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Percy is at his house after leaving Camp Halfblood after the battle of the Layberinth, and has been in a stupor for a while. So, Grover decides to take him out and invite a very special someone to meet them there. This story (begining) is between the last two chapters of The Battle of the Labyrinth and time jumps to when they are older. Also (for the one person who asked) I edited one chapter so it's more clear.

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As requested, I have created a simple oneshot of how Nico tells Percy he loves him. I am sorry if the beginning makes some of you cry. ^^ Oh, and this is based on when they are older, Nico is 20 and Percy is 24

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By the Wattpad user that brought you Percico Half Blood Night Club comes a second chapter to this seemingly ended tale. Though, don't think for a second this is all going to be sunshine and happiness for our beloved characters! This time, however, we won't completely get lost in our favorite pairing Percico, but in Luna and her little gangs lives as well. We are going to uncover secrets, tragedy, funny things, and maybe a little too much of everything to be mixed together within this second story. But don't worry, I think a few people might like what's coming next. Enjoy!

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So, instead of being a b!tch and going back and being like "lol nope! THIS was how it is now!" to the original, I'm doing a reboot of the story making it more than one part. Chapter 1 is rewritten just for the timeline of the new episodes that came out and will fallow what happened from Episode 13 to episode 17 and up. Who knows where I will go with this? ^^ LONG LIVE NAGISA X KARMA! *SPOILER!* There will be more than one pairing in this. ^.^ Keep your eyes open!

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[Lesbian + Polyamory] Sam is a loner with a bad reputation. Quin is a trans girl fighting her anxiety. Dina is a workaholic trying to get by. As their lives become more intertwined, they realize how badly they need each other. {Content Warning: This story contains discussions and depictions of anxiety, gender dysphoria, and transphobia.}

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After her parents' deaths and a nasty break up, Kenna returns to the U. S. to be closer to her family. She takes a job at Eastbrook Academy, a nearby Christian boarding school, despite being both irreligious and a queer trans woman. Her first night there, she meets Callista Mei, the cold and stoic soccer coach who immediately captivates her. The two must navigate a friendship--and the possibility of something more--in an environment where being true to themselves could ruin their lives.

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When the home of your people is in danger, and the ocean entrusts the fate of all into your hands, there are three things that must be done. Find the Trickster God. Return the Heart. And sing like there's no tomorrow! What? It's a musical universe, cut this writer some slack. And as we traverse the known Hawaiian waters with our brave hero, we will find more surprises than the hero might be unprepared for. And to top it all off: ITS A VOLTRON AU! So expect some of your favorite characters and Paladins to be classed in as some very fun characters. *wink* Side note: You ever get these moments when you realize you could do so many ships in one go that could be classed as fan service? And you could also do your own art for it when the time is giving? *whispers to the side* And finally get back on track with all these incomplete stories I never finished?... HERE IS THE (MY) ANSWER!!! WRITE ANOTHER ONE! What's one more story to the added list?! *internally screaming*

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He felt alive, human. Powerful in a powerless city. Because there she was, standing five foot three in her dress covered in roses, Grace Finn.

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The summer ended u approaching much faster than anyone could have predicted. The crisp warm air whooshed in as the school's opened their doors one last time to release their eager youth bac into the warm sunshine for the next 3 months. This was the promos of a freedoms. New adventure, new discoveries, new beginnings.... And then the book started glowing. The button eyes were haunting. The spirits of the town were screaming at him in his nightmares. The magic that was passed down to her was pulling to one place. Someone let loose the madman into the world once more. Too much all at once, all leading to one final place. Welcome to Gravity Falls.

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Motavional quotes to help you threw hard times. I hope this helps you, have an amazing day! :D

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This is one more idea entry for #42 for Weekly Wattpad Contests. 1000 words or less.

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Modern day, 14 year old Hiccup has a choice to make, and whatever the choice he makes we all know the outcome. The start of a new adventure!

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In honor of Valentines day and 500 likes on a page I admin. Though, now that it's done, I think ever Valentines day I'll make a short for this.

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This is for the Weekly Wattpad #42 Contest (maybe). These stories have to be based around a picture and be only 1000 words max. I'm having a lot of fun with these so let's see how this works out.