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When a lawyer meets a serial killer, what do you think will happen? Conservative Y/n dashes into the careless Min Yoongi, and spends several days with him in a cave. She finds a secret hidden in this mysterious murderer, and it needs to be proved to everyone. But, will this be successful? -------------------------- A Min Yoongi x Reader Fanfiction. Plagiarism will not be forgiven. ©CloudyAce17 Highest Rankings: [#1 in Myg: 05-05-2018] [#959 in Fanfiction: 06-07-2018] Prizes: [3rd in Spring Bts Awards]

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"I've never seen two people were perfect for each other." In which Hakeem Lyon is in love with his bestfriend Jazlyn Keating. What could possibly go wrong? Book 1 Hakeem Lyon x oc Empire season 1-3

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The Grants are back and they are in for more growing pains.

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Grace always knew that she was special. She was under the anointing and from the tender age of five, she has been ministering to those lost in the world of sin. Her faith has been low for the past year but she has been given one more assignment. Will she be able to conquer her loop past her own battles and save the soul of the man God has chosen for his own works? This is the story of Grace and Isaiah.

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Ella Taylor was a ordinary girl. She lost her mother at a young age and was never told what happened. Moving to Belgrave university was something she was looking forward to for a long time because it meant a fresh start for her. But nothing is as it seems at this university. Read through as Ella reveals' secrets, lies and mystery that will change her life for good as a werewolf called Jack Morton.

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Meet Terra, Aqua, Ignis, and Aer, quadruplets who hold the fate of the world in their hands. Each sibling can control and bend one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, and some other sub-elements. The quadruplets have always been different, each of them as strong-willed as the elements they can control. The quads are thrown into an impossible mission, a quest to defeat the four kings of Statera who represent the four Titans: Hunger, Greed, Fear, and Death. Along the way, they face obstacles which will challenge them individually and as a team. They learn that in order to defeat the kings they must search for a set of four keys which will unlock the ultimate weapon: The Elemental mirror. But this task may not be as straightforward as it seems.

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Kinda Obvious.

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Just Some Quirk Ideas I Had :)

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BNHA Oc's, But For RP :)

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Life is cruel to Charlotte and Jaden who are torn apart. X's and O's are just not meant to be together. Can they change the generations view amongst all else going on? My version of Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses.

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My life from 2006 till now sad very sad..... this is my story ......

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A taste of life from my point of view.

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Brooke keeps a secret away from Kyle aka one of her best friends/brother , will they fight until she tells Kyle the secret . What's the big secret ?