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"Why would someone like him ever love me?" Hiiii so this is a story about dream and you hahah, this is only my second story so I'm getting used to things and still coming up with things on the spot haha but I hope you enjoy there won't be to much smut I'm not good at writing that stuff but there will be some :) (the cover is not by me it's by KeLYo)

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you're friends with the dream team when dream starts to fall for you. you soon, falling for him. "you make me smile so easily"... "i wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you" 𝐶𝑜𝑚𝑝𝑙𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑑 ❤︎

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You are George's secret sister but what happens when you come home to find two new faces in the apartment. A connection sparks between you and the man who is known as Dream to the rest of the world but you he is just Clay. You are a travel writer who has a strong sense of wanderlust. After growing up independent and casted aside from your family, it's hard for you to settle down anywhere or with anyone for to long. Somehow this Clay character has drawn you in. What happens when his captivating aura begins to become comfortable and consistently intriguing. If Dream or anyone reads this and doesn't feel comfortable I will take it down right away! Also this whole book will contain swearing so if that is a trigger for you I would avoid this book. If there is any other possible triggers I will put a trigger warning at the beginning of the chapter and if I miss one just let me know! chapters start on the shorter side but now that i'm back from a break they will be longer! #7 romancefanfiction

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Y/N is a loyal L'manberg citizen and Wilbur and Tommy's sister but she has a secret, every night she sneaks out to be with her best friends, Dream, George and Sapnap. The opposition. Where will her loyalty lie? Will she stay with her brothers or with her closest friends?

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DreamxFemale Reader Highschool AU After having online school for 2 years, you finally return to highschool, and you manage to catch the intrest pf the new boy. TW⚠️ mention of scars, Swearing.

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You just moved to Florida, you're trying to get your photography career to take off and you see the perfect subject to do just that... -Dream x Reader- -Some Nsfw (Not much)-

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You were fighting in the war between the dream smp and L'manburge when you were captured by dream and his gang. Over time you developed feelings for the same man that took you from your family. whats gonna happen wen you find out with your pregnant with his child? ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ -LANGUAGE -Smut -SELFHARM Cover art isn't mine *hello everyone, i wanted to thank u all for ready my story. i started re-reading it and its really just bad. so im gonna edit it*

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Being friends with sapnap for 3 years has lead you to the occasion of becoming a streamer, during a stream one day, one donation from one of sapnaps friends changes everything. AHHH I REALLY HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS!!!! some achievements that i've actually remembered to write down #7 - dreamxreader #28 - xreader #17 - comfort #82 - mcyt

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this is a smut so if you dont read that stuff leave rnn

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Y/N is a lonely girl living with her parents. But when they kick her out, she seeks shelter. Stumbling onto GeorgeNotFound's house, she moves in. After a few days, she begins to catch feelings for one of George's friends: Dream. This is my first story, so bear with me please!

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As Y/n starts her journey to the U.S she still is reminded that she has to make a choice but who does she pick.... characters Dream, Ranboo, Sapnap, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, and many more (the cover is not by me it's by KeLYo)

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Y/n (your name) is a twitch streamer living in Florida. She's part of the DreamSMP. One day some of her friends plan a meetup and meeting Dream in person there changes her love life forever. Warnings: ● Swearing ● Mild harassment

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Eun was part of L'manburg. She was on Tubbo, Wilbur, Eret, Fundy and Tommy's Team. She is Cousin's with Wilbur... Eun is 19, And she can still manage to take down Tommy and Eret at the same time, While doing her rounds around L'Manburg she feels like she's being watched, Tommy, Tubbo and Wilbur run up to her, Saying Dream has caused a war and there is a target on L'manburg. But Wilbur was hiding something from her. There was a target on her head...

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When you thought running away was a good idea but it turned into meeting someone you never thought you would... "yn?" "yes?" "i love you" "oh dream..." TW: SH, ED, passingout, murder, fluff, smut(just a bit), dsmp lore, cursing, running away, mention of alcohol, blood. I LIED, THERE WILL BE A BIT OF SMUT. ITS NOT THAT DETAED THO, SO DONT WORRY!!!!!!!!!!! + im not copying any stories i made this all up myself, please injoy and dont hate. started: january 2023 ended: not yet