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I genuinely don't know where I'm going with this...but yeah I have some free time, so why not write some fictional stuff which I know that will never happen and thus I make you suffer the reality with me. Also I'm not going to include ACTUAL people, they are going to be the characters played in the smp, if you get what I mean. Also might just include some head cannons of SBI cuz I love em. Also please ignore me grammatical errors. Have fun!! (Might take suggestions so feel free,) cover art isn't mineeee! I'm sorry idk whose exactly it iss

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Tommy is in exile, he is a human, isn't he? -- This is an AU of where c!Tommyinnit gets wings in the DreamSMP, Its also an sbi (Sleepy bois inc) AU If any of the cc's are uncomfortable with a part of my writing in this, I will 100% take it down with zero second thoughts :) Enjoy! :D Ps, trigger warnings will be at the start of every chapter Started: 29th of March 2021 Ended: 1st of January 2022 (Follow me for updates!!) πŸ“Œ1.69k reads (10/06/2021) πŸ“Œ3.06k reads (28/06/2021) πŸ“Œ3.69k reads (04/07/2021) πŸ“Œ6.57k reads (05/08/2021) πŸ“Œ13.1k reads (29/09/2021) πŸ“Œ27.6k reads (20/01/2022) πŸ“Œ61.8k reads (23/11/2022)

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Y/N moves away from their old school into a completely new school. Everyone is really nice, until quite a few of them begin to get a little...obsessive. The class golden pupil. Everyone wants them and will do anything to get them. Anything. Enjoy reading. Make sure to check out other stories! (Was originally written as a female insert, but will now be gender-neutral, because that means everyone can read it!) ((SLOW UPDATES, LIKE SUPER SLOW.))

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I'm NOT currently taking requests. I hope people like it! ^^ Age regression is SFW. This book is not about kinks, ddlg, ddlb, mmlg, clg, abdl or any of its variant, nor is it romantic unless stated with ADULTS who have said they're fine with it. Nothing bad. I'll go over my boundaries on what I'll write in more detail in the book. Cross-posted on AO3 as Sleepy_babywillow. DON'T add me to a reading list with ANYTHING NSFW in it. DON'T REQUEST RIGHT NOW.

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The fourth SBI sibling The sister The witness The promise The river The connection The divide Each boy has his own Godly relation, whether mortal born to god or god born of god. But what happens when their sister is tired of the manipulations and the lies. Tired of the fighting. Forget blood for the blood god Behold Promises for the pledged This is based off the DreamSMP. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT! Tw: violence, mention of death, harm, manipulation, derealization, and more May not have a constant update schedule. I have a very busy life. Photo cover by: Sad-ist

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Some people might thinking having one boyfriend is a lot, now imagine having five famous ones! (poly!feral boys x female oc)

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It was a normal night. Tommy was streaming lore with Dream and Ranboo. But something happened that night that would change everything. . . . . . . . . Things to know: Realistic Minecraft Tomboo Dreamnoblade Posts: Wednesdays Start: December 4, 2021 End: March 2, 2022

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Just random ideas I think of. Not all of these are x reader so keep an eye out for that If you would like to request something just let me know and I'll consider. WARNING!!: Some of these imagines will contains Lore spoilers so read at your own risk!! I will continue to write about Technoblade, because even if he is gone, writing about him continues to make me happy.

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an emperor and his lover, struggling to balance- all while a war is amidst. jschlatt x fem! she/her reader tws will be given before each chapter <3 follows dsmp lore- somethings have changed for plot reasons, just go with it, things will make sense. this story focuses around the messier parts of relationships, the pain, and the conflict. warning: this story deals with heavy topics: alcoholism, manipulation, sex, depression, death, and others. please do not read if any of these make you uncomfortable.

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Oneshots based on mainly most of those who are in the DreamSMP and sometimes others. As the title says the oneshots are based on the cc's not the minecraft characters.

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Everyone on the DreamSMP had a 'hybrid' animal counterpart that was merged with their DNA. Ranboo the Enderman, and Technoblade the Piglin, to name a couple. To everyone, Dream was the only one without a hybrid. He banned the End so no-one could kill the dragon. A hybrid is easy to spot, as they usually have body parts that correspond to their mob, which cannot be safely removed, though many have tried. Everyone believed that Dream had no mob counterpart, the only one on the server. Ha. If only they knew. -~-~-~- Hallooo, Tak here, welcome to the story! Important info in the first chapter! (Cover art by @/mocchiballs on Twitter) Highest rankings: #227 in 'tommyinnit' out of 23.9k stories (12th August 2022) #133 in 'dream' out of 71.3k stories (13th January 2022) #67 in 'angst' out of 132k stories (13th January) #214 in 'dreamsmp' out of 35.1k stories (13th January) #1 in 'origins' out of 1.5k stories (25th June) #48 in 'tubbo' out of 20.5k stories (19th October)

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Ships: Techza|Samwastaken|Fundynotfound|wilnoblade|Schlattbur|Skephalo|Karlnap|Dundy|etc. IM NOT SHIPPING THE CONTENT CREATERS IM SHIPPING THE CHARACTERS I might write smut but if I do it will be really bad. β™‘-Smut ♀-Fluff β—‹-Angst

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a book full of dreamsmp members boundaries when it comes to fan fiction and aus about them. - β­’ ⊹ β­’ - started: 01/05/2021 finished: 01/21/2021 ©️answcr 2021

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Y/n Y/l/n has a Internet personality. She streamed, Made music, did interviews on some YouTubers and celebrities, not many tho and lasty she reacts to multiple things. She had just been invited to the dream smp and she glady accepted it. Read first 2 chapters to find out the rest before the actual story starts. #4 in Tomminnit on 2/4/22 #47 in wilburxreader on 2/4/22 ~~~~~~~~~ #42 in wilburxreader on 2/5/22 #28 in wilburxreader on 2/12/22