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____ neesita ayuda conoce a los Gemeliers jeje mas caliente k un chorro de agua hirviendo jajajajaj

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Jesús Oviedo, el gemelo mayor, más conocido por ser; El estudioso, trabajador, constante, tímido, simpático, cariñoso. Daniel Oviedo, el gemelo menor, más conocido por ser; Todo lo contrario a lo anterior. _______________________________________ AVISO: Los gemelos en esta historia no son famosos.

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"Siempre te voy a querer. Puede que un día dejemos de vernos y que ya no hablemos. Puede que conozcamos a otras personas, que un día ya ni nos recordemos. Puede que la vida te haya puesto en mi camino y que no estemos destinados a estar juntos, pero si un día en un incierto futuro, nos volvemos a ver... De seguro seguiré queriéndote"

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Description on first page :D

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Tug-at-your-heartstrings new adult first love story. What starts as a bet to avoid cleanup duties at her minimum wage cashier job, wins Amelie D'Amico more than she's ever hoped for. When Ben, a cute customer who always checkouts at her register, finally speaks to her, his interest in cooking make her only more curious. Amelie's always been terrible at recipes and trust, but with each passing day, Ben proves that when the right person comes along to show the way, it's easy. As their friendship grows, he confesses that he's never dated before and asks Amelie to be his relationship coach. Flattered as she is, she should say no. Her love life is a disaster, and she's hardly the best person to assist him, yet she can't resist his smile or his searching blue eyes. Preparing Ben for his first ever date with a woman who clearly likes him seems simple enough, until helping him score his first kiss becomes the last thing Amelie wants to do for her...friend. How could she begin something she's unable to finish? Telling Ben she wants to be more than his buddy wouldn't be a problem if leaving the US at the end of the semester to pursue a PhD in France wasn't her focus. And what will happen to their friends-with-benefits arrangement if what actually stands in their way is not her plan but her heart? NORMAL PEOPLE x LOVE QUOTIENT Tropes: Friends to lovers, matchmaker, fake dating, opposites attract, secrets, first love, ticking time-bomb BOOK 1 IN LOVE IN CHICAGO SERIES OF STANDALONES.

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Once again, the two popular rivals namely, the most fearsome badboy, Halilintar- as well as the smartest and well-known alchemist, Solar of Stanford High are back! They may be rivals before but now, they'd finally got along after for almost ten years of debating from whom in between, is the most famous one among them. But then, new students came, in which not only their popularity level has dropped, but also their friends' as they took over what they have. That's when they realized, they have- not one but, three rivals to deal with. Thus, the rivalry wars between them, begins. >> Sequel of "Similar Popularities, Different Personalities" << [BBB Halilintar & BBB Solar (School AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own the plot of the story. ^^} ||Artwork by: @melllonn_art and credits for the owner for the other drawing|| ||Book Cover created by: Me UwU||

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Historia de dos jóvenes que son hermanas y viven en Madrid con sus ídolos

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When I was little I met a boy who was 15 years older than me. He was new in Arendelle since he just moved there to work. No one knew much about him. Many knew just his age and name. One day I met him. He told me his name personally and that was the last time I saw him. He saved me and I am sorry, Jack Overland. I was just a helpless child. Who was he and who am I? Read our story. ~ Elsa ~

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An unfulfilled love of two soldiers, who were divided by boundaries, re-lives to let the fated ones encounter. People believe that we meet the person, we owe in one life, in the next. I have made an humble attempt in writing an imaginary tale on Ohm-Nanon in a war backdrop. Most of the scenarios and locations are true with a little creative improvisation. I have tried to incorporate the relationship between countries, words and actions of the persons, timeline, details of the story to the most accurate extent possible. If there are any discrepancies, kindly overlook them. The story has an open ending. I donot mean to be disrespectful towards any community or history itself. Pics, credits to the owners. Happy reading.

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¿ Qué sensación tienes , cuando vas por la calle y te cruzas con un chico que puede ser el amor de tu vida ? Así me sentí yo , cuando lo ví

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pretty poison. female faceclaims started: february 20, 2021 edited: december 24, 2022 status: complete

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Life for Kiersten was never really described as easy. But she worked hard to make it through life. When she meets Harry in a coffee shop (how cliche I know) she's pretty sure that she's found the one. But when another band member starts creeping his irish charm and blue eyes into her thoughts she's not so sure.