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After they defeated Pegasus, their adventure continues. Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Kim and the others in Battle City. What troubles they have to face? You'll find out soon.

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Seto Kaiba is going on a business trip for a month to California, New York City, and Philadelphia for work, so he put his younger brother in charge of running Kaiba Corporation until he comes back. Before Seto went to the first city, he hired Maryann Davis; a college graduate of technology and gaming. She took college classes in high school to avoid going to college and saving herself some money. Maryann stays at the hotel at the other end of Domino City since this was only temporary. She's only going to be working in Domino City, Japan until Seto Kaiba comes back. How will these young ones react to seeing each other? Working together in the same office? Let's find out; shall we?

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Kathryn Wettekin and Raelynn Bronson are new to Domino City. They recently moved there together because Raelynn met someone who lives in Domino City on Meet Me; a dating app. Kathryn, being her best friend wouldn't let her go into a new place without her. Raelynn and Kathryn got a nice apartment in the rural area of Domino City, which is something they were used to. Nothing too fancy, nothing to rugged. Eventually, Kathryn does meet someone but does she deserve a city boy? Read along and find out what these crazy girls get into!

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The Ask or Dare Adventures continue! All of your favorite characters are still here and ready for more, along with some new faces! From returning favorites such as SpongeBob, Loud House, Glitter Force, Billy & Mandy, El Chavo, Haruhi Suzumiya & Tropical Rouge Precure, and new faces such as HeartCatch Precure, Akame Ga Kill, RWBY, Wild Thornberrys, Doug, The Fairly OddParents, Winx Club & Totally Spies! Season 4 (Part 2): June 11, 2021 - September 27, 2021 Season 5: October 1, 2021 - August 8, 2022 Season 6: August 2022 - 2023

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Screw you, Wattpad, this book DOES belong in the humor category. // All of these quotes are (regrettably) 100% true... // Sorry for the unreadable cover - Wattpad Covers FAILED ME. // This is the third book in the series, but don't feel obligated to read the first two by any means (although they're pretty hilarious if I do say so myself). // The fourth book is now up! // I also have a "Weird Things I Heard in Life" series if you wanna check that out! // *THERE WILL PROBABLY BE CUSSING IN THIS BOOK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED* // [#65 in Humor as of 2/8/18]