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a plans starting to unfold

(the order meeting)

PETUNIA WAS HUNCHED OVER THE chair, gasping for air as she felt like she could almost vomit. With the vision officially ending, leaving Dumbledore satisfied with the results, the blonde had felt worse than ever before.

The group of students, ranging in ages, was a quarter of the size smaller than usual. As the students older than seventeen, including Marlene and Dorcas, were not present in that meeting. And despite everyone being curious over the fact, none had spoken up.

James's foot was anxiously tapping in rhythm as he watched the whole thing, knowing he wasn't able to help her in that moment. And almost as each minute had passed, the louder his foot would make contact with the flooring — leading a small echo to sound throughout the room.

Remus had not once looked at his ring, already knowing the color that would be indicated. And instead, kept himself steady on the wall behind him, feeling weak as the full moon would display in just an hour.

His emotions were definitely more sensitive as the time passed, but feeling Sirius's hand on his shoulder (out of comfort and help), Remus was able to focus on one thing, rather than many.

The younger students, as always, kept quiet as this particular thing occurred, feeling deeply guilty for the girl in front of them. But, as the night grew darker, one had finally spoken — knowing the meeting was coming to an end.

"Are we allowed back to our rooms?"

      It was a quiet voice. Barely breaking through the barriers of Petunia's loud and suffocating breaths as she took them. But they all heard it — and everyone glanced to Dumbledore, seeing the reflections of themselves against the small mirror of his glasses.

he had shaken his head.

and instead asked a question.

"Are any of you aware of a Horcrux and what it entails?"

    The room had grown quiet again, at his question. And even Petunia's breaths, which were finally leveling out, could no longer be heard in the office. Each and every student had glanced at the other, hoping one could find an answer that would be suffice.

    And after a moment, or maybe two, the group was relieved to see an unsure hand raise from the group — reluctantly bringing the attention to herself.


     Dumbledore had watched her expectantly and patiently, seeing as the girl twisted the ends of her hair between her fingertips. She looked unsure of herself, barely recognizing the word he was asking about. But as no one else was speaking, she knew they would be getting nowhere without an answer.

     "It regards..." She started shortly, avoiding the gazes she was receiving, "Souls... objects."

her voice grew silent.

     And as the group of students waited for her to continue, to further explain her short summary of a description — they all had seen their headmaster nod his head in the corner of their eyes.

they grew confused.

      "A Horcrux is a magical technique where someone had cursed an object, putting a part of their soul into it," He added onto her words, "It is a sense of immortality."

Petunia sat straighter in her chair.

      With her mind running aimlessly with thoughts, her eyes briefly closing from the exhaustion that was filling her — Petunia felt as her temples throbbed once more, making her wince.

     "The places you made me see?" Her words unexpectedly croaked, taking everyone, including herself, by surprise, "Those places..." she thought out, placing her fingers over the developing headache, "They are the locations of the..."

    Petunia didn't finish her sentences, knowing that she didn't need to. Everyone understood what she was implying, letting it finally click as to why he was so desperate on using her.

"Of Voldemort's Horcruxes."

      The name leaving his lips almost sounded venomous to the students, making them uncomfortably shift where they stood.

but petunia hadn't.

     The blonde didn't even seem to hear the name when he spoke it, not showing an ounce of a reaction to the man she had met on multiple occasions.

she instead stared at dumbledore.

      "You want them to get it, don't you?" She questioned further, almost acting as if he didn't just speak. Her throat hurt was each word she had spoken, but that did not stop her from talking, "There is absolutely no way he would make it that easy... Having the location and just..." She spoke uneasily, "Taking it.."

The twinkle in his eye merely dimmed.

     And surprisingly, before responding to her statement, Dumbledore sent a small glance to the window before eyeing the small group behind her.

"You may go."

Her brows had furrowed.

       And as she turned in her seat, watching the four leave, helping a struggling Remus up the stairs, Petunia shared a short looked to James — seeing the small wave he'd given her.

she frowned.

and dumbledore continued.

"It will not be that easy, you are correct."

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