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fifteen shitty poems about love, heartbreak, fear, and feeling like death is the last warm embrace you will ever have.

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"Love in Spring" is an interesting love story between two complete strangers with some exciting twist and turns. It's a game of destiny, in this story you will see love, cheat, family bonding and so on. Vanaa a simple innocent girl fell in love with an arrogant man at first sight. Not aware about his identity she yearned for him. She met him first at the spring festival so she excitedly waited for him at the next spring festival. But the destiny had some other plans. Will she meet him again??? Will they be destined to together??? Wait and see. To know more about my story please check my book. I hope I won't disappoint you. Thank you for your time and patience in reading my description. Let's enjoy the rhythm of A Love In spring.... 1# SouthIndian 1# Destiny 2# Your Story India

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this about three girls that get kidnapped by the rangers will they fall in love with them read in found out

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Marriage had always been my dream but not to a man about whom I know nothing. The moment my father fixed an alliance of me to a Prince without even telling or asking me, all the dreams I thought of a beautiful escape from reality, called marriage shattered into the pieces. Never in my thoughts, had I imagined that I would get married to a complete stranger of whom I only knew the name. Prince Ranvijay Dev Singh. I could see all my dreams shattering while chanting the prayers with him for our marriage. But, as soon as I took the step into his territory, my whole perspective towards a man changed. Never in my thoughts, had I imagined that I would marry such kind of man. He was beautiful, and handsome, someone a woman would desire her whole life and still would not get. And, in front of him, I was nothing. With my dark complexion, different upbringing, illiteracy and everything a princess should not be, I felt afraid even to my bones about what would he think after seeing me. I did not even deserve him. And, the mere thought of such a handsome and beautiful man finding the ugliness of his wife was twisting my stomach in thousands of ways. *** Princesses should be beautiful, smart, intelligent, well-educated and up to the mark in all aspects of life. In the era of the 17th century when all the Princes were in search of the most beautiful brides. Prince Ranvijay Dev Singh got married to Aishwarya through a political arrangement. And, after seeing her wife after the wedding, he became the reason for the turning of her world upside down. Let's dive to enjoy the journey of a politically arranged marriage. @Copyright2023

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If you've heard of The Black Rider, you know exactly what she is capable of. Destroyed ships, wounded vikings, and destruction of entire islands is just what she likes to do in her free time. But after a new wakening, she stops doing what she's been doing and settles down. But something caught her attention one rainy night. A group of dragon riders. (This is going to be my first HTTYD work but I love the story and everything so hope you like it. It will be following the tv series ~Meli) (I own nothing about HTTYD. I do own some dragon names and flowers that I created. For example. Strousbeakon and the Grethel flower)

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Piyali did not expect to fall in love. But she does. With Adithya... Adithya can't see the world. He lost his sight at the age of 6... This is the first time he is in love too. Adithya had never self-pitied on his condition. But when Piyali enters his life, he is about to change too.

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hell is empty, all the devils are here. fem oc! x joel miller the last of us hbo season one-? 2023 | Β© mcclincys

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This is a story about love at first sight at the first day of school . If you know ItsFunneh on youtube pls subscribe and Thanks for reading the story that I make and I hope you like it

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I thought there wasn't enough of the male reader ff and thought why not. I know Ellie's sexuality but it's a story and not the real thing so shush about it, okay my dudes? ALSO THIS TAKES PLACE IN THE FIRST GAME NOT PART 2. IF THIS DOES WELL, MAYBE, I'LL DO THE LAST OF US PART 2!!!!! Thank you PLUS THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE LIKE CURSE WORDS. IF ANYTHING MORE SHOWS UP OTHER THEN THAT I WILL PUT UP A WARNING OF WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Thank you

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Shruti, a fun-loving girl, always dreamed of a Prince Charming on a white horse and a happily ever after. Atharva is a no-nonsense businessman, who doesn't believe in love. What happens when they meet up? Will the opposites attract? Will they be able to sustain the various obstacles that are bound to be a part and parcel of an arranged marriage? Let us embark on a journey of two beautiful souls, Atharva and Shruti. Let us witness how life treats them, the various aspects of arranged marriage, and whether they are able to find their soulmate in each other or not. P. S. The story picks up once you reach chapter 4. So I would request you not to be judgemental before that, and give it a try...

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Its a story about a south indian girl who got married according to their parents wish.. YES ITS A ARRANGE MARRIAGE.. But she like it, because there is no way for a love marriage in her family.. Whoever the boy her family chooses for her, she is fated to love him. Lets see how this marriage is going to change her life..

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WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? You may not be perfect but neither am I... Ps. I'm fine with it... PPs. Perfection is overrated, anyway... Meet Poppy Martins, a sixteen-year-old girl who's spent the last two years ensuring Nathan, her twelve-year-old brother, keeps a smile on his face in spite of their absentee parents. Watch her put her own feelings to the side and fight tooth and nail to protect Nate when their mother decides to move in with her secret lover, Bryan Van Houtens, in Rochester, the rich rival town on the other side of Lake Brandt. Of course, he's none other than the uncle of Tyler and Owen, the infamous VH Brothers who reign over Rochester Private High, and Leo, their younger brother, who all live with Christian, their father, just across the pool from Bryan's block in the Van Houtens huge property. Watch what happens when the Martins and the Van Houtens are forced to live together and many ghosts from the past are inadvertently brought back. This is no fairy tale, it's the fight of a girl who loves her brother so much that she could probably kill for him. A girl who's been through hell but who keeps going day after day with an incredible determination. A girl, who in spite of all the betrayals she's suffered still manages to open her heart to each of the three brothers. A girl who learnt early on that perfection didn't exist and who's making do with her imperfect life the best she can.

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Not real storyπŸ«€ It is about one loving couple who were enemies from the beginning, they hated each other very much. But ChloΓ© started to realize that he is actually very hot.. Also she got depressed because Kylian yelled at her, but in the end they realized that they are a good couple.

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Ash is an anxious but determined English major who knows what she wants. Derek is a mysterious hockey player who's got a big reputation. Can they learn new things about themselves through each other or will the change bring them apart? *disclaimer* This story isn't fully edited and if things seems inaccurate I apologize!

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Everyone loves and adores Gun and Off and are affectionately called the married couple of GMM.. When a misunderstanding causes the couple to break up, everything is thrown into disarray. This is their story as they try to come back to what they used to be. I'll say it again. I suck at descriptions so I will probably delete it soon. All I can say is enjoy my OffGun AU.