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Lauren's daughter goes missing just two hours after she was born. The police find her three years later in the hands of someone you'd least expect. It's up to Lauren to try and give her baby a second chance at life whilst also coming to terms with why she was abducted in the first place. *An older book, so the writing isn't the best!*

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Normani and Dinah just might be the home Ally and Lauren need.

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A compilation of short, kidfic centered one shots involving mainly Camila and Lauren.

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Corbyn and Jack have been married for three years now. Corbyn went away from home attending a university on the other side of the state and Jack just finished highschool and is starting college. After three years of a somewhat long distance relationship with Corbyn and Jack occasionally visiting together, the lovers reunite in the beautiful city of New York where Corbyn gets a job and Jack continues his studies. And the two our finally ready to start their new family together. Read it. πŸ˜ƒ.

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The pepper candies scorched Ulv's throat. He grimaced, but continued to swallow the sticky iris Alduinsticks, carefully chewing one after the other. It was no wonder, for every boy from Windhelm to Markarth knew: eat a hundred pieces - and you can exhale flames, just like a dragon. In Ulv's case - just like his mother too. His mother was the Dragonborn, which meant she could do everything like a dragon.

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Percy asks Annabeth on a romantic, under the sea, date the night before he goes missing (In The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero)

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Octachel. Kid. Rachel dies . But it's still a great fic. Please read. I suck at descriptions.

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Originally Castiel was supposed to be gone a few days to take care of Balthazar, who broke his leg doing who knows what. Then, when Castiel gets sick and is bed ridden Dean rushes to his husband's side, leaving their son, Stiles, in Sam & Gabriel's temporary care. However, Sam's busy so really it's just Gabriel taking care of the little munchkin. A week long at his uncle's place, who's taking him everywhere he goes and trying his best to cope with the situation and slight problems that spring up. Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, just the plot. Image credit to the respected artist.