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This takes place about a year after Jeb disappeared, you live with the flock and are good friends with iggy. You enjoy playing with nudge, gazzy and angel, help max out around the house and like to (sometimes) tease fang. You are 14 and great at fighting (you workout ALOT) I don't own maximum ride or you You belong to yourself and fang!

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The love that the both boys kept Fang: I had Always felt this way but i can never understand why. Fang always wanted to fight his popularity from so he would fight the fact he would be jealous of boboiboy being love by others. Fang wishes only he and love Boboiboy. And no one else. BOBOIBOY: I would prefer to be friends with my fang then being hated for this feelings. Boboiboy been denying that his feelings so he wont loose the boy he fell in love at first sight. How will this two convey their feeling towards each other.

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A baby with no name lost his parents when he was born and raised by his parent's uncle and aunty. Eventually, he decided to took a name that his auntie heard from his mother due to that he has no name - Kurosaki Izuku, and Kuchiki Izuku. Adopted by his mother's brother and his wife, Byakuya and Hisana, they were happy enough to consider him as their child, to make sure Ichigo and Rukia would be happy to know their son is happy. However, a terrible incident happened. On Izuku's birthday, Hisana nearly got killed if the boy didn't jump in front of her and took the slash for her instead. This, however, woken something he inherited from his father as the inner demon within him was passed down into him. His Dad, Kurosaki Ichigo, Inner Hollow. "Yo, nice to meet King's kiddo." 『』 Izuku X Yaoyorozu X Jirou X Rem X Ram X Ryuukyu Overpowered Izuku (maybe, not too overpowered)

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Fang envy Boboiboy who had loving twin siblings (Even though that is him, just permanently split into 7) while he claims that Kaizo never loved or cared about him.

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COMPLETED|| 34 CHAPTERS "You are a tsundere Fang" .. "Damn your brother is so fine" .. "Do you Fang take Y/N as your lawfully wedded wife and promise to cherish her for the rest of your life?" "No" Note- I wrote this story because I couldn't find any Fang X readers for myself and then I found out I am not the only one who wants a Fang X readers. So, I decided to make my very own Fang fanfiction. It might be cringe ^^" Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters, all are owned by Monsta. #1 in fangxreader 19/4/22 #1 in Boboiboy 11/5/22 #1 in Fang 9/6/22 #1 in Ying 15/5/22 #1 in Gopal 15/5/22 #1 in Yaya 15/5/22

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"I'm.....I'm not coming back....c-captain..." A short story for biboiboy,fang and kaizo! [This is original story by me, do not steal. ] Fang ran away from Kaizo's space ship. Boboiboy and others found him in his haunted house and took care of him until he felt better. But then, something unexpected happens and.... Kaizo finally realised that what fang actually felt, Boboiboy proves his true friendship for fang... And.... Fang? He's just so... miserable. Started: 12 March 2021 Completed:02 April 2021 Happy reading everyone! ^^

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NOT MINE Before rebirth, He Zizhong was unfortunate. This loyal dog was loyal to the wrong target. In the difficult end times, he was betrayed by his relatives, deceived by his lover to show his space, and was sadly chased by the enemy. It wasn't until before he died that he learned that Fang Hao, who accompanied him all the way, turned out to be the junior brother who confessed to him in high school. It's a pity that he died too, in his arms. In He Zizhong's past life, Fang Hao felt that he was lucky, after six or seven years, in the desperate apocalypse, he found the senior who was his first love again, and he could accompany him for half a year. More importantly, at the end of life, you can still die in the arms of someone you like. Is there anything happier in the world? After rebirth, He Zizhong reused facts to prove that of course there is something happier in this world than death at the same point. With a space and a lover who he has vowed to protect in this life, hitting zombies, upgrading and creating a better life together, this is He Zizhong's life goal after rebirth. What do you do when you encounter a lover who has cheated on your feelings in your previous life, a selfishly wants to deceive your own space cousin, or issues a killing order to chase down your love rival? Since they can't get around, step on them in the mud with one foot!

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Boboiboy turn into a girl.She split up into her 7 elements and they have feelings to a spectacles boy name Fang but Fang is a little embarrassed when his around them.Can Fang pick an elemental girl that he love than the 7 elemental girls?

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boboiboy and fang have been together for a month now, their dating life included going to the park, watching horror movie at night and useless chatting that lasted for hours. but in this whole dating thing they haven't even kissed yet! boboiboy thought fang already got tired of him. so now... here he is, asking for advice from his friends aka Yaya, Ying and gopal! This story takes place after movie 2 cover not mine. credits go to the respectful owner and welcome to the author-nim's wild story!

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I have a foster father... Um, that's not the important part. I just want to say, why doesn't he understand the differences between boys and girls in this world? He insists a pornographic picture is actually a diagram of acupuncture points. And also...why did he raise me as a boy for 15 years?! It's impressive that he can write prescriptions, but I studied poisons. But, why is he a Fang Hua Beast... NOTE: This is not my story. This is for offline reading purposes only. Credits to the author and translator of this story.

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So i write this story since i couldn't find myself fang fanfictiction so yeah hope you enjoy.This is all base on my imagination and i do not own any of the characters except my oc.And im sorry if the plot is a lil bit cringe. Hope you enjoy. ~ The story about a princess from a planet name Volvenet who went to the tapops station to protect the 5 warriors from earth and her adventures around the galaxy.

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Fang lost his memory cause of Adudu and Probe.Boboiboy and his friends contact Fang's brother Captain Kaizo for help.Can Fang regain his memory?

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မချစ်သည်မဟုတ်​သော်လဲမုန်းချင်ယောင် ခဏခဏ ဆောင်နေရသော fan လေးတစ်ယောက်အကြောင်း idol အပေါ် idol ထက်ပိုသောချစ်ခြင်းများဖြင့် ချစ်မိသောကြောင့် အသည်းခဏခဏ ကွဲနေရသောကောင်လေး #KimTaehyung ကမ္ဘာကျော် ကောင်မလေးတွေသာမက ကောင်လေးတွေပါသည်းသည်းလှုပ်ချစ်ရပါသော idol #JeonJungKook

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Female White Fang X Male Reader An idea I had and I haven't yet to see any books on these. I Do Not Own RWBY or any photos or videos I add. From future self: I don't like how the book turned out and I'm confused why people read it. For those who have and enjoyed it, gonna be surprised if ya did, I am very thankful and glad that you enjoyed it. You have my ever growing gratitude and I wish for fortune on you.

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You and Fang always had arguments and misunderstandings ever since you two met. You both like to tease and mock one another that can get out of hand from time to time. For some reason, he doesn't understand what feeling he gets when he's around you. Could this be because he's a humanoid alien who couldn't understand much of humanity's ways?