Rewritten: 5/7/2022

I managed to get up off the floor, the gun still pointed at his towering figure. Mister Romano said, his eyes darting to mine, "I've been too polite to you." My trembling finger curled around the weapon's trigger as I swallowed the knot in my throat. "You're making it tough for both of us," Mister Romano stated quietly as he approached me cautiously. He murmured, "Just put the gun down, back on the floor."

I blinked a couple of times and gave a small nod. Because of how afraid I am, it was obvious on my face that I was lying. He swiftly stepped out of the area before I fired the trigger out of panic. Mister Romano sprang at me in wrath when a loud pop reverberated throughout the house, a tiny cry escaping my lips. His hand tangled in my hair after it traveled up to the nape of my neck. His other hand snatched the pistol from my hold and pressed the warm weapon against the skin of my temple. He tightened his grasp on my hair, forcing me to gaze up at his olive-green eyes, which were dilated with fury. "You want to kill me?" Through his teeth, he growled. "Try it," he said, pressing the metal into my temple even harder. "You psycho! Let me go!" I immediately barked, trembling with terror. "Diamond, I gave you too many warnings," My eyes welled up with tears as I realized he was about to kill me. "I'm going to have to hurt you even though I don't want to," 

He gave me a warning gaze as my heart raced against my rib cage. I blurted out, his hand still grasping my hair, "I swear I won't do anything stupid, Mister Romano." Mister Romano eased the pistol away from my skin gently, but he retained his grasp on my hair. In front of him, I instantly burst into tears. Mister Romano's face became more relaxed as he let go of my hair. Waves of tears ran down the skin of my cheek, and I let out a shaky exhale. "I'm breaking my back trying to keep you alive and away from my men, but something like this makes me wonder whether I made the right decision," He replied quietly, his thumb pads brushing away my tears. "At the very least, make things simple for me,"

I blurted out, his thumb halted against my cheek, "I don't trust you." His hand fell to his side, but his stare remained fixed on me. Before gripping my waist, he slid his gun back into his waistband. "I understand, but you could make your life easier if you stopped running from me, doll," Mister Romano listened to my statement with respect, yet he seemed agitated but was unusually calm. I did not respond. "I swear I would never do anything to harm you, doll," he said, a hint of sadness on his face.

He's the head of a criminal organization, so of course he'd harm me. He responded, "We need to get you washed up, princess." Mister Romano said, leading me back to the master bedroom, "I am taking you to my house in an hour." The bathroom, which was spacious and faintly lighted, was located in the bedroom. He simply ordered, "Strip." "I can shower myself," I swiftly said, turning away from the mobster. He stated, leaning against the marble sink, "I'm staying here to make sure you don't risk escaping." "Mister Romano, I said I can shower myself." I replied, anxiously. He stated, "I will go once I know you are in the shower, cleaning yourself off, and not trying to run away."

I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes as I swiftly slipped my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra; immediately removing them before instantly pushing my shorts down. I could feel his eyes blazing across my skin as he advised, "Please just call me Edgardo." I was silent for a moment, not responding to his statement. I quickly stepped from out of my shorts and entered the shower. I turned on the hot water so it can hit my skin. I started weeping underneath the water as soon as I heard the door close. I'm not sure why I should trust him or why he's trying to protect me.

I stepped out of the shower and freshened myself after about half an hour. I put on the white shirt and jeans Edgardo had given me and walked over to the bathroom window, hoping it wasn't bolted down. I yanked on the latch until it finally clicked, causing me to stare at the window in shock. My prayers have been answered at long last. I rapidly slid the glass up, keeping an eye on the door to make sure Edgardo wasn't turning the doorknob to see if I was finished. My breathing became unsteady as the glass slid up. I slipped one foot out the window before leaping out of it and into the freshly mowed grass. Because it was dark outside, I took my time, but not too slowly that Mister Romano would worry I'd been in the bathroom for too long.

I was now at side of the house, so I proceeded to the front, where I heard his deep voice as I was about to turn the corner. I peeked over the corner to see him at the front of the home, conversing with a man in a black suit, his hands in his casual pants pockets. The lights from a black BMW with deeply tinted windows nearly blinded me as it pulled into the driveway. I gulped and rested my back onto the painted concrete wall. "Are you f*cking serious?" A surprised voice with an Italian accent inquired. "What was I supposed to do?" Just kill her? I realize that it's my fault, but I'll take care of it." Edgardo raised his voice. "Is she now in the house?" As a response, the voice questioned. My heart began pounding into my chest as he replied, "Yes, Vince, she's in the f*cking house."

A vehicle door shut and footsteps grew louder. "I apologize for interrupting Don Romano and Vince, but we are ready to escort you both,"  Another voice spoke out, and you could sense the fear in his voice. Edgardo replied, "We're wrapping up our chat soon." He then demanded, "Vince, go get the broad; she's in the master bathroom." I peeked over the corner again, noticing that Vince had entered the home without hesitation. I started going rapidly to the rear of the house, trying hard not to make any noise.

I heard a shout after approximately five minutes. "Gardo, she's gone!" I started sprinting to the other side of the house, assuming that since they were all looking for me inside the house, I could simply dash out of the driveway and get away from this mobster, but I was mistaken. Around the home, sirens began to blare, as guards began manually closing the gates. I became motionless. I'm f*cked. The sound of many footsteps on the grass increased loudly with each step; it was too late to run. My eyes instinctively squinted when a flashlight blasted into my face. "Hey!" Seeing me, a voice exclaimed.

I'm f*cked. I started sprinting towards the direction where I had leapt through the window. I made the decision to bolt to the driveway and attempt to climb the metal gates. The footsteps followed me as I bolted for my life. Mister Romano stepped in front of me as I made it to the driveway. His massive hands curled around my waist as I bummed into his solid chest. As I pleaded with him to simply let me go, his icy cold gaze fell on me, but he didn't listen to a word I said. "It appears that you earned yourself your first punishment, doll," His voice had a slight harshness to it. I attempted to flee from him.

Vince ultimately returned to us outside the home. Mister Romano, fighting to keep me calm, yelled, "Prendi il roofie, Vince." (Get the roofie, Vince)