when you refuse to cuddle/kiss them:

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I dyed my hairrrrrr! And I'm also writing chapter 2 of 'friends til the end'!

*he thought he did something wrong
*wanted his cuddles and his kisses
*after awhile he started to cry
*went home after awhile
*"I-I'm just going to go home...."

*he was annoyed
*kept trying
*got offended asf
*went home all pissed off
*"Well if you're gonna be like that then I'm going home, bye mi amor"

*thought maybe you were just upset
*tried to communicate it
*got a bit sad
*tried to let you know how he was feeling
*"Y/n, I get you may have not had the best day, but there is no need to take it out on me or make it my fault. We can speak about it, but first you need to come to your senses a bit, and until then I'm going home. I hope I didn't offend you, and I love you, but bye."

*he got visibly hurt and angry
*rolled his eyes at you
*he did the same thing
*abandoned you for pinball
*"F*ck this, I'm going to pinball"

*he was sad and upset
*kept trying to get his kisses and cuddles
*he got you an apology gift because he thought he had done something wrong
*after a bit he started crying
*"I wanna go home now.......bye bubs"

*he was visibly hurt
*Griffin doesn't initiate affection often, so when he did and you refused it, he felt super embarrassed
*went home and cried into his pillow
*refused to eat dinner that night

*was sad asf
*just watched her movie alone
*she just went home after awhile
*drew you flowers
*"Flower..? Did I do something wrong?"

List Chapter


How you met:

How long they liked you before asking you out:

How he asked you out:

The drive in- Robin

where they kiss you:

PDA levels:

how they would react if you went missing:

Pinball- Vance Hopper

Their summer hobbies:

Jealousy- Robin

cleaning day- Billy

height comparisons:

mental disorders I feel like they would have:

Their favorite sports:

Baseball- Bruce

Their reactions to your period:

their favorite movies:

dogs or cats?:

How clingy are they?:

Their fears:

How popular are they:

Their love language:

How you break up:

How you make up:

How all nighters go between you two:

who you're related to:

do they scare easily:

what its like to date them:

how they are during horror movies:

Would they cheat?:

What you two do when you hangout:

crushing on you- Finney

their favorite school subject:

their dream vacation area:

their greatest flaw:

who's their best friend:

their favorite Stephen King book:

their favorite modern day band:

what flavor monster would they like? (modern day):

What's most special to them? (yk besides you):

their favorite horror TV show (modern day):

favorite outdoor activity:

what they collect:

their favorite fruit:

the chore they do around their house:

would they drink?:

would they let you paint their nails?:


favorite board game:

packing for vacation:

what (modern) TV show did they watch as a child?:

How you two sleep together:

what kind of drunk they are:

things you would steal from them:

What other languages do they speak?:

How many kids do you two have?:

their favorite Marvel character:

would they kill a spider?:

flowers- vance x male! reader

lovers in the bookshop- Finney

the nickname they call you:

their celebrity crush:

How they would react to you trying to teach them to skateboard:

What they do to recieve your attention:

Their Instagram feed:

Last days of hell- Finney

How they are when camping:

Them at the beach:

excess- Finney

Can't do it-Finney

who's older?:

their sleep schedule:

your enemy (Donna or Moose):

weird obsessions:

how they would be in a haunted house:

what kind of friend they are:

who liked who first?:

first to know about the relationship:

their favorite color:

(all together)their seat in the car:

their favorite (modern) fast food place:

sleep order at a sleepover (all boys):

their favorite (modern day) video game:

their favorite stranger things (teens) character:

their favorite stranger things (kids) character:

their worst hairstyle they had:

stupidest time they got injured:

what socials would they have:

their favorite parent:

celebrity they hate most:

b00bs or butt?:

do they pay attention in class?:

do they get in fights?:

can they cook:

stupidest question they have asked:

their biggest traumatic moment:

their favorite dessert:

their favorite (after 1978) horror slasher:

papers- Billy

that night in the cellar- Robin

Secrets- Robin

My lover boy- Robin

What they are allergic to:

Do they say sorry first:

Can they do hair:

Biggest pet peeves:

How they react to you having nightmares:

How easily do they fall in love:

Their favorite thing about you:

their favorite thing about you (physical):

If they had nightmares:

how they would react if you were in a band/gig:

how they would be in an escape room:

how they react when burning themselves:

Cheater- Billy

what you two do on snow days:

The day I met you- Robin x gen/m reader

My loves- Robin x Finny x popular cheerleader, fem! reader

hikes with them:

beach- Finney

how they cheer you up:

When you're sick vs. When they're sick

can they draw:


what they get in trouble for:

when they make you cry:

the first time you saw them cry:

How thet react when you touch their hair:

babysitting with them:

when you are cold:

Back to where I belong- Robin

when someone walks in on y'all making out:

what they get you for your anniversary:

who's more affectionate:

if y/n got kidnapped and d!ed:

if you sat on their lap:

if you broke up with them as a joke:

when their drunk:

when you have heterochromia iridum:

would they let you do their makeup + their reaction

reaction to a broken bone:

when you have a panic attack from abuse/trauma:

when you flinch during an argument:

When you argue:

How dates go between you two:

Their favorite way to cuddle:

when they're stressed:

What they like that you do:

When they're mad at you:

when you're giving him the silent treatment:

when they're high:

When theyre hungover:

Patching them up:

what it's like sharing a bed with them:

if you made them cry:

when you wipe their kisses:

when you have a headache vs. when they do

if you threw up on them vs if they threw up on you:

When you're clingy vs. when they are

15 hcs about them:

15 more hcs:

when someone flirts with you:

Donna catch up:

when someone flirts with them:

when they get cold whilst cuddling:

when you tell them you hate them in an argument:

when they thought you wanted to break up:

they react to you having vitiligo:

when you fall asleep on them vs when they fall asleep on you:

when you want to be big spoon:

When you have sleepovers:

if they went missing and come back to find you dating someone:

when you get back together with them when you were dating someone else:

if you were introverted vs. extroverted

comforting them be like:

When they climb into your bed in the middle of the night:

If you had covid:

Naps with them:

When you tell them you aren't happy in the relationship:

how you get back with them (again):

what their family and friends think of you:

When you're cuddling them:

Them in school:

They give you a drawing:

You guys have an argument:


when you guys are sick together:

Watching a movie with them:

when you beg them to skip class and agree:

you tell him you love him:

when they bully/get bullied:

you wear their hoodie:

how they fall asleep at night:

When they give you the silent treatment:

when you ask to cuddle:

when you refuse to cuddle/kiss them:

When they're scared of a movie:

how they react to y/n speaking in their native language:

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