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Nkosana, a true African man that demands respect . So typical for an African man but under this façade is so much more. Nkosana has learnt to get through life with no one by his side but he hadn't realised that that was just an assumption until he meets Zama ,his ex's sister which makes the situation more awkward . The only reason he worked this hard was to raise his siblings in a proper manner which is what his parent couldn't do . However the only way to be a good parent to his siblings is to try not to fuck up ,in other words try not to be like his father which he fails dismally He tries to push Zama away but part of him doesn't want to let her go but he knows if he wants to keep her, he will have to let her see his skeleton but here is the the question. Will he be able to do that,to let her see his skeleton.

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Anima and Danny have been best friends since birth. They do everything together and are practically inseparable. When emotions, betrayal, mistakes, and mean girls are thrown into the mix, things are bound to get messy. #3 in Ghana - 06/13, 07/02 #2 in Ghana - 06/14 #5 in Ghanaian - 06/18 #2 in Ghanaian - 07/03 #1 in West Africa - 07/08 #1 in Ghanaian - 07/09

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Polygamous Series Book: One Having devils as children, lunatics as wives and a coward for a husband all under one polygamous roof is an interesting scene. A polygamous home is believed far worse than a prison cell. One man, four wives, ten children and still counting makes it more unbearable and suffocative. They were struggling to hold the urge of killing each other until a cat is let out of the bag, breaking news " The Arrival Of A Fifth Wife." As the children join forces to eradicate this new unwanted disease out of their home, the poor and desperate husband refuses to let go. Witness an epic story of how an African polygamous family displays their madness. A/N: this is just a first draft, major editing will be done once the book is finish. √√√√√√√√√√√√√√√ HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in Africa #8 in Africa @ All Rights Reserved Copyright 2017 No part of this publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

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Your typical badgirl and goodboy love story with a twist, a Billionaire twist. They are both heirs to big companies except David keeps it a secret on his side. David Peterson is a nerd. He fits the stereotype description perfectly. He wears eye glasses, get very good grades, is frequently bullied and he is not in the top 10 hottest guys in School. He moved to America 4 years ago from South Africa to live with his uncle after his parents were murdered. He changed his identity to David Smith. His father was the Co-owner of one of the biggest Construction companies in the World but no one knew, heck no one knew anything about him, well thats until he met Mia and the adventures begun. Mia Brown is a disrespectful Billionaire brat and makes sure he presence is felt. She and her gang make sure to run the school until one day someone crushes into her and her life changes forever..

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In the 1930s, after a night of drinking with his friend, Charles accidentally advertises for a mail-order-bride, eventually connecting through letters with a nurse. When they meet, however, he is shocked to find out that she is not what he was expecting and she is also shocked by what she sees despite the connection they built.

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Never in her life did Mabea think she would be with someone who wasn't of colour like her but when she starts to spend time with the new Asian team manager at her work...things begin to change but are they changing for better or for worse, especially with family involved?

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Erik Destler has given up on life. After he let his angel, Christine Daee, go with the Vicomte, Raoul De Chagny, he was left with a hollow emptiness that would not be filled. So, his heart broken beyond repair, he goes into his coffin bed to die of a broken heart.......or so he thought! Evangeline McKenna is a 18-year-old African American teenager living in Atlanta, Georgia who loves Broadway Musicals, especially The Phantom of the Opera, and dreams of going to New York to become a star. But on her way home from school one day, she gets into a car accident that makes her go back in time to 19th century Paris, France and meet a Phantom near death's door. Based on Susan Kay, Gaston Leroux, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom stories. WARNING: Contains content that might not be suitable for younger audiences. WILL CONTAIN CHRISTIAN THEMES! Shoutout to @niahouston for her amazing cover art!

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Cassandra Benson has always had a hectic life what with her dad's job. Little does she know that its about to get a whole lot more hectic.

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"Guess you're at the bottom tonight" "Honestly baby being at the bottom ain't that bad since you're gonna be riding my face." An African girl arrives in America for school but life's like 'nah bitch' so she makes a friend and falls for his sister, a famous rapper that has both girls and guys drooling over her. Shine, Marcus and Kodie find themselves in a really heated, aggressive love triangle.

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The Title Says it all😂😂

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Leylani is a 17 year old African who has been adopted into a white wealthy family, so she thinks. She gets help from her school friend Rachel who doesn't like Tristan(her 'adopted' brother). Tristan doesn't want Leylani in his home so he does everything in his power to make her go back. He then starts to get feelings for her. When a family crisis arives what happens when Leylani finds out! GO READ!

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Diary of your average black girl.

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Set during the Victorian Era, an aristocrat saves a baby and raises her as his own, turning her into a lady of high standing, Lady Yves. However, society will not accept her and she worsens this by taking interest in men that are forbidden for her.

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"you will love Forks sweetie" Her mom says and she sighs. "I am in a whole new world mom, I dont think I'm gonna love it that much" she tells her mom. "You'll be fine" Her mom says and she nods sending her an appreciative smile.. ♠♠♠ Sheila Tjimbinaye Zaaruka is and eighteen year old African girl who was suppose to be doing her final yeah at Delta high before going off to South Africa to study Law. yes supposed. all that changed when her mom got a job and has to move to America because that's where she has to work from, in the American Embassy. so let's go about that introduction again... Sheila Tjimbinaye Zaaruka is and eighteen year old girl that just moved to forks with her mother and little sister Nicole, who is also her best, when their mother gets a job in the American Embassy. Now she has to go to Forks high school starting her new life in a new world with new people. People she has never met in her life, hard much? yeah. the thing she never expected was to be dragged into a world of mishaps and disasters that destroy her and her sister's bond for good after talking to a girl at her locker ♠♠♠ My book... now this one I would have to finish. Okay not my Book, I mean its twilight Fanfic, so yeah. You get my point. Courtesy to Stephanie Meyer for her Amazing Creation. All Characters except For Sharon, Sheila and Nicole belong to her, so Credit goes to her!!!?

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When Maame Amma is deeply affected after her best friend who she secretly has a crush on, marries her arch-nemesis , she decides to work in the palace knowing very well that maids in the palace are not allowed to marry, until she finds Kofi- a free-spirited boy who cares about nothing around him. She soon befriends him and they become close friends but is Kofi hiding a secret from her? A secret that could alter her life completely? Please note: The foreign language used in the book is Fante Twi and Asante Twi. These are common languages spoken in Ghana. All pictures in this book and the book cover are from the internet. All rights go to owners of the pictures. Highest Ranking: #1 in #ghana #3 in #westafrica #13 in betrothal P.S: I'm currently editing and reviewing this book.