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This is gonna be a Peter Pan fanfiction based on the serie Once Upon A Time. In this book Peter Pan is still alive and also isn't the father of Rumple. This is gonna take place after season 7 and the character is 17 years old and a girl. Hope you will enjoy it and let me know what you think of it!❤️ Xx Melissa (ouatxqueens on Instagram )

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Quackity x Wilbur This is just a random Oneshot Book for whenever I come up with random ideas so don't expect fluent updates! Please keep in mind that I am NOT shipping the irl cc just the c!Characters. And last but not least: -NO smut/lime/lemon -Any TW will be at le start of the chapters :] -Will include POV's -Will have tons of fluff, angst and LOADS of drama xD -Some are long, some are short. Respect it lmao. -Expect none of them to be canon, kay? :,] -First few are pre-written which is why the date is like a two weeks before I posted it xD -No hate please, this is just for fun :) Started: 9:30pm, Saturday, March 12th. 2022 Ended: ----------------------------------------- Enjoy! -San

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Quackity went "missing" but Jschlatt has him. his friends are looking for him??? *The storyline is already here somehow lol* some angst, abuse, swearing, drinking, sad/bad things, unhealthy/healthy relationship maybe some other Dream smp ships..... inspiration by End Simulation, the Heart Anthology on Webtoon but I changed the idea a little bit I DON'T SHIP THE REAL-LIFE PEOPLE BUT THE CHARACTERS/PERSONA I WILL PUT DOWN IF THEY ARE BOTH UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS ⫸Next update: discontinuing⫷

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Heyo! This is my first every story I've written on Wattpad. --- This story is about Schlatt and Quackity but this is all in a highschool AU. This is still in its early stages so I'm still planning if I should add fluff, angst, or just whatever floats my boat. --- Credits to @//Qu1nNnnN for the inspo! (They have a highschool AU of Schlatt and Quackity that I recommend for you to check out!) [DISCONTINUED + PLANNING REWORK] - 9/4/2022

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One shots of the characters from Once Upon A Time. Will be doing the boys but also the girls from Ouat!✨ And I will only use Y/N because I personally think thats more fun to read. I hope y'all will enjoy them!❤️ xx Melissa (ouatxqueens on Instagram )

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will do both ships and xreaders :) these are *mainly* vent/unfinished fics, so if your looking to read shit rn, be my guest includes: sbi(1) karlnap (1) wilbur soot (2) dreamnapfound (1) dreamwastaken (2) sapnap (2) callahan (1) punz (1 w multiple parts) corpse (1) jschlattxquackity (1) dreamnap (1) Jack manifold (1) badboyhalo (1) more information inside!

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One shots about Natasha Romanoff where in you're her daughter. Mostly be fluff one shots. Using Y/n, any age possible (will be mentioned every part) Enjoy reading :)

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Hi I decided to do this cause I woke up at 2 AM and was bored anyways have this 😩

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Quackbur highschool AU story This is my first fanfic so it probably will be terrible There will be cussing, maybe smut, most likely fluff IN PROGRESS, AND EXPECT SLOW UPDATES

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Fluff, angst, and maybe smut Requests are open

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this is a family AU TW at the start of each chapter. enjoy!

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I cannot promise you that I'll be posting daily. The title pretty much explains what it is, if you don't like it, respectfully, get the fuck out. This was made for entertainment purposes, please do not ship the CCs, that's hella weird.

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tw: abuse, smut , manipulation , gaslighting, emetephobia, alcohol , drugs and sexual violence. this is about a dark and twisted love story between jshlatt and quackity. disclaimer: I'm not romanticising any of the following ^ and I don't ship them as actual people it's simply character based. I hope you enjoy! <3