Chapter 69

My eyes slowly fluttered open as the voices in the room began to become more prominent.

Why the fuck are there people in my room anyways?

Did they forget it's MY room. God sometimes having brothers is soo annoying.

"Well the balls in two weeks so she should be okay by then." Lorenzo says as I blink slowly looking around to see my family however, our cousins weren't in the room at the moment.

Where are they all?

All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my arm taking me out of my thoughts.

I glanced up to see everyone looking at me in happiness.

"Good afternoon principessa." I was greeted by my dad as a smile met my face.

"Hey." I reply not feeling like talking too much.

My head felt slightly foggy as I slowly begin sitting up and Angelo walks forward to help me.

"How long have I been sleeping?" I question, still feeling slightly disoriented from just waking up.

Before anyone can answer a long yawn escapes my mouth as I stretch my arms out.

That's the longest I have ever slept without having a nightmare or waking up for school.

I normally find it really hard to wake up although, I can't seem to remember what I had done the day before.

"You have been asleep for a day." Luca speaks slowly as if I lost brain cells during that sleep.

Only he is able to do that.


"H-how?" I inquires trying hard to think back as suddenly, I start to remember bits.

"Your drink was drugged at the restaurant but it should be out of your system by now." Valentino explains as I nod still not fully processing this new information.

"When can I get out of here then?" I say looking up to Valentino with my puppy eyes in hopes he will let me out quickly.

"I just need to give you a check up and then you can go and rest in the living room." He informs me as I nod.

"Why are you so excited to leave this room anyways." Matteo asks as I roll my eyes discreetly.

"Have you looked around this room yet?" I reply with a question as he examines he room.

"Hey what's wrong with it?" Valentino questions as he continues to listen to my heart beat.

"It's so plain and I hate hospital rooms." I groan now searching for my phone.

"True. What are you looking for?" Angelo inquires now joining in the conversation.

"Where is my phone?" I announce still scanning the room as Angelo walks towards the door.

Wow he is leaving me.

Yeah I would leave to if I had the chance too.

You wouldn't get far because no one wants you anyway.

"Your phones here." I hear looking up at Angelo as he passes it to me.

"Thank you." I respond checking my phone to see a message from Ivy.

Oh yeah I forgot about her through out these school holidays.

I should invite her around one day.

I click on the message as the Face ID goes through and I see the message.

Ivy and Liliana messages

Ivy - hey wanna hang out some time.

Liliana - sure I will text you what day we can hang out.

I put my phone down as a small grin spreads on my face but this causes everyone to looks at me.

"Who messaged you?" Lorenzo started the interrogation which I was a bit surprised by as I thought Angelo would start.

"It's just my friend now leave me alone." I comment leaning my head back. It I still feel their intense stares not moving from my face.

I never realised how pretty I was until these people began staring at me all the time.

"Who-" luckily the door opens before dad could finish his sentence saving me from them as we all look to the door.

Whoever just opened the door is officially my favourite although I don't choose favourites.

All the time at least.

"Angelo we need to go-" An unfamiliar guy strides in glaring at his phone as he starts talking to Angelo however, stops mid sentence as he looks at me in shock.

Who does he think he is walking straight in without knocking? And more importantly, who is he?

I shuffle back slightly still looking at him but it doesn't go unnoticed by anyone in the room.

Perfect now the guy in front of me is going to think I'm scared of him which wouldn't be wrong but he doesn't need to know that.

"Liliana." The guy whispers so quietly to himself I almost didn't hear. Almost.

How does he even know my name?

"Uhh Ares this is my little sister Liliana and Liliana this is ares my best friend." Angelo greets us to each other while still standing next to me.

"Hi." I say looking at my hands as my nerves slightly go knowing Angelo trusts him.

Suddenly, I'm engulfed in a tight hug shocking me and I just stay in the hug not hugging back but not pushing him away either.

"I don't think you remember me but I was here before you left."ares gushes in excitement as everyone smiles.

"I used to be your favourite." He mentions as I he the others groan in annoyance.

"You were definitely not the favourite it was obviously me." Angelo argues getting an eye roll from Ares.

"Yeah well she still liked me more than the others." He states crossing his arms as I chuckle at their childish behaviour.

I've never seen Angelo act so calm and happy.

They fight like real brothers.

Hearing my laughs they all turn to me and stop fighting while Angelo sits on the right side of the bed and dad sits on the left.

"Can I get out of here now?" I ask looking over to Valentino as he stands back and watches us.

"Yeah but you need to rest so why don't we have a movie night in the cinema room?" He suggests looking around the room to see everyone nod with big grins plastered on their faces.

"Okay then everyone get ready and then we can all meet in the cinema room." Dad asserted as Luca and matteo raced out the room.

"Wait ana." Just as I was about to get up Valentino stopped me.

"What-" I didn't get time to ask before I get lifted into Valentino's arms causing me to let out a scream.

"I can walk Tino." I complain but he stops looking at me.

"Ha she nicknamed me first so that means I'm her favourite!" He shouts in joy as sad laughs along with him and the others all roll their eyes looking away.

"I don't have a favourite now please get me out of here soo I can go pick a movie for us. I explain as he just open Listens leaving the room still laughing with me in his arms.

We finally get to my room and he places me gently on my feet taking a step back.

"I will come back in 5 minutes to take you downstairs bambina." He beams walking out and taking a right to his room.

I shake my head with a smile as I make my way in the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and then after walk into my closet going to the pjs section and choosing out my new favourite silk set.

After changing, I hear my room door open causing me to walk back into the rim to be greeted with Valentino who is typing on his phone.

"Come on let's go downstairs now." He comments as he walks over and picks me up unexpectedly making me squeal and grab onto him tightly.

"I can walk please let me down." I groan as he laughs at me.

"I just don't want you to hurt yourself." He informs me as I roll my eyes when he is not looking.

"Do you I need anything before me go?" He questions looking around but I just shake my head.

We make it downstairs as I see Luca with his arms full of snacks.

Yes we get to eat snacks.

I guess everyone knows who I'm sitting with.

We get into the cinema room and I sit on the right side of the long couch besides Luca as the others all jump on it too.

"What movie do you guys want to watch?" Angelo asks as he finally sits down and takes the remote.

"what about power?" Lorenzo suggests as the others all agree.

Angelo clicks on it as the movie starts playing the credits and I secretly reach over to Luca and steal a handful of swear and salted popcorn.

—————————after the movie————————-

I stretch as the credits roll down the scream again as the others begin standing up.

"Dad messaged and said to go up and eat." Angelo comments looking at his phone as a round of 'okay' go around the room.

We all walk upstairs joking and laughing as we walk into the dining room.

But as we walk in Angelo and Lorenzo suddenly stop laughing and clear their thought causing the others to stop and look forward.

"Hello Angelo." A deep voices echos through the room making me look up and hide behind Angelo.

Sitting besides dad is a buff man with a squirrel moustache and a black suit on.

"Hi Ace, you didn't tell me your coming." He replies playfully as the other man chuckles.

"I didn't think I need to ask to come see my good friend." He responds back, this time making Angelo laugh.

"Come sit down guys." Dad announces as we all walk over to our seat but I still stand behind Angelo.

Even though I have gotten way more confident being here I still don't like meatiness new people.

Angelo notices me staying behind him as he turns to me.

"I promise he wouldn't dare even look at you the wrong way while your with us." He whispers reassuringly as I nod and go to sit in my regular seat.

I take another glance at the man to see him staring right back at me and only now notice the other guy beside him who looks like his twin.

"Es esta la famosa princesa de la mafia?" He questions to dad but doesn't move his gaze away from me. (Is this the famous mafia princess.)

Does he really think I don't know what that means.

Of course I'm the mafia princess bitch.

"Sí, entonces, ¿de qué quieres hablar?" Dad responds looking over at me as I just look down at my plate pretending to pay no attention to them. (Yeah, so what do you want to talk about then?)

"¿Ya lo sabe?" The guy asks now looking away to Angelo as I sit here confused. (Does she know yet?)

What don't I know.

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