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This is a book on what Cerebral Palsy is and what's it's like to have

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Karl has Tourette syndrome and autism. Clay has family issues. And a rare condition called Cerebral palsy Clay sees someone getting bullied and helps the poor guy. And they introduced themselves and apparently he has Tourette syndrome. -- I do not have Tourette syndrome! This is for awareness! But I do have Cerebral palsy! TW'S: - parent fighting - Tourette syndrome/tics - bullying - felling trapped - nightmares - truma - strong language - Abuse - death

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Henry Cavill known for playing the famous role as Geralt of Rivera in the Witcher, one sunday he meets a young woman in the park who he instantly falls in love with. What will happen between them?

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Hi everybody I'm little Aby! This is my story of how I became Aby Marie Jonas, the daughter of Nicholas Jerry Jonas!

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Everyone is different right?.. I'm pretty different.. But at the end of the day this is my life.. This is a true story.. Welcome to my life.. Cover made by @Winkyxx

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A musical full of magic and adventure. Nirvana, a seventeen year old girl, meets a boy named Phenix who has cerebral palsy. After an unsuccessful first meeting she later goes back to apologize. However she's in for a magical surprize.

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training with a disability is impossible. or is it?

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When Cody's dad returns from the mainland with a young girl, the bots and Cody find out that she is his sister, nobody knew that Cody had another sister Chief's wife didn't want him to find out so shortly after Emily was born they found out that she had disabilities, so Emily's mother decided to give her to a mainland facility that could take better care of her, that was eight years ago but now Chief makes a trip to the mainland to go and visit his daughter. This is set shortly after season 4 ends.

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|| 2021 WATTYS SHORTLIST ||Elliot Mitchell is stuck on autopilot--until she meets Ben Harrison, who begins to bring her back to life. Elliot is counting down the days until she can leave the town that narrates her past. After tragically losing her mom, she is now dealing with an absent father, never-ending nightmares, and friends that she no longer relates to. Never mind that she used to be a track prodigy. One more semester and she's gone. But Elliot was counting on meeting Ben Harrison. Ben is different--his cerebral palsy is just the tip of the iceberg. When Ben joins the track team and they are assigned to work together on a project, emotions start to stir, and Elliot must either face her past or lose the closest connection to someone she has ever felt. Tags: romance, new adult, college, loss, love story

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Lucy is a 6 year old who has Cerebral Palsy. She is waiting for someone to adopt her. What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral Palsy or CP for short is a general term for a group of permanent, non-progressive movement disorders that cause physical disability. What will happen when One Direction adopt Lucy?

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What happens when Clint finds a homeless boy, crippled by birth defects, on the side of the road? /abandoned work/

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Brothers Avi Kaplan and Kevin Kaplan know the hardships of growing up without a family. Kevin himself was adopted into the Kaplan family at a young age. When hey learn about the end of the line for those less fortunate, what could they do. Could they take them all in? Would they be enough? Could they ever be a family?

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Sisters torn apart by the fragility of the heart, how can love possibly hurt so much? Hana Junaid decided two years ago, distance would make her younger sister Hanaan more independent but Hanaan's love and yearning for Hana during this time has drowned not just herself but also Hana in a series of Instagram messages with a boy who listens and converses with her so well. What shows on the screen is not what's behind it and the chaos that follows with photoshopped pictures tests Hana's patience and endurance. Added to the mess is the dynamic Nashwa, fighting her own love battles. Hanaan's cerebral palsy, rendering her coordination haphazard. Young boys daring to be more than themselves in big lawyer conspiracies. Hearts shall certainly flutter wild. So when the strings of the heart are tangled with so much sophistication, Hana's integrity hangs on a hook and Hanaan is deep in a coma after her online friend turns to a vile foe, will love survive or will fragile compassionate hearts be shattered furthermore? They say the sensitive do not make it far in this cruel cruel world. This is a story that aims to change precisely that. #LoveYourself #FeelThePain A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ⭐ Cover by @Warrior_Queen3296

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"Hi, im Mikey Way, and this is my brother, Gerard. Gerard has cerebral palsy, which means his brain functions a little different to everyone elses." Who i was speaking to isn't important right now, you'll find out later on, but my brother has cerebral palsy, and im basically a full time carer for him. Hes 24 years old, and im only 22, but i love him alot, and sure, he dribbles and pisses all over the place, but he can't help it. ⚠️ contains slurs

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Maya Williams is 14 years old. She hasn't had the easiest life growing up. She's been a foster kid and has a disability. Maya has cerebral palsy. She's in a wheelchair and can't use her arms and hands very well. She also has ADD(attention deficit disorder) and some learning disabilities. And she also has a weak immune system and gets sick often. She has been abandoned all her life. Her parents gave her up after her diagnosis and she continues to be passed around different foster homes because it took a lot to care for her. Everything changes when the Cullens decide to foster her. Face claim for Maya: Izabela Vidovic (This takes place after Breaking Dawn in September. The Cullens are still living in Forks. Also, I promise this is the last time I'll republish this book. And yes, I did change her name again. I promise this is the last time I change her name.)