(Harry turns, see Hermione staring at the full moon. His eyes shift. Lupin is a rigid silhouette, his fingers twitching.)

"I don't look that bad when I turn,right?",Klaus quietly asked his siblings.


"Not one bit."

"You look like a princess compared to Moony."

"....Ha! Princess Klausina!"

"Don't call me that,Kol!"

"Oh shit!",Flora cursed having caught on with what Hermione meant.

"Oh shit indeed.....now run!",Marlene yelled.

Sirius then asked him cautiously,"Remus... did you take your potion tonight?"

"What do you think?",Remus sarcastic told Sirius. His future self was literally about to transform infront of them.

(Lupin, twitching, shakes his head. Pettigrew's eyes dart, taking in the situation, then slowly shift, note the wand trembling in lupin's lengthening fist.)

"Run. All of you. Now.",Sirius told the children.

"Listen to Siri and run like hell!"

(But none of them do, transfixed, watching as bristles poke through lupin's skin.)

Black steps forward, wraps his arms around his friend, presses his mouth to his ear,"You know the man you truly are,
Remus. This flesh is only flesh.This heart is where you truly live. This heart! Here!"

"Awe.",Rebekah said. Those two were cute.

Meanwhile Alice yelled,"Now is not the time to act cute! Run before Remus 2.0 comes out for dinner!

As Lupin's wand drops... Pettigrew leaps.

"No!",Harry yells before flashing his wand,"Expelliarmus!"

(Lupin's wand flies from Pettigrew's hand and he freezes. Then slowly turns. Face blank, eyes closed, he... grinshideously. Transforms. Stunned, Harry watches a rat dart into the night.




"I hope Moony eats him."

Flora looks at the scene before her with caution.

Lupin tosses Black into the air, then turns. He is no longer human. He's a werewolf. Harry,Flora,Neville,and Hermione begin to edge back.)


(The werewolf's eyes blaze. Long teeth glitter. Then... a horrifying growl erupts from its throat. Harry,Neville,and Hermione spin, begin to flee and they pull Flora with them....but they run flat into Snape.

As they collapse in a great clumsy pile, Snape's eyes flutter open, the spell broken. Seeing Hermione atop him, he sweeps her aside...)

"Out of the way!",Snape ordered.

Lily and Molly smile. Severus was going to save the day.

(... and finds the werewolf preparing to pounce. Leaping to his feet, Snape draws his wand and steps forward, shielding Hermione,Flora,Neville,Harry and Ron.

The werewolf howls, turns around,looks at Flora, SPRINTS forward, when -- SWOOSH! -- a giant dog (Black) intercepts it in midair. They hit the
ground in a fierce tangle of flashing teeth, a single horrible flailing beast.

Again and again, the dog pushes
the werewolf back, but the werewolf is too strong...,)


(The dog yelps, roars in pain, and the werewolf flings it into the tall grass. As it charges after, Harry pushes past Snape, dashes into the night. Hermione makes to
follow, but Snape holds her back.)

"Harry!",Hermione yelled.

"Come on Neville! We need to get him the hell away from them!",Flora told her brother. Then she and Neville ran after Harry.

Theo turns to Flora,"Bad Flora!"

"I'm not a dog!"

"Oh right, that's Lupin and your brother-in-law."


"Excuse me?!"

(Harry runs full out. Up ahead, framed against A full moon, he spies the dog, lying inert, the werewolf's
razor-sharp claws suspended over its neck).

Remus winced at that. He hopes that his future self didn't hurt Sirius or anyone else...If he did....he would probably carry the guilt forever.

"NO!!!",Harry yelled.

(Desperately, Harry plucks a thick branch from the ground
and hurls it with all his might. Bull's-eye. The werewolf freezes. Turns. Begins to move toward... Harry.

James looked shocked at what his son did then turned to him,"....You really do have my brain."

Harry draws his wand, terrified, but tormented as well,
knowing Lupin dwells somewhere within the beast.)

"Please, Professor. Stop... It's me."

Remus looked down and clenched his jaw. Oh how he really wished that he wasn't a werewolf....that he wasn't a monster.

(Suddenly... a howl pierces the night.
The werewolf falters, cocking its head toward the forest. Harry waits, petrified. The werewolf's eyes shift back
to him. It snarls, moves closer, ready to kill.

Suddenly, a figure runs and pushes the werewolf as far away as they can.

Kol froze then looked at Flora,"Tell me you didn't."

Flora only looked at him sheepishly.

Kol removed his arm from around Flora's shoulders.

"....My love?Are you alright?"

Kol didn't answer.

Harry then saw a something shine. The person was carrying....a sword?

The person was Flora.)

"Run,Harry. Neville. Both of you run.",Flora ordered before walking peacefully towards the werewolf.

(The werewolf snarled at Flora, but she didn't pay attention to that. Instead she sent a spell towards him.

A closer look at her sword would show how she was holding both sword and her wand with the same hand.)

"Teach me how to do that!",Marlene told Flora whom chuckled.

"Alright...but it's really easy."

(Flora looked at the wolf infront of her before moving towards it.

The wolf lunged at her, but Flora moved to the side. While doing that,she raised her sword and gave Moony a slight cut on his right side.

After that, Moony growled at her.

Flora only smirked at him....game on.

Moony tried to scratch her, but Flora moved away.

When she moved away, the werewolf almost caught her necklace.

"Ah.Ah.Ah....bad Wolfie.",Flora told him and threw another spell at him.

And it went on like that for the next few minutes. Flora sending spells here and there while trying to avoid the murderous werewolf.

Jumping up, sliding down, left, right. The sword could be seen moving,giving the wolf several cuts.

With every cut that she manages to give the wolf, a howl is heard.)

"You okay?",Alice asked Remus.

"Yup.",Remus told her unconvincingly.

Neville,who was standing next to Harry, then pulled the younger one away from the scene.

"No, Neville, that's my sister! What if she needs my help?",Harry protested.

"Then she will ask for it.",Was a Neville said.

(The fight between Flora and Moony continued.

She was trying to avoid getting bitten/scratched.

While the wolf was trying to avoid Flora's sword and spells.

All of a sudden, second howl echoes high above the forest.

Harry and Neville freeze. Then they Look.  The werewolf bounds toward the forest, vanishes leaving Flora behind.

There is one thing on her that is clearly seen.....

The large cut on her leg. )

Kol closed his eyes at this.

He saw Flora litteraly get ripped apart by his father....he didn't want to see her die by getting ripped apart by a wolf.

"Kol? Are you alright?",Flora asked him again.

Kol gave her a small, and unconvincing smile,"I'm fine."

"Did it cut you?",Neville asked when she turned around to face them.

Remus looked horrified by that. The possibility that the could have bitten/scratched his own goddaughter was getting to him.

"No. I accidentally cut myself with the sword. Let me fix my leg a bit before we get the hell out of here. We need to go before he comes back.",Flora told them.

( In the darkness, the wounded dog lurches through the tall grass. Falls. Rises. Falls again. Each time becoming more human. This gets the attention of the three siblings.

As he disappears over the ridge, Harry
sprints after. )

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!",Ron groaned. He had not been told about this part. He knew that Harry had somehow ended with the Dementors, but not that he had run away from his siblings after his sister just fought with a werewolf.

"Son of a -",Flora said .

"We NEED to get that boy on a leash.",Neville interrupted her.


"I still stand with that statement.",Neville told Flora.

"So do I."

(Harry stumbles down to Black, who lies on the water's edge, now fully a man, arms and face gleaming with

"Sirius!"Harry looks into his glassy eyes,"Sirius!"

(A fragile mist escapes Harry's mouth. A raw wind tosses his hair. Chill-bumps pebble his skin. A fringe of ice
appears at the lake's edge. Then they appear, oozing like smoke through the trees across the lake. Dementors.)



"No... No!",Harry yelled drawing his wand,"Expecto... Patronum!"

(A thin silvery wisp weeps from Harry's wand, hovering like a veil, but the Dementors continue to come. Harry
places his hand on Black's heaving heart, poises his wand
once more:)

"Expecto... Patronum...",Harry tried once more.

"Harry!", Flora's voice is heard in a distance.

"Run!....Dementors!",Harry yelled back as loud as he could.

(Harry's patronus blooms briefly... and dies. Harry's eyes flutter, the dementors twisting madly in his vision, drawing closer. Black gasps. silvery feathers of light tumble from his lips, as if his very soul were leaving

Then... a light splinters the trees. Harry squints, sees a fiery stag appear... its body luminous... slashing through the trees... sowing light in the darkness.

James frowned at that....he was dead...so why was there a stag there? Who's patronus was that?

Then another figure appears. It's running around and helping the stag.

"Your patronus?",Finn asked Flora and she nodded.

The Dementors wilt in its wake, but more replace them, sweeping down in waves. Still, the stag charges on.

The light expands. The forest blazing with it. The remaining Dementors flee, drifting across the moon like ash.

The light ebbs. The stag's luminous body flickers. There is a bright flash and darkness returns, a single thread of light all that remains, spinning down to the size of a pearl... in the palm of man, standing deep in the trees.

Harry studies the strangely familiar
silhouette, then... it is gone. Silence drops like a curtain.

Mist rises from the lake.
As Snape appears at the top of the rise, the camera fades.)

Flora turned to Kol and spoke lowly,"Are you sure you're alright?"

"What do you think,Flora? Mikael ripped you appart....limb from limb...and I just saw you fight a wolf-"

"That is not my first time fighting a wolf and you know it,K-."

Kol turned to her and grabbed her shoulders,"But you were human there. What would have happened if you died? Huh?"

Flora only looked at him,"Then you would had continued your life never knowing that I was reborn."

"Oh so I would continue to live in hell? Okay."

Flora shook her head and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Neville,who had heard the whole conversation just like every other vampire, muttered to Harry,"If he's acting like this right now imagine how he'll be during the next few school years."

Kol turned to him,"What is that supposed to mean? What happens in the next school years."

"Nothing,Kol. Don't worry about it.",Flora told him and sent Neville a look telling him to shut up.


"Don't worry about it,darling."

"Hey! That's my thing."

"Just shut up,my love."

"Much better."