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This is my first story. No mean comments pwease. For all you Nagisa lovers out there *gives you a Nagisa plush*

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Just comment your dares and asks! Please!

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catoptrophobia: fear of mirrors Nagisa x female reader

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Mitsuki Fujioka just entered Iwatobi high and reunited with her Senpai from middle school, Nagisa Hazuki. The strange girl is almost as weird as Nagisa. She ignores everyone who isn't Nagisa, and clings to him 24/7. She has no interest or enthusiasm in anything he isn't involved in. Her life basically revolves around the boy. He seems to air headed too notice her affections, and she seems to be unconcerned with that. Until Nagisa seems to go through a bout of Melancholy...

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This is about a fnaf fanfic could be one or two. The animatronics are trying to have a party with the new security gaurd. Will they be rejected or will they PARTY!!!! Read the book to find out more.

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"Is strawberry better then?" What happens when strawberry loving Nagisa meets the one he calls 'strawberry milk girl'?

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BOOM! ~~~ ...and when the pink smoke disappears in the thin air, you look around, only to find a pair of big eyes looking up to you- more like, glaring up to you. A little child with chubby cheeks, small hands and feet. But he has the same pitch black hair that reflects the sunlight, the same straight posture and most of all, the same death glare that pierces you. A perfect reminder of your school Fuuki-Iinchou... ~~~ ".....WHAT?! H-H-H-HIBARI-SAN---?!?!"

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A hunter encounters a wounded dragon in the forest.Little did he know, that dragon will one day be the one he spends the rest of his life with a tale of two world, clashing in the name of love.

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Taehyung falls in love with a certain pale rapper. He gets constantly worried after that person doesnt really pay attention to his health.

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She was the 'Cold Red Empress', He was the 'Absolute Red Emperor'. They hated each other but one day, a memory was revealed. The so-called 'Cold hearted Empress' hearts melted into a warm one because of him. The 'Absolute' Emperor became a soft hearted one only to her. Sometimes, fate clashes unexpectedly. And the time enjoys playing with them. They learned to love each other. Now, the time has come to break their ties. It cannot be broken. It was an Absolute Love.

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Some one shots for you and your crush. Requests are open. And also there's gonna be a lot of bully x readers because I'm addicted and yeah .-.

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【AUTHOR IS TAKING A BREAK as of now 7/21】 I'll write stories that are a bit more accurate in real life circumstances or if not, I'll let you know. ● for a normal chapter ○ for an exaggerated chapter *for angst ♡ for fluff ! for a/n Please read the NOTICE first.

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Nagisa has set the perfect date for you and him, a Fair date. How will things go? {It's been a while since I have posted something, so here's an attempt. I hope you guys enjoy it. ^^}

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{Entered in the 2018 Free Watty Awards} Hibiki Ibuki, a girl with a boy-ish name, was found by the Iwatobi Swim Club while she was swimming in the pool on a Sunday. What they didn't know is that three of them had met that girl before, many years before. What surprised Hibiki, is that they didn't remember her at all.

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Just a short entry of my Naruto oc Hazuki Akumu's life that she writes in her Journal.