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You are at the height of your career then he came in to your life. All is new to you yet you are so sure of your decision, that is choosing him over anything else .... over your career. But was it right at all? Was it worth everything that you have given up for him? You chose to love him... but did he loved back?

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Metaphors, poems and my thoughts, sometimes random :)

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kim sunoo had a crush on lee heeseung for a long time. it can be said that the young man is everyone's ideal man. smart handsome and above all rich. but that's not why kim sunoo liked the man. he saw her how to help the young beggars. because they only have one way, he always waits for her at the park. it's really perfect. sunoo has only one problem. it is very rude to him. and it hates noisy people. how else could he give the letter that he wanted to deliver for a long time

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It's simply meeee :P

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How can stupid thoughts be so innocent?

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When the heart starts to beat fast.

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about vamps!

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Ang kwentong ito ay tungkul sa babae na nag kagusto sa isang matalino pogi at ubod ng yaman na lalaki. Pero saksakan namn ng sungit. Sa hindi inaasahan na aksidente ay magkakasama sila. Paano kaya niya papakisamahan ang mayabang na lalaki na gustong gusto niya

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A tensura fanfic! "Warning!! cringry 4th grade grammar" "Contains Mature Content Such As "Blood,Gore,Cursing,Killing,Psychopathic Behavior" Story: Veldanava is a god who created the world tensura but he notice a light blue dragon that has a spiritual core of a "True Dragon" like him.. also this past, millions of years ago, The 3 other True Dragons still weren't born, so it's quite unusual for him cause he have never created a true dragon.. Soon after they fight and The other dragon Won?.. It was quite a shock for Veldanava but to his surprise the dragon was friendly after them having a fight.. when they sort things out and after a few thousands years of them spending along, The Light Blue True Dragon Told Veldanava that he wanted to get imprison, Veldanava warned him but he didn't care, Veldanava didn't doubt cause The Dragon Himself Can Fight one on one with the Creator so Velda accepted.. When he was sealed Veldanava felt a bit lonely that he has someone truly amazing to talk to but now currently gone. The dragon also told him that to not tell anyone about him, but Veldanava was Stubborn So he plan telling on who was worth for telling.. Veldanava Misses Him Cause He Sees Him As His "Brother"..

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It all started with four kids who were chosen. An amazing journey awaits them, but they don't know anything about it for something happened in their past that made them lose all their memories. Their memories were replaced with memories of them living a normal life. But in reality, their lives are far from normal, for they are destined for something more... They all keep having vivid dreams of a wizarding school called Hogwarts. And every time they wake up from these dreams, they have this weird feeling that their dreams weren't exactly dreams at all...But they have no idea that they weren't wrong at all, until one day...

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Hello I love Legends Of Zelda and ship Link and Zelda together. I am writing a book because there isnt many of them. This book is in first person view from links perspective

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For centuries the wielders of the Triforce have been trapped in a seemingly endless battle between good and evil. It's simple: the Hero and the Princess destroy the King of Darkness, restoring peace to the land. But what happens when they don't want that destiny? After tragedy strikes, Princess Zelda finds herself living in Gerudo Town, where Link and Ganondorf befriend her. Everything seems to be going well; there's even a possible romance between Link and Zelda. However, their happiness doesn't last long. With tensions rising with the Kingdom of Hyrule, it's only a matter of time before they face an all-out war. In the chaos, the last thing Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf want to deal with is the Triforce, but fate has other plans. Cover: @hey_itsshae

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Follow Link and Zelda's struggle to unlock her powers and help her father look after the kingdom of Hyrule. But what will happen when they are alone? Link and Zelda will have a rocky start but eventually, Zelda warms up to him and they journey through Hyrule together. They will face creatures such as Dodongos. It will include much loved characters from Twilight Princess and Ocarina Of Time and maybe a few others. This is the ultimate adventure packed with fighting, love, friendship and of course mind boggling plot twists. I also need your help with suggestions from other Zelda games and I will somehow make it into this fanfic even though it is based in Breath of the Wild. (I do not own The Legend of Zelda, it belongs to Nintendo. All fan art/ pics are not mine unless I have said otherwise) I do not own the Legend of Zelda game series or characters. I'd also like to give credit to the YouTube channel, NintendoBlackCrisis for all the awesome Zelda theories he makes that I take inspiration from. YASSS! I JUST GOT #1 ZELINK! thanks guys for your support, even if my ranking goes down!

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Then a 36-year-old Ilocos Norte's Congressman Ferdinand Marcos, who had already earned a reputation as an ambitious and media-savvy politician met the 23-year-old Imelda Romualdez, she was dubbed as the 'Rose of Tacloban' because of her natural beauty and golden voice. Imelda promised to herself that she would never trust in love again because of her past experience, but one day, she realizes, she's falling for the cutie and brainy congressman of the North. But Ninoy, her ex-lover and Ferdinand's bestfriend comes back again. A Friendly reminder: Do not romanticize Love Triangle! PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! -rayeguner