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Vash and Roderich live their ordinary lifes ignoring each other until Vash accidentally finds out that his former friend is going to marry.... Note: Timeline can be a little incorrect (Austria wants to marry Spain after Hungary which historically isn't correct) but please don't let that bother you too much xd

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While fighting vali issei finds the truth about his reincarnation as a devil what will issei do? How much issei will change? Let's see

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Oswin Potter, the Girl who Survived. Or, as she is now called, Oswin Lupin. Yup, that's right. She married Remus Lupin, and stayed with him for many years. She was there for every transformation, and every morning after. She cleaned the cuts that littered his skin, and her own, and bandaged them up. Oswin wouldn't hear a word apologizing for what he did while he was a wolf, and wouldn't hear a single word calling him a monster. Neither from himself, or from others. She put one man in St. Mungo's for that at one point. She loved the idiotic man, and Remus loved her as well. More than anything else. She was amazing. But, nothing lasts forever. One day, she was with him, smiling and laughing, and the next, she was gone. Stolen from their home in the middle of the night. The woman who could stop any spell without a wand, stunned and stolen. Lupin has been searching for her for years, even after everyone else lost hope that she was still alive. When Sirius escaped and contacted him, the first thing they talked about was Oswin. Where did she go? Was she still alive? Laelynn lived with Hagrid for a while, and then went to Romania to help with the dragons there. Oh, you didn't think Oswin was going to stay out of trouble when she left school did you? She's James Potter's twin sister. Trouble was going to find her if she didn't find it first. After a few years though, Lupin had begun to lose hope that she was still alive. But maybe this year will change all that. Now that Harry is in his fifth year with Ron and Hermione, what will happen? Will he finally learn about his other aunt? Kind of a short story guys. Sorry :)

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When We Travel | Whouffaldi Doctor Who story! Missy and Jack Harkness are on a mission to bring the Doctor and Clara closer together. Ashildr and Jenny also help along the way. They face Zygons, Daleks and many more. Can the Doctor win Clara's heart, and can Clara win the Doctor's hearts? And will Danny succeed in breaking them apart whether they're on Earth or on some unknown planet? This is set during season 9 with MAJOR/MINOR twists! So far: Clara is pregnant and the only people who know is Bonnie and herself, Missy has her suspicions. The Doctor understands the noises in Clara's head. Missy still ships Clara and the Doctor... And Jenny has learnt to burn buildings down. Jack is travelling with his companion Ashildr and they have come to temporarily travel with The Doctor, Clara, Jenny and Missy. Danny still has a crush on Clara but she has never been interested in him, he wants to destroy the Doctor's and Clara's relationship in any way possible. More companions may be added in the future! [You can also suggest ships]

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Just a bunch of ol one shots. Enjoy this mess of Fluff, Angst, and Smut. Ages! Boris: 18 Mugman: 19 Bendy: 20 Cup: 23 Mickey: 26 Oswald: 31 Felix: 32 Sheba: 35 Please request on the request page. I Beg ;^;

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"I will hold Clara's hand but that's it" Cover by It's Liam Edits

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"No amount of coffee could keep me awake like you do." Jake is the hockey player with the hot girlfriend. Katie is the girl with a name no one remembers. Jake is used to getting what he wants. Katie is used to getting coffee for her hungover mother. Until one night, one chance meeting between two strangers changes everything. No words, no stories to share, and above all, no names. Just two people who don't know each other, a hot string of kisses in bathroom, and a mutual goodbye. Except there's one problem: Katie felt something.

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After seeing Amy and Rory be sent to their deaths and seeing River and Clara Oswin Oswald die in front of her, Jessie has truly fallen, becoming the soldier her current incarnation was meant to be and has shown no signs of getting better. Even the Avengers have started to wonder if Jessie will ever recover. But there is still one promise that they know nothing about that may be her saving grace. Oswin Oswald died in the Dalek Asylum. Clara Oswin Oswald died in Victorian London. Both women were exactly the same, giving the same message each time they died. If there's one thing the Doctor and his wife have learned is that something of that proportion could not be a coincidence. With Pietro and Wanda Maximoff at their sides, the Time Lords are off on even more incredible adventures, experiencing the impossible, attempting to bring back the old Jessie Nightshade . . . and find out who exactly Clara Oswald really is. Ninth in The Bad Wolf Chronicles. *** I do not own Doctor Who or anything MARVEL. Dialogue, characters, and storylines you recognize belong to Steven Moffat, BBC, and Stan Lee and MARVEL. Jessie Nightshade and her storyline, however, belong to me. Saleen Harper belongs to Will_of_Fiore. The cover was done by marvel-ous.

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Y/n: i hate love i don't deserve to be loved. I hate it i don't want love just bring my angel BRING MY ANGLE BACK. Fall on knees begging Y/n: please... PLEASE Fainted Jk: Y/N.... Y/n

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Oneshots, random stuff, this is probably gonna be trash Hi I'm back like five years after writing this. I do not plan to take this down because I cannot bring myself to no matter how much I want to, but I came back on this account for a moment to get something. Anyways, I realize that there may be a lot of inappropriate language and I am trying to take out the worst of things. I apologize greatly for anyone who has come across something offensive, as I was in middle school and naΓ―ve when I wrote this. I am going to skim through to get rid of any offensive things I come across, and may delete some chapters entirely.

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──── gif imagines of fictional characters and celebrities. requests are: closed BOOK IS COMPLETED. .ೃ࿔*:ο½₯ cover & filter by me. photo credit: @locksxcreenxs on tumblr.

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Dracule "Hawk Eyes" Y/N was travelling on sea when he was ambushed by a fleet of marine ships, when he was about to swing his sword suddenly he was taken into the world of Re:Zero. There he meets various strong individuals and explore magic. How will Y/N play and react to the world of Re:Zero? Recorded Highest Tag Rankings d/m/y #1 Rezero - 05/10/22 #1 Puck - 10/03/23 #1 Felt - 15/03/23

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Close your eyes and Let's make a wish ZawGyi+unicode....

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Roswell is Sam and Dean Winchesters adoptive little sister. Saved by John at a young age she was raised with the two boys. But now Sam is in hell, Dean has gone to live with Lisa and Roswell; she decides to take a job at the Avengers Facility.

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Taylor Swift adopts a broken down girl that doesnt want help. Does Taylor get through to Bridget? Will Bridget get over her addiction or will it get to the best of her? (In the middle of editing when i have time. I apologize for the poor grammar and spelling.)