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Bella was seven when she was exploring the woods near her grandmother's cottage, she saved a wolf cub from drowning and they became friends she would visit him everyday in the same place they met. Until one day she didn't come but the wolf cub still waited everyday awaiting her return... Bella is eighteen now and has moved in with her grandmother after her parents' tragic death. She has forgotten about her old friend but he hasn't forgotten her and one day they meet again... _________________________________________ Written age: 13, 2017 Finished age: 14, 2018 Cover by: CdogStories13 (Me) [WARNING: Contains cursing/mature language] Sorry...not sorry.

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Grayson Hale is trapped in the snickets of his catastrophic past, lost in it. He doesn't know who he is anymore. Keira Blue is an anti-social freak who is friends with the most popular girl in school; Harley Ratchets also known as the gossip girl, she created a rumour that would shape Grayson and Keira's bond. Keira soon becomes determined to save Grayson from his past, to find him again. Though he doesn't make it easy... ____________________________ ⚠WARNING⚠ This book will most likely frustrate you to the extreme. (Due to Grayson's dwelling of the past) _________________________________________ Written age: 14, 2018 Finished age: Cover by: CdogStories13 (Me) #WEEKLY UPDATES!!!# [Started October 3rd, 2018]

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I always knew I'd be sent to work for the vampires. I just never thought it would be for a Pureblood, much less the Pureblood prince. Now I have to be more than just a slave. I have to be a Pet for a Pureblood Vampire. Sky Anderson had always known she'd be sent to work for the vampires or werewolves. At the age of 17, everyone does. Sky just turned 17. She's being taken to become not only a slave for the Pureblood, but a Pet for the Pureblood prince. Will she be able to handle this prince? Or will she end up like his past Pets. Dead. Cover by: @CdogStories13

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These are extremely scary stories (my opinion cx). I suggest you read these at night for more of a scare!! >:) Theres villains, murders, mysteries, stalkers, and many, many, MANY more! I would love for you to give me Likes, Comments, Follows, and Share my stories! Copyright © 2015

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" What the hell dude. Why do you have a tampon shoved up your fricking nose. Are you mental or something . That was my last one now what am I going to use for the rest of the day , " I said between tears of laughter . He looked so stupid. He had my tampon in his nose . Oh god. I grabbed my bag , took out my phone and took a picture before he even realized . Oh gosh this was too funny. Perrie and Nathan have never really gotten on! In fact the only reason they knew each other was because of Perrie's twin brother. Nathan is of course your average player and Perrie finds him and his games revolting! But when a whole load of shit uncovers and you realise you're not in an average 17 almost 18 year old shoes anymore will the two finally come together as one ? ( Not as cliche as it sounds PROMISE )

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You live in California, LA to be exact. Your a youtuber with 500,000 subs. You love doing comedy, vlogs, and gaming. One day your invited to go to The Smoffice for a collab with the Smosh Squad. You've been a fan of Smosh for years. And you've always had a crush for one Squad member, Shayne Topp, and you will actually get to meet him.

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oneshots of georgebur! Just a few cute oneshots! Hope you all enjoy! Please ignore spelling mistakes, im writing this all on a phone rn so its a bit hard :) Any feedback would be great! I like reading comments :]

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when (y/n) a 13 year old girl,runs away from her home environment she finds herself running headfirst into more than she bargained for………who will save her from this never ending nightmare? will she ever get the home she deserves? will she be able to runaway from her fears?

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In the RATSID time ship, the Physician is paranoid. She feels strange, like something bad is going to happen. I already wonder where this is going. When she and her fam receive a distress call they arrive on a bleak planet where some of the Physician's greatest foes are waiting for the famous famalam to show up. Once the Physician gets up to her usual antics and telling off a couple of human scums, they learn of the GREATEST threat in the universe yet! Will the Physician be able to save the day from noting more than a tooth monster and a Female Alked, the evil Amster and the dreaded Bercycmen, and above all the brains behind this whole scheme? No one will be disappointed... Based on the stupidity of the disgraceful yet fan-pleasing era of the incompetent Physician Who franchise. A CaptainThunderWho Century 22 Production.

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