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Gus returns from the human realm and matt seems to had missed him.. Then their feelings grew..

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A Gus and Martholomule story, mostly head cannon but I try to keep the story close to cannon. although I suppose that this entire ship in fannon/headcannon as of right now. I will update every Wednesday. NONE OF THE ART IS MINE

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gay mild cussing ❤=love ✨=gay 💦=sad 💢=abuse

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Just short fluffy bits of Gus x Matt headcannons. I try to stick to cannon but a lot of it is headcannon and fannon. None of the art is mine. None of the characters are mine.

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Hunter is a barista at his towns local coffee shop, "The Owl House". Gus is a magician trying to make ends meet. Both of them meet one night, but don't immediately fall for one another. (I know they have an age gap, but plz don't hate)

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this will be about matt and gus. There will be some bad grammer and i write for fun. Please help me with sugestions on what i can do better. Thanks for all the reads!!!! Finished!

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Perjodohan antara Gus dan gadis yang tidak terlalu paham tentang agama. * * * Ramein ceritanya, bantu promosiin juga blh bgt ... makasii. budidayakan follow sebelum membaca. Cerita ini murni hasil karangan saya, dan mohon maaf bila ada kesamaan dalam nama tokoh, tempat, atau apapun itu. Dilarang keras mengcopy di lapak ini!

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Matgus a ship name i made up for Matt and Gus pretty much a cute fluff love story COMPLETED

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Rain, that is all he hears. That and his heartbeat slowing. Gus was in the human realm. Matt was not. What happens when the two realize that they may not hate each other as much as they thought?

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🚫"MAU JADI HEBAT" "JANGAN JADI PLAGIAT"🚫 Seorang Gus muda,Tampan,pintar agama, bijaksana dan berwibawa, akan menikah dengan salah satu Santri putri nya. Seorang murid baru Yang sangat Di kagumi oleh Teman-teman Di Pondok Pesantren barunya... Tanpa Zahra ketahui sebenarnya ia sudah menikah, hanya saja keluarga mereka merahasiakan ini.. ⚠️ Dilarang plagiat nanti kena pasal ketar-ketir !!!. ⚠️ Murni hasil pikiran sendiri !!!. ⚠️ Jadilah pembaca yang bijak!!

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~don't pay attention to how horrible the first chapters are written, I don't feel like fixing them either so don't pay attention to the author's notes~ After the incident at the HAS meeting Gus and Mattholomule become something short of enemies. Matt feels bad about the way he acted but Gus holds a grudge. Some events take place that change the way Gus sees Matt. But what is this feeling? Friends? Or is it something else? Read to find out! Oh but wait! There's more! What happens when the day of unity comes? Will the two be forever separated? Will their bond become broken by the rift in dimensions? Or will everything remain normal as they continue with their day-to-day lives? And what will happen if a certain portal happens to open? There's going to be some: Angst ✨️Drama✨️ Serious topics like; (divorce, depression, anxiety ect.) Mild cursing Some violence Lots of gayness

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Mattholomule is having trouble at home. Gus is struggling with old memories. The boys are friends. They talk occasionally and see each other in the halls. But after a late-night text from Matt, things start to evolve. They both start opening up to each other, but with this new found closeness comes new found feelings. TW: ‼️HOMOPHOBIA‼️ ⛔️DRINKING⛔️ ‼️SMOKING‼️ ⛔️PHYSICAL ABUSE⛔️ ‼️DEATH FLASHBACKS‼️ ⛔️SWEARING⛔️ IF ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS TRIGGER YOU, DO NOT READ *.~COVER ART DOES NOT BELONG TO ME~.* Characters belong to The Owl House (streaming on Disney+ and Disney Now)

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Gus and Mattholomule have become friends, kind of. But they also have developed feelings for each other, they're just too nervous to say anything. Their friends notice this and try to help them confess their love for one another. (This story takes place before the end of season 2.)

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maafkan aku gus belum bisa membuat hatimu bahagia . . . " Aku tidak bisa memaksamu untuk mencintai ku, karena aku tahu di hatimu masih belum menerima diriku " -Alayya Khalisatunnisa Ramadhani- . NB : mengandung bahasa Jawa not terjemah!!