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Star and Marco. Best friends. Promised to always stay together no matter what. But Marco gets a girlfriend and he's slowly breaking that promise. Marco doesn't spend much time with Star and barely even notices her. That isn't gonna make Star sad so Star goes off with her other friends. Those friends can be bad influences and Star can be turning into one of them. Can Marco get Star back? Will he even notice that she is changing into a bad girl? Read to find out!! Sorry if there are spelling mistakes throughout the story.

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This story will contain allot of violence, cussing, smut and other things... Blueberry used to hangout with Ink, going around visiting different AU's ..However when they went to Dusttale, poor little Blueberry was concerned and confused about why Dust Sans was so alone.. Little did he know how dangerous making "friends" with Dust is..

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Some chapters will be smut and some others might be fluff. I wanted to write this because I noticed there really isn't many kustard oneshots/smutshots. soo here we are now! I'm extremely disappointed in my self because of how dirty I am. ;-; also there might be others.

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"She's not pretty..." "Then what is she?" "She's fugly." _-_-_ Jimin - better known as the school's honourable student with a maroon blazer different from everyone else. He is known for his good looks, madly intelligent brain, respect for teachers and his 'Jimin' personality.... but little did he know that the same girl he didn't find intrest in, was going to change everything for him for the better.

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Naomi has always been reminded of how imperfect she is. The fat girl that's always compared to her siblings. If she was academically sound, maybe that would have made up for being "fat" but her academics was nothing to write home about. She hides her insecurities by being bold and doing what she loves doing best; Singing and Rapping. She tries not to be a pushover and to do her best at everything. Will she be able to accept herself in the long run? Will she be able to pull through? A/N- "Way too big" is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and activities are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to persons, alive or dead, or events is purely coincidental. ©️ All rights reserved. Ps: Credit goes to the rightful owners of the images used in this book.

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A girl who just lives an ordinary life. Her life began to jumble up when three guys showed up from her room. "TEKA NABABALIW NA BA AKO? IKAW SI LUZON, VISAYAS, AT MINDANAO?" They all nodded in unison. "Countries or Island Personifications to be exact, Miracle." ** Hetalia FanFiction

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England found the only way to talk to his crush was to start some senseless argument. It was working pretty well until he couldn’t find anymore things to argue about. Nagging about America’s weight and calling him fat was the only way for them to have a conversation. But when America goes insane over it, he diets in an attempt to be “skinny” like England wants him to be. And since England keeps lying and calls America fat (even when America lost over fifty pounds and is under average) America takes it to the extreme and stops eating totally. England didn’t even notice that every word he didn’t mean, meant the world to America. How could he get over that guilt? Easy. He makes sure he can’t say a mean word again. He cuts out his tongue. * * * USUK. HETALIA.

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A tiny, sleepy, two officer police station is suddenly faced with a crime spree hitherto unseen in their village. Enquiries lead to a far larger crime wave extending far beyond the confines of their little hamlet. Can they trace and unmask the identity of the fiendish robber, who seems hellbent on making the lives of little girls and boys a misery? And perhaps get to the bottom of why?

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Yassss the ugly pig cow thing😜😜😜😜

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JJ is a model, starting at a new school in a town full of werewolves. It just so happens that the school's bad boy is her mate, jealous and possesive. It doesn't help that all the girls hate her and the boys flirt making it worse. Thrown into a new world, she discovers she is important in a prophecy that involves giving birth to a child. Join her through life as she learns to accept her beauty, fall in love, and struggle to keep her virginity until marriage.

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The title said it

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Everybody knows what I mean.Everybody is familiar with the situation.Nobody knows the solution.

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Aiden's best friend Ross is having issues with girls. When the young fellow takes his friends advice, he meets someone online. Someone perfect for him. Or is it all just a sick joke?