Babysit- SJ

Scarletts POV
I am on the Jimmy Fallon show tonight and I'm having a great time. He's one of my favourite interviewers. He is just amazing to be around.

"So Scarlett..." He leans forward. "So Jimmy..." the audience laugh as I also lean forward. "I heard you used to babysit about 5 years ago." He told me. I smiled. "Yes I babysat this one little girl." He nodded. "And this is a picture of the two of you?"

"Yes I do." I smile. "We wore matching outfits that day and went out for lunch." Jimmy smiles. "And how old was she?" I smile. "She was probably about 4 almost five last time I saw her." "Last time? Did you not keep in touch?" I smile sadly. "We tried to, but family problems got in the way." He nodded. "Let's change that."

No. Fucking. Way.

I turn around and see my little firefly. Y/N. She has grown a taller, but still somehow shorter than me. I have met a lot of 9 year olds taller than me. But Y/Ns family members are all short too. She is wearing a green dress, feathery at the bottom with gems at the waist line. And some green flats. "Oh my god." My hand flew up to my mouth as tears filled my eyes. "SCARLY!" She ran over and hugged my waist. "Hey my little firefly." I sit down and hug her right.

"Let's give it up for Y/N!" Jimmy cheers along with the audience. Y/N giggled. God I missed her. "So, how did you get the name 'little firefly' Y/N?" Jimmy asked curiously. "Well, me and Scarly were having a late night walk and-" she cuts herself off by laughing. "-and there was firefly's and I tried to catch them. But I never got one." She pouted and smiled and kissed her head whilst stroking her hair. "So I told her that it was okay, and she can be my little firefly." I kissed her head again whilst she waved at her mother in the audience.

Soon the interview was done and I got her mothers new number so we can see each other again. "Can Scarly stay over for tonight mama please." Y/N gave her mother puppy dog eyes. "Sweetheart, we don't know if-" "of course I will. I mean, if it's okay with you." She smiled and nodded making the little girl next to us squeal.

"I have so much to tell you!" I bent down so I can be about her level and cupped her cheeks. "I do to baby. But for starters I want my Y/N cuddles that I have missed out on." She laughed. "Okay! Then we can go outside and play and-" "of course honey. Anything." She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I love you Scarly." My heart melted. She used to say that to me all the time. "I love you more my little firefly."

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