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You've had a crush since first year. He's had a crush since first year. But you both act like you hate each other. Let's see how long that lasts. WILL CONTAIN SOME SMUT. #1 rated under luciusmalfoy

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Short stories with ur favorite fire boy! Will include- -Smut -trigger warnings -angest (maybe) -fluff (maybe) U've been warned~~~hehe <3 8=======D <-----Penis

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y/n was just about to start her first day at her dream job however the universe seems to have other plans as a car hits her on her way sending her straight to hell, and into the sights of a very unexpected devil.

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You and Kazuha are classmates in high school, but he doesn't know that you're absolutely in love with him... however, something that you always wished for happens. β€’ Marked parts with smut β€’ I do not own the characters ⚠️remember to vote if you liked⚠️

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This is a mix of sweet romantics to smut it will say on the chapter so you can just skip it ok. ~ this =in mind Love ya <3

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[Previously removed by Wattpad and is now reposted] A collection of Sarah J Maas one-shot smuts! 18+ as this is heavily sexually explicit.

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smutt‼️ a story of how y/n and rafe went from , enemy's to lovers.

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Imagines for the most finest pretzel

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He's a jackass.

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Dream George and Sapnap meet up. They stay the week at Dream house. Little do they know that Dream becomes a little white blob when he's embarrassed/blushing/ to hard. (He looks like the cover photo) ⚠️cussing⚠️dnf⚠️ There is no smut, I can not write smut, I WILL NOT write smut for as long as I live. Ayo 20k+ reads!?!?!? HOW THE FRICK? THANK YOU SM

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lots and lots and lots of fucking in the booty COMPLETED

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Jungkook's followers dared him to go to the piercing shop to get his nipples pierced. he couldn't help but whine everytime the piercer touched his nipples and it would've been less awkward if the piercer wasn't his ex boyfriend taehyung.

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There is gonna be smut because yes I really don't Write much fluff but there might be some in the

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Supernatural smut oneshots and shit. I write mostly Dean, but I'll write other characters. this is all smut. ALL SMUT.

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Just a bunch of marvel one shots. Smut and Fluff. (Mostly smut.) I will take almost any requests so feel free to leave them. I'll also update on this pretty often cause I have a lot of ideas and don't want to make them into full stories so i'm just going to dump them here. Also, ❀︎=Smut Will include: Bucky Barnes Loki Steve Rogers Wanda Maximoff Natasha Romanoff Tony Stark Peter Parker Pietro Maximoff (I can do others just request them :)) Enjoy α­™π–β€οΈŽ 𝖗𝕖s <3 #1 mcuoneshots #1 marveloneshots #5 jamesbuchananbarnes #3 avengerssmut #2 avengersoneshots #5 steve