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❝No one told her that she was the type of beautiful, that changed the w o r l d.❞ From number one, to nothing. #freeyourbody

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❝All you have to do is master a few steps," he whispered into my ear airily, "But it's a lot harder then you think.❞ Some people just aren't born with the ability to flirt. And by some people, I mean me. #358 in H | 10/2/16 #197 in H | 10/4/16 © 2015 citywalkers thanks to all my supporters <3 this story was made in the ice age, so if you don't like cliche's and cringe worthy romance, please, move right along.

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there's an invisible voice that is talkin' to me, and it's always tellin' me to kill i got a problem with separating what my head is creating from things that are real Natasha Romanoff x OC. Word Count ≈ 83510 Longer synopsis inside. Avengers Assemble ✔ Captain America: the Winter Soldier ✔ Avengers: Age of Ultron ✔ Captain America: Civil War ✔ Avengers: Infinity War ✔ Avengers: Endgame ✔

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Sapnap and Dream has been suspicious of how George, Quackity and Karl comes home with so much money. When they ask them they just avoid the questions or asks if they want some. They soon find out the truth. They are all roomates in this AU. This takes place in Florida Achievements: #1 GNF (10/15/21) #47 Karl #23 GNF #60 Quackity #707 Sapnap #217 DNF #32 Stripper #608 Dream #181 DreamSMP #742 GeorgeNotFound #112 Omegaverse #1 Sapwasfound (10/10/21) #310 Karlnapity #2 NiniDontForgetIt #2 Dreamity #1 Karldream (10/10/21) #2 Karlnapitywasfound #2 Karlpity #1 Karlwasfound (10/10/21) #1 Quackitywasfound (10/10/21) #1 Sappity (10/10/21)

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*. ⁺ . ✦ | 𝑳𝑰𝑬 𝑻𝑶 𝑴𝑬 [ 𝒑𝒆𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒆𝒓 ] ⋆˚ ✩ ࿐ཻ ❝ if i ask you if you love me, i'd hope you'd lie to me ❞ ❨ peter parker x reader ❩ ❨ © meg - webslinging 2018 ❩

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Walking through a countryside field on a cold and snowy day, you suddenly trip and knock yourself out. But a young man comes and helps you. A certain web-slinging actor Tom Holland. Could this be the start of a Snowy Romance?

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ELEANOR RIGBY. ❝Wiping the dirt from his hands, as he walks from the grave. No one was saved.❞ -Eleanor Rigby; The Beatles MCU WANDA MAXIMOFF X FEM!OC (BOOK 2) INFINITY WAR-ENDGAME.

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{Set in Infinity War and Endgame} Thanos is on his way and there's not much that can stop him. Will The Avengers survive this or will this mark the end for them? [𝘉𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘚𝘪𝘹] 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐄𝐃

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✨When her eyes met his, she realized he was no longer just her world, he was her entire universe✨ A story of two lovers brought together when the world decided to fall apart 5/6/19- 1 in #rdj 9/7/19- 1 in #civilwar 4//4/20- 1 in #endgame 5/4/20- 1 in #marvel Completed - occasionally under editing

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Nineteen-year-old Jessica Lopez and twenty-two-year-old Spanish teammate Ona Batlle are rivals. Jessica plays her football for Manchester City while Ona plays her football for rivals Manchester United. This season is the most competitive yet, with four derby's being played throughout the season in the league, FA cup and Conti Cup, there can only be one winner. Jessica and Ona will be out there to win for their teams, for their side of Manchester. Blue or red? Chose wisely as there will only be one winner. During this season Ona battles with feelings that she has for her 'rival'. Will Ona and Jessica manage a relationship through this competitive season? Will their friendship survive? I don't know, but i do know one thing, their bond will be put to the test, more than once. Will they make it? Read to find out..

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Where have you been?

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Jessica has finally learnt to control her powers. She is fully committed in her relationship with a certain superhero and her duties as an Avenger. But everything will fall out of balance when Thanos begins his quest to get all the Infinity Stones. Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

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BOOK 1: One Dance BOOK 2: One Dance: Invincible BOOK 3: One Dance: Illusions "Y/n, you know we can't," he said, his eyes finally meeting yours. "I don't care what he says. One dance, Peter. That's all I want. Please," you begged. He looked away, then back at you. "One dance?" "One dance." He hesitated. "Okay."

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A Scot, a New Yorker and a Brit walk into a bar.