What Makes You Beautiful: Eddie Munson

Request: Hey, sorry to bother you but I was thinking if you could do an Eddie x f!reader.Where the reader is a little bit overweight and feels insecure about it. And Eddie (her boyfriend) comforts her and tells her how beautiful they are. Ofc if you want to and you have time . Have a nice day ❤ 

Today you were just feeling like your normal confident self, instead, you were feeling insecure about your weight and wanting to hide it away from the world. You had changed your outfit about ten times already because nothing was fitting right or you didn't feel comfortable enough in it because of how you looked in it, which resulted in your sitting beside your bed and crying wondering if maybe you should just skip school today. 

Eddie pulled you into your driveway and was surprised to see that your front door wasn't open like it was every morning while you got ready so you could wait for him, but maybe you were running behind today. He climbed out of his van and walked up to the front door and knocked on it and was surprised to see that your mom answered it. 

"Hey Eddie, they're running a bit behind today. Your welcome to wait inside for her." Your mom said giving him a quick hug before heading off to work. 

"Sweetheart." He called out walking down the hallway towards your room as you quickly tried to wipe your eyes.

"Hey, Eds." You said looking up at him as he entered his room but you knew he was already worrying. 

"Hey, sweetheart, what's going on? Why are you crying?" He asked taking a seat across from you on the floor. 

"Eds, I don't feel pretty anymore and nothing fits anymore like it used. I didn't realize that I put on a few pounds." You said through tears breaking Eddie's heart seeing you like this. 

"Hey Hey don't talk about yourself like that... you are still beautiful even if you did gain a little weight which I hadn't noticed because I still think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on." He said to you.

"Really?" You asked him quietly searching his beautiful brown eyes for any hit of lying which you didn't find any. 

"Really. It doesn't matter if you are 60 pounds or 400, I will still love you the same because you are beautiful just the way you are. I love you, sweetheart." He said kissing you. 

"I love you too Eds." You said smiling at him. 

"Well, we've already missed half of first period so we honestly should just skip today." He said looking up at your clock. 

"My bad." You said with a laugh. 

"It's alright, I think we can both afford to miss a day, so what do you say with just veg out and watch some movies and order some food?" He asked you. 

"I would like that a lot, Eds."  You said smiling at him as he helped you up off your floor.

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