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A 19th century London courtesan agrees to a phony courtship with a navy captain and finds herself negotiating uncharted territory outside the boudoir. ***** The year is eighteen-thirteen. The place is London. Mistress Rosalind Hayes is a courtesan, raised in an orphan asylum and later tutored by one of the most respected courtesans of the time. Now, Rose caters to the whims of lusty nobles and businessmen, and she is determined to maintain her sovereignty. When Rose meets the Thompson siblings; Jules, a navy captain, and Alice, his spirited younger sister, the trio form an easy kinship. Rose learns they have recently lost their mother to smallpox, and she is persuaded by the siblings to pose as Jules's love interest in an attempt to bring their grief-stricken father out of a terrible depression. As luck would have it, Rose's genial manner helps to free the older man from his melancholy, but she also begins to feel things for the captain that threaten to topple her empire. CONTENT DISCLAIMER: Be prepared for a few mature scenes. This is a story about a courtesan, after all. Those with delicate sensibilities may want to keep a fainting couch nearby. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This work is owned by the author. Please do not attempt to plagiarize or your reputation could end in ruins. IN OTHER WORDS: If you find this story on any online platform other than WATTPAD, I did not allow this. You may also be exposing yourself to malware. If you wish to read this story in its original, safe form, do it here on WATTPAD. COVER DESIGN: by @arpeggio-

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Is there anything better than imagines involving your favorite SPN characters? Maybe pie, but that's beside the point. Please comment and like if you enjoy! Thanks for your support!

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In a world where injustice is normal. Ultimates and Reserves live totally different lives ,for centuries this has been going on but, things are about to change. Read as the ultimate luck Nagito Komaeda meets a reserve Hajime Hinata as they try to prove to the world that talents don't matter,question is will they succeed? ⚠️OOC ⚠️Sensitive topics discussed

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"I'm the weird awkward girl that flips out over the silliest little things."- Ophelia Ophelia is not an ordinary girl...she will never be normal. At age four she was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Over the years from not being able to be around other's due to her fears she has an anxiety attack in the middle of class. Her parents are forced to get her help. They hoped it was just the disorder however she gets diagnosed again with social anxiety and is forced to take medication for it. Her life will never be normal even if the new guy at school refuses to give up on talking to her. Will she avoid him forever or cave in to let him in? Rated #1 in teenfeelings Award: 3rd place in Teen Fiction:The Golden Awards 2020 Cover by Cuncon on Pixaby

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Songs organized in alphabetical order. Let me know if any songs are missing.

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For over a decade, The Caped Crusader has loyally protected Gotham without fault. However, when the woman who taught him how to escape the suffering otherwise known as Leslie Thompkins suddenly disappears, Batman is forced to confront the darkest parts of himself. In this thrilling character driven mystery, Batman must come to terms with the pain dwelling inside him before it consumes him whole, all while unravelling the greatest detective case he's ever taken on. Will the Dark Knight be able to temper his vengeful soul before it destroys him? Written By: @TheBatman010 (Twitter) Cover By: @shmoonda (Twitter)

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Janessa Iro isn't what one would consider normal. She suffers from narcolepsy. Fiercely sheltered by her parents since her youth, all she truly wants is the right to experience life for herself organically. But narcolepsy seems to be her scarlet letter, and maybe the real world isn't all it's cracked up to be. Self-claimed recluse and harpist prodigy, Leslie Aaronovich, is a bitter man. His world is filled with phony affection and high expectations. At the pinnacle of his success, he vanishes from the classical world leaving many concerned and confused, preferring to lead a life of solitude. They're an unlikely pair, she too naive and eager for her years, and he too hostile and unsociable. Perhaps her innocence will grow on him. Or maybe his bitterness will darken her world views, but one thing is for sure, love is in the air. What will be the outcome? Nobody knows.

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A discontinued story of mine. This is now public domain, so you may take this story and rewrite it, continue it, or whatever you'd like. If no one wishes to take it, I'll consider writing a new one with the same concept. Sorry for the distasteful information, but I have no heart for this story anymore.

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Did I hear an opinion? {I do not use proper grammar in this book. This book is for my opinion on subjects so if you don't want to hear what I have to say then too bad, make yur own rant book about me c;}

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Writing is hard. Being a writer is even harder. But with "Writing 4 Writers," you CAN become a better writer. Every time I sit down to write, I reference this collection of writing advice from a variety of blogs, writers, and YouTubers: Jenna Moreci, Abbie Emmons, Alexa Donne, Merphy Napier, E. A. Deverall, Medium Daily Digest, Reedsy, One Stop For Writers, and myself. From grammar rules to writing hacks to character development, this book reveals the ins and outs of writing - sometimes harsh, sometimes funny, but always honest. Whether you're an aspiring artist working on your first draft or an experienced master in the publishing world, this book has insight and wisdom that can support you at all stages of your writing process.

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Highest Ranking #1 Rajasthan This is my first story it is written in a narrative way and sometimes in someone's POV. It is not in a proper format please excuse my mistakes. Hope to improve. This story is not related to any people but just an imagination and doesn't hurt or remark about any religion or norms. It's purely imaginative. Synopsis After her fathers death, 13 year old SATI is sent to Bombay for further studies. Eight years after her father's death Sati has returned to Bhairavgad with revenge on her mind. The last words her father told was about the passages inside the Bhairavgad Fort. To unravel what her father meant, she fully prepared herself these eight years of any obstacles that will come in her way. But her father's elder brother Kanwar Singh has placed a biggest obstacle in her way RUDRA. There will be a fair warning before in some chapters due to violence and mature content. This book is though for all age groups except for few chapters. Started: 15th April, 2019

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You've just arrived in a new city to clean your slate, and it's been good so far! Making friends, getting good grades, and no one has found out about your secret. But this one boy stands out to you, even if he is in the background. That powerful aura he emits makes you knock all walls down. Making close friends in your new life has got you at a standstill... Are they ready to know your secret? (Reminder: I do not own any pictures unless I say so, and Mob Psycho 100 does not belong to me.)

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A Hamilton AU where everything is the same except Alexander is a woman and she marries Elijah Schuyler. For the most part it is told from Aaron Burr's perspective, but that might change for certain chapters. I made this simply out of curiosity, and because I watched too many animatics, plus I thought it would be interesting to see how the story would play out with a female protagonist. The character interactions, lyrics, and overall plot could be impacted in many ways, and I'd like to see how that goes. I'm basically converting lyrics into text, tweaking them based on the needs of the context. Feel free to comment on anything you like, any little mistakes that need fixing. Seriously, go wild.

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a book in which i help you find a face for your character :) - beautiful cover @roseacid

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When Batman is faced with another bizarre case, he will need everyone's help to solve it, including Catwoman's. Which won't be easy considering they may have feelings for each other, even love each other. With the bat family helping along the way, and Gotham's villains causing abnormal mayhem, this case may end up being out of the usual routine for everyone. These characters don't belong to me (sadly) so no lawsuits please :)