Chapter 69

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"She is poisoned!", Easton muttered, tapping Anna's cheeks.

My breath hitched at his statement.




Anna's eyes were half closed. She was neither completely unconscious nor completely awake.

She was slipping in and out of consciousness.

My brain was going numb with fear and tension.

I held her tightly and tapped her cheek, calling out her name with tears uncontrollably flowing down my cheeks.

"Angelina, we need to get her to the hospital.", Easton said.

But the fear of something happening to Anna was pushing all my sane thoughts aside.

My hold on her was getting tighter and tighter by the second and I didn't stop tapping her cheek and calling out her name loudly, ignoring completely the crowd that gathered around us and people whispering.

Foam was flowing out of her mouth and she was still hiccupping.

I involuntarily tuned  out all the voices around me. I was looking at Anna and held her to my chest tightly with teary eyes.

Someone tried to take Anna from me but I pushed the hand away and held her even more tightly.

"Angelina", Easton's firm voice and a little shake to my shoulder broke my trance.

I looked up at him and he looked at me with a firm yet gentle expression.

"We have to get Arianna to the hospital.", he said firmly.

His words started sinking in and I loosened my hold around her.

He gently took her from my hands and was going to lift her up but a guard stopped him.

"I'll take her, Mr.", the guard said.

Before he could take Anna from Easton, I held on to her and shook my head looking at Easton.

What if the guard is not one of my brother's men?

I can't risk Anna's safety.

I don't know why but I felt safe with Easton than with anyone else at this moment.

Easton blinked his eyes in assurance.

"Let me take both of them with me. You can come in my car too.", Easton said, looking at the guard and started walking out not waiting for a reply.

I followed him out and a car was already waiting near the entrance of the school.

He placed Anna in the back seat and I sat at the back with her head in my lap.

Easton walked around and took the keys from the driver and he himself got behind the wheel with the guard in the passenger seat.

He drove out of the school and the guard was talking to someone on the call.

"Anna, stay awake.", I said and tapped her cheek every now and then to prevent her from falling unconscious.

Easton was driving very fast but it wasn't rash or so I felt. The fact that this was a sports car added to our advantage.

After a few minutes, her breathing started getting shallow and she wasn't even opening her eyes.

"She's not breathing properly!", I cried out in panic.

"Keep shaking her.", Easton said still concentrating on the road.

"She has lost consciousness!", I cried out.

"Anna", I sobbed, shaking her shoulders and tapping her cheek continuously.

"Angelina, pull yourself together. You can't hold her if you yourself breakdown now.", Easton said.

I didn't reply to it and held her closer.

In a few more minutes, we finally reached the hospital.

Easton got out and picked Anna up and walked into the hospital and I followed him in with some guards following behind me.

"Emergency!", the guard yelled out and the nurses immediately brought a hospital cot.

Easton placed Anna on the bed and they started rolling her into the emergency unit.

I held on to her hand and the moment the bed reached the door of the emergency ward, they asked me to let go but I didn't, scared of letting her go off my sight.

Easton gently pulled me back, removing my hold on her hand and they rolled her into the emergency ward, closing the door behind them.

The moment Anna was out of my sight, the panic finally started rising and my breathing was getting shallow.

Why did this happen to her?

What if something happens to her?


Nothing will happen.

She will be alright.

I kept chanting that in my brain but I didn't realize that I was driving myself deeper into a panic attack.

That's when a pair of strong hands wrapped around me, hugging me gently.

"Calm down.", he said in a gentle yet firm voice.

I don't know why but I hugged him back tightly, crying.

"Calm down, Angelina. Your sister is going to be okay.", he said gently and made me sit on the seats outside the emergency ward and he himself sat beside.

I didn't let go of him even for a second.

I am terrified to the core and I need someone to hold on to and Easton felt like the safest person here.

We sat down and he hugged me sideways and I held on to him tightly with my head on his chest, crying continuously.

"S-She will b-be f-fine r-r-right?", I stuttered out in between my sobs.

His hold on me tightened.

"She will be.", he said.

"S-She has t-to be.", I sobbed out.

Easton kept rubbing small circles on my back gently to calm me down and involuntarily my panic started reducing.

I want Anna to be safe.

The thought of something happening to her itself squeezes my heart painfully.

I didn't realize till this moment how much she has come to mean to me and how much I have come to love her.

I just want my sister safe and fine!


Since Dylan, Ash and I managed to get good grades in school in the last tests, Vince decided to cut some time out from school for training.

Hence, here we are going to the warehouse for extra training.

Ash was driving the car with Dylan in the passenger seat and I at the back.

After a few minutes of driving with some random talks and jokes, we were finally half way to the warehouse.

Suddenly Dylan got a call and he picked it up.

"Yes?", he answered.

Whatever was said on the other side made Dylan's eyes go wide, his body stiffened and he looked tensed.

"What?", he raised his voice, shocked.

"Who? When? Where?", he questioned non-stop and hung up once he got his answers.

"Ash, turn the car around. We need to go to the hospital!", he ordered in a firm tone.

Ash frowned and tensed a little and so did I but he turned the car around anyway.

If Dylan got so serious then it must definitely be about something very important.

"Why?", I asked.

"Aria is in the hospital.", Dylan answered.

"What? Why?", Ash asked, tensed.

"She is poisoned!", Dylan said, raising his voice a little.

"What the f**k!", I exclaimed loudly.

"What the hell are you talking, Dyl?", Ash asked, his voice laced with hints of panic.

"Angel?", I asked.

"She is fine and in the hospital.", Dylan answered.

"Drive fast!", he yelled at Ash.

The rest of the drive to the hospital went on with a painful silence with each of us in our own thoughts and fear.

I hope Aria will be fine.

I wonder how Angel is doing.

 After a few minutes, we reached the hospital.

We rushed into the hospital and ran towards the emergency ward the receptionist mentioned.

My heart started beating very fast with every step we took towards the emergency ward where Aria was being treated.

I just want my sister safe and sound.

The moment we were a few feet away from the ward, we spotted Angel hugging a guy and crying with her head on his chest.

Seeing her cry like that made my heart drum in my ears.

Please. Let Aria be safe.

We reached her and looking at the guy closely, I recognized him as the person from the school whom we tried to intimidate on the other day.

"Why the f**k are you here?", Dylan asked harshly and pulled Angel away from that guy.

Dylan pulled Angel up and hugged her to his chest.

The guy frowned at us and stood up.

He was going to say something but Dylan beat him to it.

Dylan broke the hug and held Angel by her shoulders.

"What happened? How is Aria now? Did the doctors say anything?", he asked with his voice laced with hints of tension, panic and fear.

Angel looked up at Dylan with tears continuously flowing down her cheeks and eyes filled with panic and pain.

She opened her mouth to say something but couldn't get a word out.

Her silence started stressing me out even more.

How worse is Aria's condition?

"Say something, Angelina!", Dylan exclaimed, his voice raising a little.

Her lips were wobbling and she just shook her head. 

The guy who was silent till now, took a step forward and pulled Angel away from Dylan and hugged her and what shocked us more was that she hugged him back.

"Can't you see she herself is scared? Can't you see she is on the verge of a panic attack?", the guy said calmly with a sharp edge to his tone.

The way he was holding Angel reminded me of Theo for a second.

"Why are you here?", Ash asked with suspicion.

The guy was just looking at Angel, completely ignoring us.

"No one would dare to mess with our sister in the school. You are the only new person in the school these past few days.", Dylan said in a dangerously cold voice.

But the guy didn't bother about what we were saying. He was just looking at Angel with a gentle gaze and rubbing her back to calm her down.

I could see that Dylan was slowly getting agitated looking at him hugging Angel and Ash and I were in the same condition.

Who is he?

Why is he here?

Why is Angel hugging him back?

Most importantly why is the guy looking at her with so many emotions and with such a gentle gaze that resembles Theo's?

"Instead of yelling at me, try to console Angelina. She's been crying for a very long time now. Can't you see she is on the verge of a panic attack!", he said calmly, looking at the three of us for a second and back at Angel.

"We know how to take care of our sister.", Ash said angrily.

"Then you better do so.", the guy replied calmly with a stoic face.

I had enough of it and gently took Angel from his arms and hugged her.

I made her sit on the chair and I myself sat beside her and hugged her to my chest, rubbing small circles on her back to calm her down.

"Calm down, Angel. Aria will be fine.", I said gently, hoping and wishing that what I am saying will come true.

The guy didn't say anything and just sat a few seats away from us, looking at no one in particular.

Dylan stood opposite to the emergency ward, leaning against the wall.

Ash sat on the seats opposite to Angel and me, facing the door of the ward.

All of us were tensed and wished only for one thing, Aria's safety.

Dylan looked at the three of us and schooled his expressions. He came forward and squeezed my shoulder in assurance and kissed Angel on the forehead.

"Calm down, everyone. Aria is going to be fine. She is a Marino after all.", Dylan said calmly but I could see the signs of tension in his eyes.

Being the oldest one here, he is trying to hold himself together so that we don't breakdown but I could see the specs of panic in his eyes.

Just then Vince and Theo came towards us.

"How is Aria? Did the doctor say anything?", Theo asked, tensed.

"Nothing yet.", Ash answered.

Vince was extremely stoic and his eyes were completely cold and he was exuding a very dangerous aura.

Listening to Theo's voice, Angel gently broke the hug and looked up at Vince.

The moment he looked at her, his eyes turned a tad bit gentle. He lifted her chin up and gently wiped her tears.

"She is going to be okay.", Vince said calmly and kissed on her forehead.

Angel sobbed out and hugged his midriff.

He gently stroked her hair and looked at Theo.

Theo nodded at him and sat down beside Angel, gently taking her in his embrace and consoling her.

Vince looked at all three of us calmly. He squeezed Dylan's shoulder in assurance and patted Ash and me on the head.

Though he is stoic, one look at his cold eyes and we know the rage he is in right now.

And the way Theo had a blank expression and empty eyes proves the immense anger coursing through him at this moment.

In fact all of us are angry.

More than that, all of us are tensed.

After a few minutes, the doctor finally came out.

We stood up and waited for him to speak.

"Ms. Marino is out of danger, Sir.", the doctor said, looking at Vince.

His confirmation finally relaxed all our nerves.

She is safe.

My sister is safe!

"But I must say it was a very dangerous poison, Mr. Marino. A little delay in bringing her here, the situation would have been worse. If the poison had stayed a little longer in her body, we wouldn't have been able to save her.", the doctor said.

We stiffened at that.

"How is my sister now?", Theo asked in a firm voice with a cold edge to it.

"She is completely fine, Mr. Marino. You can go see her after a few minutes.", the doctor said and Theo gave him a curt nod.

The doctor bowed a little and walked away.

Angel sat down with a thud and cried in relief.

Dylan sat down beside her and leaned his head against the wall.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Ash sagged on his chair and released a breath.

I looked back and found that black eyed guy still standing there and he looked relieved too. He glanced once at Angel and walked away.

Who is he?

Theo and Vince were a different story though.

They had completely stoic faces with Theo having blank eyes and Vince having cold ones.

Dylan , Ash and I glanced at each other and looked at Vince and Theo and they looked back at us.

We didn't need words to know what each of us were thinking.

At this moment there is only one thing running in our thoughts and that is finding the person who dared to harm our sister.

May God have mercy on that person cause we won't!


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