love n' war

JAMES POTTER COULDN'T HELP but stare at the girl next to him. Her bright blue eyes, straightened hair, and contagious laugh kept the boy distracted for the majority of the train ride. And even when it started to grow dark, leaving a few kids tired during the long journey — James felt his heart almost leap from his chest, feeling as her head tiredly rested on his shoulder.

Remus, who was pretending to read, silently snickered behind his book.

Peter was too busy eating to realize.

And James sat awkwardly.

He had been in this situation before — being this close to Petunia. But, despite that, the same flutter of butterflies would always react in his stomach at the touch. And like always, his hand would glide down to her own — messing with the small ring the decorated her fingers.

he thought her hands were so soft.

"You're whipped."

James suddenly dropped her hand.

"Actually," He countered back, sarcastically, "I don't like whipped cream."

Remus rolled his eyes.

Peter perked up at this.

"Whipped cream?" he suddenly became interested, "I like whipped cream— is there some here?" he started to glance around, "That would taste so good with—"

"There's no whipped cream."

Peter frowned.

"Then why bring it up?"

Again, Remus smiled.

     "I believe Prongs here," He swished his hand over to the two, "Has a little crush on little Evans here."

     And before the bright red James could defend himself, Peter cut him off with a loud laugh — almost waking the blonde up.

     "Obvi-obviously," He said through his breathy laugh, "He'd bloody talk about her all the time — I saw him write 'James Evans' in his notebook," Peter began to list, watching as James struggled to slap him, "They even kissed on the—"


Peter stared at Remus as if he were dumb.

"They've kissed."

"Since when."

      "How did you even see that," James sputtered out nervously, "everyone was basically gone or walking away when we did that."

Peter rolled his eyes.

      And as he popped another piece of candy in his mouth, he decided to talk. "I was still in the announcement box... y'know — getting my things." He stated rather obviously.

James, if possible, grew brighter.


"Shut up, Remus."

       "So, when are you going to ask her out?" Peter continued the conversation, despite the girl still being in the compartment, "Surely you won't do it like you did to her sister."

James nose scrunched in remembrance.

       "Merlin no," he shook his head quickly, "that was completely different," he pointed out, "I've actually... thought about this a lot."


       "I'm bloody nervous and overthinking everything," James answered, almost shifting in his sleep before remembering Petunia's head on his shoulder. He stopped immediately. "Nothing seems good enough — good enough for her."

Remus nodded.

      "Honestly," He thoughtfully spoke, "You could probably just ask her out — she's had a fairly... bad life, i'm sure she doesn't have the highest expectations."

James rolled his eyes.

      And as he pushed the rim of his glasses up, he shook his head at Remus's words, "That's just it, though." He tried, "She deserves something.. good," He spoke, noticing Peter's nod of approval.

      "She probably doesn't want anything big or grand," he added in, "I think for her, simplicity is best."

James grew nervous just talking about it.

"What if she says no?"

"She bloody kissed you, you fool."

       And at his friend's words, he spared another glance at the blonde — tucking in the small strand that had fallen over her closed eyes.

he smiled.

he thought she was so pretty.

but then he felt their eyes.

he stopped his stare.


James didn't stop his smile.

"I think you're in love, Prongs."

That time he did.

And he nervously laughed.

     "I'm— I am.. not in love," He quickly denied Peter's words.

They both looked unconvinced.

Even James looked unconvinced.

"You are."

"How would you know?"

Remus went quiet at that.

He was almost startled at that question.

But he still answered it.

        "Because," He reluctantly started, his eyes focusing anywhere but his friends. "Because," He repeated, his thoughts tangling into millions, causing his words to fall over one another. He struggled to say his revelation. "Because—" he now looked at them, "You look at her like I look at..." He paused, "Someone."

"And you're in love with them?"