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Bad is a joyful, happy, and positive minecraft you tuber, who always shows a smile. but what really happens behind the screen? is Bad really happy, or is that smile fake? (COVER ART IS NOT MINE!!! all rights go to the creator)

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!!!CONTAINS SMUT LIKE WRITING!!! Skeppy and badboyhalo have feelings for each other, but who will admit it first? What problems will they face? Read to find out!! <3 P.S.- I do not mean to offend anyone in any way!! I simply write this for the fun of it:))

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"--with a love so sweet it makes me sad." completed as of august 4th 2019 ••• *please know this was just for fun and in no way is trying to harass bbh or skeppy. i love them very much as youtubers and i do know that they are just friends :^)

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A story about the reader inlove with a devilish boy who is none other than badboyhalo himself! Shes ina twisted love situation,soon to be found by her brother who is in the hospital with her and their friends. Noone knows what will happen next. You'll just have to find out once the chapters update! Hope you like it, its my first story and i type too fast so yes there might be spelling errors and the story itself might be bad but oh well- :)

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Everybody knows badboyhalo (Darryl) as a cheerful and wholesome muffin,but is he really?? Find out in the book!! (It will be angsty) (A6d if you see this or any mc YouTuber, please don't read it, it's pure cringe) ⚠️Warnings⚠️ -mention of $elf [email protected] -$u&c&de -a lot of sadness (believe me)

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just smut

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Just a bunch of Bbh Oneshots Requests pls🥺 •~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Started: 31/01/2022 Finished: N/A

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シ {ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛᴢ CLOSED !} シ making a new book for a mix of a few genres !

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❝i'd do anything to have you, especially if it's illegal.❞

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This story takes place in June 2022. Skeppy and Badboyhalo finally meet up for Vidcon. Seeing each other in person, both start to realize they have something deeper than friendship. Their feelings for each other just get stronger and stronger until they cant hide it anymore. I don't use their real names much but Zak = Skeppy / Skep Darryl = BadBoyHalo / Bad / Bbh No smut I wrote this in March 2022, but thought I'd go ahead and just publish it now before the real meetup <3 I know its not very good, but little me spent a lot of time on it haha, hope you enjoy! Cover artist: @Geriikuu Cover Editor: Me

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skeppy if you read this please do not make it a vid but on stream NO A6D he said he does not like ships so i will not do that

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Please dont hate. (The cover is mine) Now this book will be more like bbh oneshots but most chaps will be techhalo. The first chap is remaked to it match with new title. Sorry for changes. ♡

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Skephalo, Dnf, Karlnapity (COMPLETED) Darryl is a very skilled and smart detective who always gets the job done with ease. He works undercover and doesn't want his identity revealed to the public. Everyone thinks he's a beta, but he's actually an omega who uses scent blockers. Skeppy, on the other hand, is a powerful, wealthy, and extremely dangerous mafia boss who, along with his business partners Clay and Sapnap, controls illegal businesses throughout the state, and the three of them are all alphas. Darryl/badboyhalo: Omega (24years old)(5'7) Zak/Skeppy: Alpha (23years old)(6'0) Clay/Dream: Alpha (21 years old)(6'3) George: Omega (22years old)(5'6) Nick/Sapnap: Alpha (21 years old)(6'0) Karl: Omega (21 years old)(5'9) Quackity: Alpha (20years old)(5'11) (Yes I know some of the characters height and age is incorrect but just bare with me, and also omegas are smaller and shorter than alphas so it fits the genre of the book) (Also I'm not really that good as a writer but ohh well practice makes perfect) Tw. Swearing ( like extreme lol) Guns Blood Death Sex Slaves Smut? (Yes with consent) Torture Top 1 #karlnapity 10/7/21 Top 5 #dnf 10/9/21 Top 1 #karlnap 10/8/21 Top 1 #bbh 10/15/21 Top 4 #zak 10/23/21 Top 2 #skephalo 10/25/21 Top 1 #badboyhalo 10/29/21 Top 2 #skep 11/15/21 Top 5 #skeppy 11/18/21 Top 1 #skep 11/21/21 Top 1 #zak 11/29/21 Top 2 #14 11/29/21 Top 3 #skeppy 12/15/21 Top 3 #gayaf 12/16/21 Top 1 #14 3/1/22 Top 2 #dnf 4/30/22 Top 1 #dsmp 5/12/22 Top 1 #skephalo 9/23/22 Top 3 #mafiaau 10/10/22 Top 2 #mafiaau 10/11/22 Top 1 #skeppy 1/16/23

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COMPLETE!!! Dream organizes a trip for everyone from the smp that could make it. This gave the opportunity for Bad and Skeppy to finally meet in person. And everything from there... This is mainly a Skephalo story, but has a little of other mcyt ships as well :) Fluff ^w^ Also please check out some of my other stories if you want; I love writing and hope it brings others joy while reading! -The cover art is not mine: it's @aytrixii on insta!!! And any other art in this story isn't mine. I found them off google. Credit to the artist whoever it may be. If you are the artist and want it taken out, I will do so just lmk! Ranks: #1 Skephalo #1 Badboyhalo #1 Skeppy #1 BBH #1 Geppy #1 DNF #1 14 #1 Skep #1 Mcyt #1 Fanfic

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Book of Oneshots! PLEASE A6D, BBH, SKEPPY IDC DON'T READ THIS PLEASE DON'T.. I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN EVER SEE YOU READ THIS FOR A VIDEO Mostly happy stories, so if your looking for good upbeat vibes I think these are for you :) Usually around 1k words a story. Featuring a6d as the main wingman in some stories c: Requests are always welcome. Feel free to dm me your ideas and such if you want! Fan art of the stories is bomb, send it to me and I might post it in the chapter with credit if you want <3 ---- This is not hateful or to disrespect them in anyway (or make them uncomfortable), and that is why I will not be writing any smut/NSFW. I do NOT condone harassing Skeppy or BBH about SkepHalo or anything like that. DO NOT DONATE INAPPROPRIATE THINGS TO THEM. If you do anything like that, do not read this book. You are not welcome here D:< [#1 in Minecraft 3/22/20] [#1 in 14 12/12/19]