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Danny's life gets turned upside down when she receives a mysterious sext from the school's notorious bad boy. ***** Danny Ashmore never imagined starting her senior year off with a broken heart and a pregnant sixteen-year-old sister. As her sister's stomach grows and the possibility of Danny going to college shrinks, she struggles to stay positive. That is, until she accidentally receives a dirty text message from an unknown number and is thrown head first into bad boy Sawyer Armstrong's life. Arrogant and drop-dead gorgeous, Sawyer is the last thing Danny expected, but as an unlikely friendship forms, she realizes he may be the best thing that's happened to her all year. [[Word count: 100,000 - 150,000]] Cover designed by Cil Ojumo Content warning: this story contains themes of teen pregnancy

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โœŽแฐ } CONRAD FISHER โ”€โ”€ โ now i was only hiding one thing from her. that i loved her. โž - snapchat to lovers? or are they just friends.. with benefits? - โœฆ part one. โœฆ (texting x real life) ยฉ downforruel_

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Miles Cunningham is not the right guy to fall for. Isabella knows that. So when he decides to barge his way into her life, she does everything she can to keep him out...but part of her likes where things are heading. Will the consequences be too much for her to handle? ***** Just when Isabella Gallagher thinks she's in control, it takes only one incident to completely throw her off balance. With perseverance, she works hard to get her life back on track so she can focus on nursing school. However, someone unlikely and brash wants to get closer to her heart - Miles Cunningham, the most notorious bad boy on campus. Knowing he's a bad idea, Isabella tries to resist him, but his charm may be stronger than she realizes... Content/trigger warning: This story contains a sexual assault scene.

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Sammi Cross was pretty, funny, athletic, entertaining, gets average grades and always messes around with guys. James Frans was hot, athletic, quiet, funny, shy, gets average grades and is a good church boy. The two of them are great friends. They text every night and they both enjoy each others company but one night when one of there conversations turn into "sexting" there whole world changes and there friendship changes from friends to "just friends" to friends with Benefits.

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Tug-at-your-heartstrings new adult first love story. What starts as a bet to avoid cleanup duties at her minimum wage cashier job, wins Amelie D'Amico more than she's ever hoped for. When Ben, a cute customer who always checkouts at her register, finally speaks to her, his interest in cooking make her only more curious. Amelie's always been terrible at recipes and trust, but with each passing day, Ben proves that when the right person comes along to show the way, it's easy. As their friendship grows, he confesses that he's never dated before and asks Amelie to be his relationship coach. Flattered as she is, she should say no. Her love life is a disaster, and she's hardly the best person to assist him, yet she can't resist his smile or his searching blue eyes. Preparing Ben for his first ever date with a woman who clearly likes him seems simple enough, until helping him score his first kiss becomes the last thing Amelie wants to do for her...friend. How could she begin something she's unable to finish? Telling Ben she wants to be more than his buddy wouldn't be a problem if leaving the US at the end of the semester to pursue a PhD in France wasn't her focus. And what will happen to their friends-with-benefits arrangement if what actually stands in their way is not her plan but her heart? NORMAL PEOPLE x LOVE QUOTIENT Tropes: Friends to lovers, matchmaker, fake dating, opposites attract, secrets, first love, ticking time-bomb BOOK 1 IN LOVE IN CHICAGO SERIES OF STANDALONES.

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Jungkook : Please help me, I feel horny.... Y/N : WTF! A story through texts Jeon Jungkook FANFICTION 2021 All rights reserved

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These are 100 Wattpad books totally worth reading. The best of Romance and Teen Fiction.

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One shots of Regina from Once Upon A Time. Some of these entries will be for contests. I will also write any one shot that someone suggests. I also won't post as much on this book.

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In which, Louis and Harry begin innocent sexting that always lead to nights of hair tugging and moans of each others names. (Every chapter is a different story unless it's a part 2!) All works are mine unless stated otherwise.

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Favourite, popular Larry fanfics... (Also a book 2)

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A list of Wattpad's Best Romance Books. (UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

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First day at school and you're trying to make friends. But the problem is, you're just too picky. However, this problem of yours attracted the attention of a few special others. This is an original story with original characters made by Microwaveness, (2020 wattpad) Cover image taken from Pinterest. #1 in yandere (10/8/2020)

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Welcome to Davenportia, the perfect city in California. Boasting beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, it will be the perfect home to retire in. Here, everyone will be able to live out the rest of their lives in paradise. And having the handsomest mayor in town is the added benefit. Donald Davenport created this town for the benefit of others who deserve to live life how they want. Life here is like heaven on earth.

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Anna(G!P) thinks she is texting her best friend but is actually texting billie eilish