alone in one with his best friend. Yet, his girlfriend has. When he brings up the idea to Lashawn Pierce, in hopes that he will immediately decline, he is surprised when he accepts. Soon, what was supposed to be a one time only thing quickly turns into a daily routine.

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I believe you are a rainbow All the Heaven I need to see You're my promise everlasting, ah Where you are, I hope to be, oh

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Please tell me you have this seat pushed back for another reason" I climbed into the car and slammed the door shut. "I don't know you tell me" he repsonded and I give him a disgusted look. "Ain't no way you letting me sit in the seat you banged a bitch in" I cant "It's clean and you acting like you never had car sex before" he chuckled. More like none I stayed quiet and his eyes were on me. "Wait...you're a virgin" his eyes slightly widened like it was a shock to him. "Stay out of my business" I mugged him and fixed the seat. "With a face and body like that no doubt I would smash" he looked me up and down. "Except you ain't never gonna get a piece of this" I glide my hand down my chest with a smug look on my face. "We'll see"

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to Sage Alexander he was the sweetest thing she'd ever known.

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Always and forever...a saying that's said way to often only for it not to be true, well in dej and Shawn case Read to find out what dej and Shawn has been up too...

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I wanna be a Friend U Can Keep -This book is currently on hold and might be back summer 2023

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Giselle was not like the other girls, women like her were rare to a man like Gino. Her best friend would sacrifice his life just to make sure she got to live. But she couldn't live in a world without him. Watch these two explore adulthood and take on college once the summer is over.

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" this an east atlanta love letter , who gon' love better?"

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After a rough junior year and a long senior year of highschool Yasmin has turned into a quiet girl she didn't really mess nobody unless they were her two best friends now that she is in college attending to grambling state will she go back to her old ways or will she stay the same ,What happens when Yasmin runs into somebody she thought she would never have to talk to ever again... Markeyvius was the fuckboy of the university everyone knew he was the school star basketball player,every girl wanted him and every nigga wanted to be him what happens when he runs into Yasmin on campus he knew she went there but he didn't think they would run into each other again.. Neither one of them have talked to each other since highschool will they be able to rekindle their bond or will they end up back to square one? read to find out P.s I swear the book is good I'm just not good at descriptions and this is my first story so bare with me 🙃

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Koi , a 20 year old student at Texas Southern , finally tries to give love a chance after someone catches her attention.

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Formerly Known as "The HBCU Chronicles"

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Niyah is going to an hbcu