TWO - It's not my fault their hearts get broken in the process (Edited)

The backyard was lustrously lit and filled with guests by the time we arrived. I had never seen such a classy yet mundane barbecue dinner. It wasn't the hostile preppy dinner parties I used to attend. Speaking only when spoken to and eating like a lady events is what I was used to.

This dinner made me realize that it's not the class or money of the people that make a party, but the people themselves. Everyone looked so friendly, happy, classy, and expensive, yet so humble and beautiful. It felt like one big extended happy family having dinner. I assumed they all put aside all their problems and decided to be happy this one night. Because there was no way they were all this chirpy every day of their lives. 


I watched as Renia walked away from me and towards someone in a white fluffy gown and gold stilettos. Her blond hair was packed in a tight bun, leaving room for her face to be admired. Her eyes were bright as the glitter around her eyeliner brought a sparkle to them. She smiled at Renia and waved back. Valerie looked just like she did on her channel.


Valerie was sitting at the four peas in a pod table, and next to her sat a ridiculously good-looking guy. Dark brown haie, which gleamed with blond highlights under the yellow lights. Angled, defined cheekbones carved down towards a concrete jaw. Bristly full brows that drew together in a frown.

I figured that was Alec because Renia said Jeff and Wes were out of town. But she forgot to mention how much of an eye candy Alec was.

"She looks like an angel," Xander whispered in my ear, scaring me. At first, I thought that was my angel speaking to me. You know how they say we have two angels on our shoulders?

Who? I traced his line of sight to Valerie. Of course.

"You on the other hand...," Xander turned to me. "I can't account for."

"We are siblings," I narrowed my eyes at him with a smug smile. "If I'm ugly, then so are you."

"Don't feel bad about getting all the bad genes. It had to go to someone," He shrugged. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. I didn't think anyone else could have a more annoying younger sibling. Xander takes the crown every damn time.

I looked back at Renia, who was motioning for me to come over. Taking a deep breath, I strolled in their direction and settled in the chair next to Valerie. I had never really been the shy type, but there was something about Valerie and her friend that made me anxious. I had adored and watched her videos religiously for the past year. So I convinced myself that my edginess was normal. 

"This is my cousin, Bells. She recently moved here from Canada...," Renia's introduction of me was interrupted when her mum called her over. 

No. No. No. I winced as I watched Renia walk away from us, leaving me to stare down at my fingers awkwardly. 

I was about to walk away with the excuse of getting a drink when Valerie turned to me with a sweet smile. "Hi, I'm Valerie. But you can call me Val."

It took every inch of muscle in me not to squeal about how much I loved her. "Belion. But everyone calls me Bells."

She nodded her head as I spoke, playing with the strands of Linguine on her plate. "Bells. That's easy to remember," she looked up at me. "Will you also be attending Spring field?"

"Yes," I smiled, feeling my uneasiness wash away. "I'll be joining as a Junior this semester."

"Awww. That sucks," She pouted. "I'm already a senior. But that's okay. We can still hang out, and I can show you around the school, if you're interested."

The guy next to her raised a brow and threw a sharp, surprised glance in her direction before returning his attention to his phone. 

"Yeah, I would love that."

Then she pointed to the guy next to her. "This is Alec, my best friend."

"Nice to meet you," I said, and he just threw a cold nod my way. His eyes remained glued to his phone, and I couldn't help but stare at his face. His clear skin and tight jawline. The only thing soft in his expression was his lips. It had a bow-like shape- with the lower part a lot plumper.

His eyes remained pasted to his phone as he lifted an eyebrow my way as if he had caught me staring, but even then, I still couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from him.

He raised his head, and arched an eyebrow higher, a smirk on his lips as he tilted his head. He didn't need to say a word. I knew I had already fueled too much of his ego by shamelessly admiring him, and it was written clearly on his face.

I swiftly dragged my eyes from him and took a look at Mrs. Briggs and her cats. Renia wasn't kidding when she said the woman takes her cats seriously. The cats were purring and eating their expensive cat food in style.

"You know she didn't always have them around," Valerie whispered to me when she noticed my staring. "She gets a cat each time a close relative of hers dies," she added.

I turned to look at Valerie with a gasp. I couldn't believe Mrs. Briggs had lived to witness the death of fourteen relatives. I just had two die, and I felt like my world was crumbling. Scratch that, my world has crumbled. Life as I knew it could never be the same again.

"That is so sad."

"And weird," Xander added from behind me, chewing loudly on a shrimp.

"I don't even feel the slightest bit of pity for her. She is a terrible human being," Valerie scoffed.

I wasn't good at hiding my emotions, so the disgust I felt at her words was written clearly on my face. "You are a terrible human being for saying that. By the way, if she is such a terrible person, why isn't she the one dying?"

"Val is not a terrible person," Alec, who stayed out of our conversations until now, voiced out. "She just said the truth, besides the one who is left behind suffers the most."

How could we be sure of that when we've never been on the other side?

"It doesn't matter. No one deserves to witness people they loved die regardl-,"

"Oh please, spare me the bullshit and go preach to someone else," He replied in a stern voice.

"It's not my fault you sound like an uneducated douchebag," I responded with an equal riposte.

Alec narrowed his eyes at me, obviously revolted by my response. I didn't back down from his stare either, and this time it wasn't because of his beauty. But because his unattractiveness had managed to seep through his words.

"Four peas in a pod uh, more like the four stooges," I heard Xander muttered under his breath, shaking his head as he walked away.

I didn't want to be left alone with them, especially Alec, so I excused myself without a word and followed Xander inside.

Renia was helping her mum with the servings, while Xander was... well, helping himself with the servings.

"I can't believe you left me alone with them," I pouted, leaning my back on the kitchen counter next to Renia.

"I thought you liked them," Renia pointed out, pursing her lips mockingly.

"I like Valerie, but that Alec guy is something else."

"Oh, give him a break. He has been through so much. A lot of people think rich people have no problems, but they suffer the most," Renia replied.

I knew that could be true due to my experience with my father. But that wasn't enough reason for them to be so blatantly rude towards an old lady.

I help myself to a few oysters from the tray. Most of the food was seafood because it was a seafood theme dinner.

Poor animals. So endangered yet so delicious.


Renia and Xander were sophomores and had most classes together, so it wasn't a surprise when the two became stuck at the hips. While I had to deal with being a loner.

Not having friends never bothered me much because I used to have Amanda. Even after she left for college, we texted almost every day, and she was my safe space. Without her now, I felt so lost and alone.

It wasn't until my second week in school that I made a friend. And in a comical way, might I add.

The funny thing about our subconscious is that it was always right. Yet, it was something we ignored the most. We tend to think we know better and only bank on our consciousness.

The lower back and belly ache I had in the morning. The intense emotional outburst and feeling of despair. The rabbit hole and heightened miss of my deceased sister and father. It wasn't a normal occurrence. I didn't usually feel as hopeless as I had felt lately. Still, I ignored the little voice in my head that had tried to indicate the reason for my misery. 

It wasn't until the third period before lunch that I felt something liquid spill onto my underwear. There it was.

Please, let it be pee. Please, let it be pee. Let it be pee. I hopelessly prayed as I made my way to the female's washroom. God, please help me not embarrass myself!

I pulled my underwear down and leaned on the stall with a sigh. Blood. As much as it wasn't a surprise, I still felt stupid for not bringing a tampon or pad with me.

I decided to stay here until school ended. I had no friends, so no one would notice my presence. I couldn't risk going out with stained underwear.

The bathroom door jerked open while I was in the middle of my internal regret debate, and I heard heels clicking on the ground- one walking softer than the other.

"Stop crying. He isn't worth it," one of them said, her voice modulated. I remained sitting on the toilet, trying to be as quiet as I could. There were only two ways things could go if I made noise; one- they accuse me of eavesdropping. Two- they ask me to excuse them. And both options sounded extremely terrible to me.

"Did he say what I did wrong? I really can't live without him," the other girl cried with a sniffle.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. It was stupid to say you can't live without a boy. I'm pretty sure she survived just fine before she met him.

"I'll try and talk to him," the other girl sighed.

"It has just been a month. How could he not feel anything anymore? After everything we've been through?"

"I honestly don't know, but I'll ask him."

"Don't let him know I cried. Don't let anyone know. Promise me that."

"I promise and swear on your life that I wouldn't tell," She said with fake enthusiasm.

"If you get him to come back to me, I'll get you the Beyoncé VIP ticket and backstage passes."

"Beyoncé?" My voice was so loud I was sure passersby heard me from outside of the bathroom.

I clasped my hand over my mouth and proceeded to tap it for being faster than my brain. Why couldn't I keep my mouth shut?

The door yanked open with the utmost force, and I closed my eyes in regret. Why didn't I lock my stall either?

By the time I opened my eyes, I was confronted with two pairs of eyes staring down at me. One was green while the other was brown. The brown eyes girl had short wavy hair and an amused smirk on her face.

The green-eyed girl, however, looked like she could kill me. She gazed down at my stained underwear, and her spiteful expression switched to disgust as she crumpled her face. "So freaking gross."

I'm taken aback by her words. "What is? Blood?"

She eyed me, narrowing her eyes in what was supposed to be intimidating. "Who are you?"

"And who are you?"

Her brows drew together as she continued to access me. "You don't know who I am?"

"What was my previous question?"

She scoffed as if she couldn't believe her ear. Then she turned away from me and made her way toward the wash hand basin. "I'll let you be for now 'cause I can't be seen with your likes."

It wasn't until she left that I realized that the brown-eyed girl was still in the room. She turned to me with a smile. "Hi, I'm Tessie. You must be new. I don't think I've seen you around."

I stared down at the ground. I wasn't in the mood for a conversation, not in my current state. The girl spoke again, "Do you need a Tampax? I have one in my purse if you're interested?"

"Yes, please."

She chuckled and nodded in understanding. "I'll be back soon."

And just like that, I made a new friend. Turns out the broken-hearted, mean one was Caroline, or like Tessie would say- Luke's latest conquest.

Most of my and Tessie's classes were the same. So for the rest of the day, we bonded over our love for Queen-B, food, and Crime documentaries. After school, she also made an offer to drive me home when she learned that I had to take the bus due to my car still being in Canada.

However, what was supposed to be a quick drive home ended up being a stop at the subway, then the mall to help Tessie pick out outfits for her date on Saturday night.

Her best friend, Luke- who Tessie had introduced as Springfield high resident heartbreaker- was also in the car with us.

"I'm not a player. I'm just searching for my soulmate. It's not my fault their hearts get broken in the process," He tried to defend himself.

"Anyway," She dismissed him with a wave of her hand. "You need to take her back."

"Ew. No. I'm done."

"Please, you were once swimming in her vagina juices. You can keep it up for a few more weeks."

"Now, now," Luke said and turned to look at me from the passenger seat. "We don't want to scare Bells away with your vulgar language," He threw a grin my way.

I could tell why he had girls at his feet. His smile was insanely beautiful- with his perfect set of teeth on display.

Tessie placed one hand on Luke's face, and in a swift motion, she turned his face to the front. "Bells is off-limit. I will not lose another female friend because of you." 

"Or did you lose them because of you?" He raises a suggestive brow. "Your beauty is excessively blinding. They couldn't stand next to you."

I chuckle while Tessie keeps a stern face. One could tell she was used to his flirty words. "Just take her back."


"Come on, it's Beyoncé. Vip tickets. Backstage passes," Tessie whined. "Help me here, Bells."

"I am jealous, so why should I help you?" I replied with a shrug.

"I'll get her to help me get two."

I leaned forward and gripped Luke's headrest, straining the material with my nails from my impact. "You have to take her back."

"I'll take her back on one condition," Luke said suddenly, a smirk on his face.

Tessie groaned and leaned back. "Why do I feel like it's a condition I'll hate?"

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Author Note- Important

ONE - Four peas in a pod is stupid (EDITED)

TWO - It's not my fault their hearts get broken in the process (Edited)

THREE - I don't go to parties

FOUR - Never have I ever

FIVE - My name is Belion

SIX - Alec and I?

SEVEN - Unless your name is Jeff, I don't think so

EIGHT - What? Like the kissing booth?

NINE - Yes, and the water tried to kill me

Valerie's pov- Anyone, but Alec would be great for Val.

ELEVEN - We meet again, Belion.

TWELVE- That's what they always say until we see a wedding invitation

ALEC 'S Pov- My teeth aren't girls.

FOURTEEN - Like a date?

FIFTEEN- Hey stranger

sixteen- We'd save it for the second date

Seventeen- The more, the merrier

Eighteen- Not just any cat, a sexy cat.

Nineteen- Cows boobies are gross. Real boobies are sexy

TWENTY- we fell out of love

TWENTY ONE- Hey girlfriend

Alec's Pov- Love is a business

Twenty Three- You need real relationship advice.

Twenty Four- Actions speak louder than words, baby

Twenty-five - why don't you just test her.

Twenty six- we throw a party

Twenty seven- A game of truth or dare

Valerie's Pov - me or her

Twenty nine- most people say i'm out of this word

Alec's POV- I hate you but i love popeyes biscuits more

Thirty one- you have cancer?

Thirty two- i don't want to die

Thirty three- let the game begin

Thirty four- You really need to know your place, Belion

Thirty five - Thank you, I've been told i'm very comedic

Thirty six- i have psychic powers

Thirty seven- There are other ways to win the game without playing.

Thirty eight- it's what we do that matters

Thirty nine- i think we should break up

Fourty- How could he pull a Joe Jonas on you?

Alec's Pov- I'm not a business, I'm your grandson

Fourty two- Transform into a bad b*tch.

Fourty three- He's cute. I'm single. Why not?

Fourty four- My feelings changed

Fourty five- Tell that to Leonardo DiCaprio

Fourty Six- What's a relationship without communication?

Fourty seven- I need it to be special for her

Fourty eight- Do you really like Belion that much?

Fourty nine- If i can't have him, no one can.

Fifty- I hate you

Fifty one- I guess we could say that

Fifty two- Can the Mafia please reveal himself?

Fifty three- 2:35pm

Fifty four- I'm moving

Fifty five- Will you marry me?

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