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There are two types of boyfriends you don't want to mess with; the Kang Taehyun type, and the Choi Beomgyu type. Featuring an outsider's list on The Five Rules to a Peaceful College Life.

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[COMPLETED] 'I can't figure out how she's so dominant over me, yet a complete mess under my control' - Ethan Brown. ยฉ sugarfairy1976 Best rankings! #1 Irresistible #1 Bestboyfriend #1 idontknow #1 mood #2 marriageproposal #3 wow #5 cutemoments #5 adrenaline #5 madison #7 womanizer #7 cuteboys {Currently Unedited}

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Keith is hurt on a mission and only pidge knows. The team expect him to be on the top of the game and he struggles to make it up to their expectations. then a mission goes wrong and the Voltron paladins are captured by an enemy tribe who know the Keith is hurt. they use this to get information. information from him and from the other paladins. but now their back on the ship, with complicated feelings and a week of Lance and Keith restricted to the same couch. what could go wrong, or more, what could go right? Klance Shatt

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Nathan Edwards a cute sweet innocent lovable boy. His parents loves him but he has no friends and has three bullies who force him leaving school. Felix Wilson is a hot handsome guy. who has name and fame but no love in his life. Has three best friends and cares about nothing else. what happens when the hot guy meets the cute boy? ------- #14 homosexual #461 boyxboy #76 bisexual #31 acceptance #956 highschool #943 friendship #113 bxblove #69 hotguy #804 bxb #345 football #96 cuteboy

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The title says it all!! Cute, happy, romantic, and amazing Imagines/one-shots of the one and only Jaden Jdub Walton ๐Ÿคโšพ Started: 8/8/2022 Ended: 31/10/2022

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I don't write smut or angst only fluff I also don't write ships Book start 10-16-22 Book end ?(?)-?(?)-?? I only update on Sundays

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Liyue, a world-famous company for android models, releases the latest model: Geo Series. Childe can't help himself after a bad breakup and buys the Morax Version 3. Customizable with additional personality traits...he shuffles them without really thinking and forgets all about his purchase until a huge package comes in the mail.

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What will happened if you and your crush will live under the same roof for the entire A.Y.? This is a BL story this is just my real imagination about living with my crush so lets explore on how wild is my imagination.

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This story is about you (y/n) and one of the brothers (i'm not telling witch one ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜—)

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"If you are my girlfriend in that videogame, then why not you be my real girlfriend?"

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Collection of KDrama Lines/Qoutes Inclusion: โ€ข Screenshots โ€ข OST w/ video clips (multimedia)

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In this story mattia has some plans for kairi and kairi doesn't know because mattia has a crush on for a very long time now and kairi doesn't know but some situations will happen in this story.. ๐Ÿฅบ

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This is a story where Percy and Nico get inked for each other----my first one! Hope u enjoy reading it!! Vote and comment to help me improve! NOW COMPLETED!

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Hey, I'm Bailey Johnson. Last year I started writing in this notebook, where I basically just wrote how I was feeling about things. So as you can guess I wrote a lot of my secrets in that notebook. One of my brothers best friends, Carter Daniels stole it from me during one of our classes and is black mailing me into doing things for him. He started making me do dares that caused a lot of humiliation on my end. The only thing that gets me through Carter's schemes are my two best friends, Emma and Natalie. Well them and my brothers group of friends who keep my mind off of it. But of course Carter uses the group to his advantage. Join me on my journey of Carter Daniels stealing my notebook, in the story 'The Bad Boy STOLE My Notebook.'