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Life for 17 year old Melanie Davis was everything but easy. Her parents died in a fatal car accident forcing her to move in with her Aunt Dianne who is a stripper living the fast life. Which means she's hardly ever home, she could care less about Melanie all she's worried about is making money and getting her daily high. Since her parents died and her aunt is in her own little world, Melanie has grown to take care of herself. She has her own job and everything she owns she paid for. She doesn't need anything from anybody. But she does need love right? Thats why she's dating her abusive boyfriend Raheem Washington. Raheem is 21 years old and a drug lord. Not only does he sell drugs he uses them too, maybe thats why every other day he lashes out at Melanie causing brusies to appear all over her body. But yet Melanie stays with him, she feels as though he loves her and only hits her because he cares for her. But what happens when the new kid Tyrone comes into play? He's feeling Melanie..ALOT. He wants to love and take care of her like a REAL man should. Question is will she let him? Will she finally leave Raheem and his abusive ways and get with Tyrone? Or will Raheem stand in the way of all that? Well come read and find out in Melanie's Abusive Love Story.

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When strangers from completely different backgrounds get married... -- Shifting as the cool breeze toyed with my senses, I sighed at my husband standing so far away, leaning against the yacht's railing and drowning out the world behind him. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to introduce me as his wife and have to deal with social disapproval. In the world of upper-class snobs and elites, I was a complete outsider...an unwanted addition. I had no place among the rich, no way to make many accept my crass and clumsy ways. My husband hated me, and his family was all ready to make him move on to a lady who would match his standard. I simply was an ignored wife, a wounded reject and a lonely fool. -- Sweet and friendly Maya could never repay the favours bestowed upon her by the great ladyship of Naveria 'Madam Geena'. That 70-year-old woman had not only treated her like a daughter, given her shelter and a well-paying job when she first arrived at Hill City to earn for her family but was also her wisest mentor. However, with favours comes expectations, and Maya just couldn't say no when Madam Geena asked her to marry her spoiled grandson 'Demir', tame his rakish ways, and adopt the ways of the rich. It was a heartbreaking offer. Demir wasn't known for dealing with people below his class, but Maya really didn't have a choice. Madam Geena meant the world to her. Thus, after getting married to a rich spoiled-brat, feeling her heart melt with fondness and watching as he completely ignored her existence and humiliated her ways, Maya was soon to realize that despite belonging to different worlds and having their own reasons for choosing to get married, both she and her husband were hurting in their own ways. Their worlds might have been completely different, but they both were equally miserable, lonely and broken. (Featured on Wattpad Chicklit's Reading List)

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Selin Sever is a very talentful and dedicated young ballet dancer who is back to Istanbul for a special presentation. Demi̇r Erendi̇l is a 30 years old traumatologist at the Istanbul General Hospital, the biggest hospital in Istanbul. Based on their friendship circles they would never meet, but life has its own way of bringing people together. The night Selin will perform at Süreyya Operası is the same night as Demir's birthday. It would be a normal night for him, but his best friend Vedat decides he needs a break and takes him to dinner at a restaurant next to the opera. And this is the moment when Selin and Demir's ways clash. Literally. A drunk driver crosses the sign and hits Selin when she's leaving the limo to go to her presentation. The big noise catches Demir's attention and the screams put him on alert. He is the only doctor at the place, he is the only person who could save Selin's life. But in the end, Selin would be the one who would save Demir.

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Ademir has a little sister 1 of his besfriends fall in love with her Go read my other book (i have to choose) Go check out there videos trust me it will make you're day 100 times more better

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Morgan dejó la copa sobre la barra y dio un paso hacia ella. - No le quieres. Emily abrió la boca con incredulidad. - ¡Claro que le quiero! Morgan hizo un gesto silencioso de admisión. - No le amas. Sus ojos profundos y la seguridad en su voz comenzaban a ponerla más nerviosa de lo que habría admitido nunca. Dio un paso atrás incapaz de soportar su cercanía. "No soy dueña de los personajes de mentes criminales, solo los utilizo por pura diversión"

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ravens my fav... can ya tell?

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What if your first ever date would be the world most wanted criminal? Read and find out what happen next 👇 ....................................................... "Barbara, you are sexy, exciting,crazy and beautiful. You literally make me go mad." V whispered as he raced the bike to the highest speed. "Now hug me!" He didn't have to tell me twice. I immediately wrapped my hand around his toned abs and inhaled his addictive scent. "Did you find my guns inside my pockets?" Huh??? "Now be a good girl and shoot everyone!!!"💥 ........................................ 💎A story follows a brave and mysterious thief on the run, whose encounter with an ordinary bank receptionist sets off a chain of adrenaline events💎 Daily updates. Short story ................................................................................. based on "bang bang" movie action ,comedy , romance a teahyung ff all right reserved.

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Percy and the others have defeated gaia just like in Blood of Olympus but Leo does not go to Calypso directly. This story connects with the inheritance cycle storyline!!! Best combination ever!!!! This is my first fanfic so give some feedback pls and btw, most characters belong to christopher paolini and rick riordan. I have created some too and those belong to me. Those who want one book purely abt percy jackson and all, read my other book.

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karakter arayan bakabilir. Burada çocuk karakterde önerilecektir.

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can and sanem after breaking up in the episode 39 and i will complete it by my dramatic ideas can they be together again?

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Mainly one shots because I could never find the one I wanted and then I decided to write my own. Some will include Omega. And I apologize if I don't update a lot. I do NOT own any of the Bad Batch characters or any of the Clone Wars characters. They all belong to Dave Filfoni (i may have spelt his name incorrectly.)

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Hauna is the tomboy beau of Port Bethlam. Her favorite things are playing ball with the kids and going fishing with her dad and catching nothing but trash. A mysterious courier comes to the steps of Haunas home to give her a letter that will change her life forever. What will Hauna do with the information in the letter? #myfatherisapirate #myfamilyisindanger #doeshelikemetoo

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Kai, nya, jay, come, zane, and Lloyd are all talking and having fun until Kai slips something up from his and Nya's past. What happens when the truth is revealed? SORRY IF THIS IS TRASH-