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Beka is a normal girl who works at Girl Scout Camp. What happens when Academy members start working there too?

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This is a fanfiction about Sang and her academy boys with an alternative beginning that drives the rest of the story. ***This is purely a FAN FICTION!! All the rights belong to C.L. Stone.***

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Fanfiction of C. L. Stone's Academy series. Sang is taught a little sexual education, and then decides to be feisty. A lot of hormones. And then some Twister times.

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A young woman (Sang) struggles to maintain a life of anonymity while retaining a quasi-popular persona. Where better to hide than in plain sight, after all. A team of Academy boys enter the scene at Sang's school and struggle to complete their assignment. Help comes from someone they least expect. The Academy and GB characters are not my own. This is a work of fanfiction, and as such this author receives no monetary or other gain.

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Now that North Taylor is eighteen and in a stable environment with the Blackbourne team, he decides it's time to go back overseas and to find the one person he wanted to save the most when he was just a little boy. Sang Sorenson. **Characters are based from the C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird series and are not mine. This is fan fiction. This story is for entertainment purposes only and will not be sold in any way.**

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The world changes on a daily basis, only small unnoticeable changes though, the things no one cares about. So, what happens when a big change occurs? One that people cannot control, well that's an easy explanation. Chaos. Chaos reigns in the world as the dead decide to come back and say hello. So, what will they do? Steal a plane? Crash a car? Look fantastic whilst stabbing an undead? Absolutely but surprisingly it also brings love. Something that was never wanted.

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This is a completed fanfiction about Sang and her boys from C.L Stone's The Academy. ***This is purely a FAN-FICTION! I do not own the characters!***

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Fanfiction of C.L.Stone's Academy series. Re-imagines Academy world with vampires and vampire hunters. Violence. Romance. Suspense. Oh my! Sang Sorenson thought she was a freak, not knowing that there were more of her kind out there. Then she meets the hunters from the Academy, and life as she knows it will never be the same. She learns friendship, love, and the savory sweet taste of blood. The hunters become the hunted, and Sang finds herself the obsession of an evil vampire who wants to claim her as his. Beware, there is a happy ending, but villains can have happy endings too. Got up to #25 in Vampire, #140 in Fanfiction, and #163 in Teen Fiction! WOO! Thanks, guys! :)

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Sang finds out she's pregnant after a check up with Dr. Roberts. When she goes to share the news with the guys she overhears a conversation that makes her run back to Phil. With his aid she moves to Texas where she starts a new chapter in her life. *This isn't your typical rh14 for The Academy fan fiction All rights belong to Cl Stone. I do not own any of the characters in this except the OCs and the plot line.

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Fanfiction of CLStone's Academy series. Sang attends one of Victor's parents' fancy galas. Things don't go to well with that crowd, so they head over to a club where the others are working. Sang decides to mess with the boys and their...er...desires. She channels her inner vixen, and the boys have to deal with her as a tease. Working her way through the eager guys, she finds herself caught up in the job. Can she take down the bad guys and prove she belongs with the Academy boys for good? **This is a MATURE PG-13 that may change to Restricted later on. GOT UP TO #268 in Fanfiction!

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*This is a fan fiction based off of C. L. Stone's Ghost Bird series. Sang Sorenson is a very perceptive girl, shy and quiet with many hidden abilities and a huge heart. Watch how this little girl walks her own pat in life changing the life of everyone she meets, even if only for a moment.

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Clara is heartbroken when she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, and on a stormy night, she goes up to the rooftop to try to take control of her raging emotions. A lightning strike hits the top of the building, surging through her cell phone to reach her heart. She wakes up in another time, and at first thinks this is a dream, or she was kidnapped and dropped off...in Amish country? At first she plays along, in either case, the distraction makes her broken heart easier to handle. But as time goes on, she realizes she really is back in time. Clark is a handsome farm owner who takes her in, and she learns to love this new life, through all the problems. Is this where she will be forever? ~* The May You Never Series *~ May Time Never Take You May Shadows Never Catch You May Lightning Never Strike You May Danger Never Touch You May Love Never Break You

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This is a fanfiction of C.L. Stone's Academy series. It's a reverse harem romance featuring naive and abused Sang Sorenson in the center of nine (bow chicka wow wow) attractive guys. This story imagines her prom, and a LOT of drama to go along with it.

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Sang Sorenson is a girl going through heartbreak. Everything was going perfectly, but the moment she let her guard down, that was the moment she remembered; every rose came with its thorns. One night is all it took for her world to come crashing down again. She is determined to join the Academy after what happened three months ago. And so she embarks on her first mission, assisting the Blackbourne Team in the Ashley Waters High School, all the while healing herself again. © This is an Academy Ghost Bird Fan Fiction. Many of the characters in the story belong to C. L. Stone with some of my own original additions. The plot is my own creation. ••••• PS. Read at your own peril as this story is unfinished and is currently being rewritten by the author with quite a bit of alteration.

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A FANFICTION OF CL STONE'S ACADEMY SERIES. Sang Sorenson was crazy. After all it was crazy to claim to see people who weren't there, to see places that couldn't be, events long past and forgotten. Hidden away from the world by a family that hates her, her one comfort was someone no one else could see, the boy with the crystal eyes. Then they took him away. When her parents move to a new town, Sang discovers a group of boys, a family, living down the street. Boys who have secrets. And one of them has crystal eyes. Cover by @Leanneps3