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!!MY ART COVER!! So, I am new lol. I honestly am In love with this ship though, I am aware it's toxic but I couldn't give two shits. - Micheal was never the social type in all of my stories but he was not weak an abused like most AUs. Micheal had a very mean mother because William gets enough hate lmao✨✨❤️. Micheal was very strong lol. ALSO!! I only write Top Ennard and Bottom Mike but if I ever do get requests I will do bottom Ennard lolz. I won't post alot though. ALL ART IS NOT MINE UNLESS I SAY SO!! Warnings: Cussing! Smut! Lemon/Lime! Fluff/Angst! Etc ig?

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This is a michael x ennard story. There will be a lot of smut and some fluff. Read at your own risk.

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This is a high school AU. ⚠️Warning ⚠️ Spelling errors! NO SMUT!!! FLUFF!

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Your brother Micheal died years ago. You thought you knew what happened... ~Swearing ~Fluff ~Lemons/Smut ~Gore -I will be putting warnings-

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Art is drawn by me. Parts of rp are by @smartieanimationyt. TW!! theres a bunch of gore, mention of physical and emotional abuse, blood, gorey detailed descriptions, mention of mental illness here and there, as well as emotional manipulation. NOT A SMUT OR SHIP BOOK LMAOOO- please dont comment about shipping them thanks ❤️ 🙏 ennard x michael and william x michael are NOT present in this book and both of those ships are really nasty and illegal anyways XD. anyways hope you enjoy reading!!! So William didn't die getting springlocked, but Michael died. Ennard took control for a little bit and instead of going home he went to one of the old Freddys pizzerias. For some reason William was there. Now the two remaining Aftons are working together, setting aside their differences to make sure the other is safe, saving humanity, getting drunk as hell, and maybe seeing that neither father or son are really so bad.

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I'm trying picking up where I left off for you guys! So just so you know I'm not doing anything smutty (at least not that often) and I do take requests but it'll probably take forever to get done. Please be respectful and patient with me.

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A C.C. (Chris Afton/Evan Afton) x Nightmare story. I do not own any of the art in the book and the cover. I do not own any of the characters in the book. Ships included: (my au) - C.C. X Nightmare - Mason x Micheal (not Ennard x Micheal) - Elizabeth x Charlie - William x Henry - William x Mrs. Afton Ages: Start of the story • C.C. / Evan Afton - 8-9 (Older than Elizabeth au) • Nightmare (human form) 16 - 17 • Micheal - 17 - 18 • Mason - 17 - 18 • Elizabeth - 6 - 7 • Warnings: Some blood and swearing in this. Maybe smut but I don't think so.

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There'll be no character x reader. why? I don't like it, cuz I don't know I just don't. enjoy

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Michael x Ennard(Noah) Chris x Sammy Elizabeth x Charlie Henry x William

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just find out cuz no spoils;) also so just because its one part does not mean im to lazy to make it chapter and that would annoy u guys AND SORRY FOR THE PAG BETWEEN MIKES POV AND TAT CUZ IF THAT SHOWS IM TRULY SORRY

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Warning ⚠ ahead of time their are Smut,Fluff,Lemon and then just regular basic adorable shipment pictures ⚠🚨🚧⚠🚨⚠⚠🚧🚧🚨🚨🚧⚠⚠🚨🚧━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

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👨🏿Shuba 🌝dabba🌚 gooba ⛄️like 🍌a 🥝mee 🤯boo👻

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READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: ARE YOU WEIRD LIKE US? [Open for Requests] Funny, Dumb, Random and Pervy Scenarios and BTS'reactions.. Made by yours truly, Camdorkim !! THANKYOU!! ♥ Have fun reading ! KAMASAMNIDAAAA **KoreanBow**

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William never had a childhood. It gotten taken away from him by his family, the school, and his psycho stalker. (I do not own Five Night's At Freddy's or any of these characters that are mentioned in this story. They belong to Scott Cawthon & Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) What I do own are the children that I made up.) Read along to his past on how he became the monster he has become. ⚠️There will be a lot of trigger warning in this story. ⚠️Abused ⚠️child abuse ⚠️rape ⚠️bullying ⚠️suicidal thoughts ⚠️Gore ⚠️Cheating ⚠️self harm ⚠️homophobic slurs ⚠️transphobic slurs Also there will be smut. Like a lot. I will try my best to write them well. Can't write no more hashtag so here's the rest #claraafton #Henryemily #tadstrange #Billcipher #willcipher #benbraeden #Supernatural #marriage #divorce brokenpromises #summerfling #summerromance #Pastlovers #lgbtq+ #Inthecloset #Gay #Trans #Lesbian #ace #nonbinary #genderfluid #polysexual #mendingpromises #startingafamily #openrelationship #openmarriage #polyamorymarriage #betrayel #malepregnancy