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a divorced single mother Sivaangi meets Ashwin, after 10 years. he seeps into her new life like oil in an ocean, but the problem is, she's already stained.

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Ever thought believing in something strongly will eventually make your dreams come true? Follow this beautiful journey of Ashwin & Reena to find it out 💫

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Let's see what happens when a famous actor falls in love with the waitress of a restaurant he frequently visits.

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She is in love. She is proud of her love. She doesn't expect it to be returned. She will always love. Will he ever know ? DISCLAIMER : A fictional character inspired by real life people. This story is completely imaginary.

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Imagine Ashwin and Sivaangi in an alternate universe that changes in each chapter.

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An Ashaangi ff~

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Collection of short stories on 'Kulu Kulu' couple Ashwin and Sivaangi. May or may not bear resemblance to real life, but intended to be purely fictional.

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One shots on Ashaangi.

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in which he makes blueberry pie and she becomes the apple of his eye - ashaangi ff - fictional ▼・・▼ some of the story is in tanglish! #69 in crush #9 in sivash

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She said, 🌟where there is love there is life✨ He said, 🌟I am happiest when i'am right next to you✨ "Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get___ Only with what you are expecting to give___ Which is everything '' -katharine Hepburn #1 in crushstories💫(31.07.2021)

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An arranged marriage with a little twist as fate has ridiculous ways to bring two people together. A medical student who's an outcast in her own family. A military officer who's got time for nothing except his job. The last thing they both wanted was marriage yet marriage with benefits was tempting even for them.

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five years later, the second season of CWC 2 meet again for a reunion, but get stuck there because of a murder. what will happen when old feelings and fights resurface after a long time amidst a dead body? DISCLAIMER:- complete work of fiction. not intended to hurt anyone or insinuate anything. a product of my imagination and doesn't depict any real life incidents or events

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Hai dearies ❤ INDHA BOOK IL VARUM PEYAR, REALITY SHOW MATTUME KADAN VAANGA PATTULLADHU... KADHAI MUTRILUM KARPANAIYE✌ KADHAIYAI KADHAIYAGA PADIKAVUM😍 This isn't personating any real life incidents by any means.. So don't compare the book with reality and get any wrong hopes🙏 THIS IS PURELY FICTIONAL 🙂 SPREAD LOVE AND PEACE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!! This book is mostly a combo of tamil and English. Tamil kavithaigal credit : google

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Hii this is Riya... Again with something new and short... A short story... Lets witness the journey of DIAASH And AADHYA ❤️🪄... The chemistry between a students guidance counsellor and a biology professor... Magic and magic only 🪄✨❤️

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Some random Ashaangi OS 💜